Best Android Apps and Games for February 2018

Because February has Winter Olympics written all over it, it’s only appropriate for us to start our monthly selection of the best Android apps and games with the official app of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

PyeongChang 2018

Price: free

Despite its lackluster user reviews, the official app of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games is the most convenient way how you can keep up with Winter Olympics. The app is available in five languages—English, Korean, French, Chinese, and Japanese—and it displays the game results and event information in real-time. The reason why it currently has only three stars out of five is the high number of permissions the app requires. Many Android users don’t like that the app wants to track their location, and they’ve voiced their dislike by giving the app one-star reviews. But we believe it’s not a reason to be upset if you are a true Olympics fan. Overall, the app is handy.

Proton VPN

Price: free

Proton VPN is a popular virtual private network service that has just recently launched its official Android app. With the app, you can protect your privacy by sending all your data through an encrypted tunnel and connecting to the Internet using one of Proton VPN’s many IP addresses, so that your own IP address remains hidden. Because Proton VPN has servers in all major regions around the world, you can use the service to bypass geo-restrictions and access blocked content and censored websites. Proton VPN is available for free and supported by optionally paid plans with more features.

Cake Web Browser

Price: free

Cake Web Browser describes itself as the first web browser designed for phones. Unlike traditional web browsers, Cake doesn’t revolve around the URL bar. Instead, it puts search front and center, taking you directly to the first Google result and preloading pages for you so they instantly pop on the screen the second you open them. If the first search result doesn’t end up being what you’re looking for, you can simply swipe through search results and thus avoid having to go back to the search page just to open the second or third result. Cake is still young, so minor hiccups and quirks are to be expected.


Price: free

We sleep next to our phones, wake up to the sound of alarm made by our phones, eat with our phones, and have conversations with each other as we hold our phones. In other words, we are addicted to our phones, and THRIVE is here to help us with our addiction. THRIVE blocks all apps, notifications, calls, and texts, making it easier to focus on what really matters. THRIVE only lets in calls and text from whitelisted contacts and selected apps so you’re never disturbed unless it’s someone who matters more than your work.

Fieldrunners Attack!

Price: free

Subatomic Studios and their award-winning series called Fieldrunners is finally back! Fieldrunners Attack! is a new take on the popular series as it replaces the tower defense gameplay mechanics with strategic combat gameplay and empire building. In Fieldrunners Attack!, you recruit heroes, train troops, add defensive structures, and manage various resources to build a powerful base and conquer both the game’s single-player campaign as well as human opponents in multiplayer skirmishes.

Only One

Price: free

Do you think you have what it takes to become the Only One? Over 2 million people have already tried to beat this deceptively simple yet intricate hack and slash game where you stand alone on a pillar in the sky, trying to defend yourself against a wave after wave of enemy soldiers. The game starts with the basic enemy type and gradually ramps up the difficulty by introducing ever more powerful enemies and bosses. As you slay your opponents, you collect gems, which you can exchange for various upgrades and power-ups. All of this in the games amazing retro pixel art glory and with physics-based sword combat with parry and shield mechanics.


Emergency HQ

Price: free

In Emergency HQ, your task is to put together the perfect emergency response team and complete challenging missions on detailed maps. Because no emergency team can be without its own headquarters, your base-building skills will be put to the test as you upgrade buildings and join forces with other players and establish a powerful rescue alliance. A few crashes and technical glitches take away from the otherwise enjoyable gameplay, but we’re convinced that the developers will sort them out in no time.


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