7 Best Editing Apps for Android

Photoshop – the premium image processing and editing tool from Adobe was considered to be the ideal tool for editing photos. However, the surge in the use of smartphone sand tablets over personal computers for personal and business use has helped in shifting the momentum towards the mobile editing apps.

These apps are capable of digitally enhancing your images within a matter of few screen taps. You can easily find various photo editing apps on the leading platform for mobile apps i.e. Android. It has numerous free and paid apps that can help to transform the normal images in your phones to extraordinary pictures that you can use on your social media networks. Let’s have a look at the list of 7 best editing apps available on Android platform that we have compiled for our valuable readers.

#1 Glitch

Released on 25th December 2013, Glitch is one of the top photo editing apps available on android. The features that make this app the best among the various other editing apps include an easy interface, multiple effects and filters, and sharing options. Furthermore, the users don’t have to pay to use this app as it is free to download. However, there are certain features that can only be unlocked through in-app purchases.


“Great app for adding finishing touches and for basic edits.”

“I absolutely love this app. It is dynamic, intuitive, does exactly what I’m looking to do.”

#2 TouchRetouch

If you are looking for ways to remove unwanted things from your picture, TouchRetouch is the app for you. Released on 18th January 2012, this app has become the favorite with the android phone users. The users don’t have to be proficient in using the smartphones to use the amazing features of this app as its simple interface and easy-to-use features can help to enhance the quality of their photos. This editing app costs 1.99 USD.


“Awesome app….so glad I purchased!!! Does exactly what it says n more and exactly what I needed!!”

“Very easy to use. One of the best photo edit programme l have used”

#3 Over

Featured in the “Best Apps of 2014 — Google Play”, Over is hugely popular among the android users due to its multiple features and image editing options. Available to be downloaded at 3.99 USD, the value that you get from this app is worth the money you spend to download it. It was released on 5th August 2014 keeping it mind the mobile creatives and since then it has been the favorite with the android users who want to add texts and artwork to their photos.


“So impressed with the developers understanding when changing mobile platforms. Real gentlemen.”

“One of the most extensively designed applications for editing and adding emotions in a Photograph.”

#4 ProShot

Currently available to be downloaded at 0.99 USD, ProShot is one of the best image editing apps available on the android platform. The multi-purpose app boasts of most innovative camera user interface ever created. Furthermore, its customized options give the liberty to the users to use this amazing app and design their captured photos the way they want to. The app was released on 5th July 2015.


“So far so good, never encountered a bug. Will report back later.”

“This is a really fast camera app. Very intuitive, nothing to destruct from the aim to take a nice shot.”

#5 Photofy Content Creation Tool

Whether you are looking for editing options, light effects, filters, meme editor or a collage maker, Photofy Content Creation tool is the idea editing app for you. Released on 30th September 2013, the app is free to download. However, you may have to make some in-app purchases to be able to use some of its extensive features.


“Super easy to use and there are a lot of editing options, even using the free version.”

“I absolutely love this app. I use it to edit all my pics including the ones for my small business.”

#6 Manual Camera

The first ever Android manual control app, Manual Camera gives full liberty to the users to manually manage the camera of their phone. The users can manually set focus distance, ISO, white balance, shutter speed and various other options through this app. It was released on 29th November 2014.


“Excellent usage of Android’s new camera API with a very intuitive UI”

“Super smooth camera app. This is what I was looking for”

#7 8Bit Photo Lab, Retro Effects

The free to download editing app, 8bit photo lab, retro effects, provides an easy way to the users to give their photos a vintage effect. The app has a selection of pre-defined 8-bit filters that can be used by the users to give their photo a distinct look and share it with friends on social media networks; all in just one tap. This app was released on 14th February 2015.


“This was exactly what I was looking for. It’s perfect! And it’s pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it.”

“Simple elegant interface. Best free photo editor for android in this artist’s professional opinion.”

There you go, now that you have a list of best image editing apps in your hand, rush to the Playstore on your android phone and download the one you feel will work best for you.

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