7 Coolest Android Apps to Install in May 2017

When it comes to using a smartphone, the coolest Android apps can easily make the experience better. This is why it can be a very good idea to use the coolest android apps. This type of apps will bring you the quality and value that you may need. Thanks to them, you get to have a very good experience and the quality will be second to none all the time. But what apps should you use this May.

Here you have a list with some of the best:

#1 Find my Friends

What makes this app nice is the fact that you can see the location of your friends on a map. Not only that, but you get to chat with them too and they can also find you. This is a very good tool in case of emergencies and it just makes connectivity a lot easier.




#2 Weather Wiz: Forecast & Widget 

This particular app makes it a lot more fun to track weather conditions all over the world. It’s very accurate and you get a lot of quality from using it too. It really is one of the best tools on the market for dedicated weather info!



#3 Energy Bar

Thanks to this application you get to see an energy bar where you access the current battery level. You also receive pulsating animations and notifications. It’s one of those apps that can easily improve the visual appeal of your device.



#4 Focus Timer Reborn

Sometimes it just gets very hard to track the day to day activities. If that’s the case, this tool will be able to help. You get to set some time aside for yourself. You will also know when and how to work, how to manage your training and so on. In case you are a busy person, this tool is certainly a life saver for sure!


#5 IQBoxy – Receipts & Expenses

IQBoxy is a very good tool at allowing you to digitize as well as manage expenses and receipts. It has a very easy to use interface and you get to do your own bookkeeping on your phone. Well worth it if you want to manage your money faster and easier.

#6 Meteor

Meteor allows you to test the website connectivity and it can also test uploads. If you want to perform speed tests and see the reliability of your connection, you will find that results can be second to none in the end!





#7 BARD Mobile

With help from BARD, you will be able to access some of the most important books out there. It definitely shines and it will provide you with the very best results out there. You will like the great attention to detail and the experience will be a resounding one. Plus, you get to listen to books when you are very busy.