Cool Cheap Gadgets: Around $25 and Less

How often it happens that you are trying to think of a gift for your friends or family and your mind goes totally blank. You are unable to think of anything that will be of practical use to the receiver. Another issue that often makes gift giving difficult is that often good gifts cost quite a lot of money. We present to you the best solution to both problems. By compiling a list of cool cheap gadgets that are under the price tag of $25 or less we make sure that you won’t have to worry about giving gifts for techies anymore (especially after reading this article, or our EPIC guide on the subject).

These gadgets are not only highly practical they are also perfect for every occasion:

Smart recovery tracker

A smart tracker is a GPS enabled smart tag that can be read using a Smartphone or any computer. This is an easy to use product, with a QR code that can be personalized according to keep track of your luggage much easier. The product is easily visible and comes with a strong loop to connect it to your luggage easily. Although made for luggage, the possible uses for these tags extend to many other options, such as kids backpacks, sports equipment bags, even put one in your purse or wallet in case. Customers even claimed to use it with the car keys, for the keys that like to get misplaced.

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Headphone splitter

Next on our cool cheap gadgets list is this splitter. Out of all the inventions branch, headphone splitter has saved us the most. it’s the easiest way to share your playlist with your friends it provides you up to three to four connections for earphones. Customers seem to be very happy about using branch headphone splitter as its compact in size and very useful on a daily basis.

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Alarm clock on wheels

Waking up seems like the biggest problem of our generation. Stats show that 40% of people ‘abuse’ the snooze. Typical alarm clocks just don’t work very well, but this alarm clock won’t let you sleep in peace as If you snooze, it will jump off your nightstand, and run around beeping, absolutely determined to get you out of bed on time. Its price ranges from 10 to 40$.
And thanks to this alarm customers claim that for the first morning ever, their teenagers got themselves out of bed without them nagging.

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Virtual reality cardboards

Virtual reality cardboard is the best gadget to Experience virtual reality in a simple fun, and yet affordable way. Virtual reality Cardboard is a fun, inexpensive way to turn nearly any Android phone or iPhone into a virtual reality viewer, allowing nearly anyone to get in on the fun. It comes with a PU leather, providing a long time wearing comfort, and is completely waterproof.

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Emergency fire starter

In the outdoors, getting a fire started quickly can save lives. With the Emergency Fire Starter Kit, starting a fire has never been easier before. Flint wheel generates a spark to ignite frayed waxed tinder stick which can be used to start a campfire. People say that this fire starter is compact and durable, ignites sparks every time and even if you use a tampon as a tinder stick it still works great crazy, right?

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Hand warmer

Enjoy the Great Outdoors even when it’s cold outside. Handwarmer has a high-polish finish and a sleek, thin design which makes it very compact. It’s virtually odorless and provides up to 12 hours of gentle, consistent heat. It’s also refillable. Customers say that it’s better to use a hand warmer than having blue ice cold hands. And I personally couldn’t have agreed more.

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Smart button

We can use a Smart Button by Samsung to trigger an alarm or send an alert for assistance. Pair the Smart Button with a Smart Plug to control lights, cameras, thermostats appliances and more. This button can also monitor and report on temperature wherever it is located. All the different functions are done with suitable apps.

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Dog feeder

Whenever there are a dog and more than one person in a household, it is inevitable that the question ‘Did You Feed the Dog?’ will be asked…most likely on a daily basis. With our new product, any confusion around this commonly asked question will quickly disappear. It is about the size of a double wall switch and can be mounted anywhere anytime. Whenever the dog is fed, you simply move the appropriate slider to the right and then slide them all back at the beginning of the week. If there is every any question about whether the dog has been fed, simply look and the device, simple as that. No batteries required. Customers reviewed it as they have found the right tool to see through their dog’s ability to psych them out and act as though they have not been fed in years.

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No noise headphones

No noise headphones provide Natural Wood Housing for Better Bass Response and Acoustic Performance. They have Soft silicone ear buds provide a super comfortable, noise reducing fit. Symphonized headphones are perfect for iPhones, iPods and iPads, Android Devices, mp3 players, CD players, and more Built-in Microphone. People at workplaces are buying it so they won’t be bugged by the noise of everyone chatting around (and also look pretty awesome).

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Cube Timer

Managing time has never been easier. Get rid of your complicated and old-school timers and get this simple and amazing timer. The only thing you need to do to set the timer is to put this cube in such a way that the desired number side is facing up. This timer is amazing to be used during exercises, cooking, homework, games and any other activity where time management is important. This cube features a digital timer on the bottom which tells you the time left…
Along with all the other conventional uses of a timer, some parents are even using this cool gadget for timeout sessions of their kids.

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You don’t need to look any further for the perfect gift for some “special techie” in your life. Even if your budget is low it doesn’t mean that your gift should be boring. Our list of cool cheap gadgets that are under $25 is your ultimate savior when you are lacking on the money but still, want your gift to be interesting and useful. These cool cheap gadgets are of everyday usage and will make sure that the receiver remembers you every time they use it. Easy on the pocket and amazingly practical these gifts will be loved by everyone.

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