Geek room decor: Geeky is New Cozy

Room decoration or ornamentations come in various shapes and sizes. One of the most important things in choosing the right ornament is that it must be unique but without overwhelming the room itself. These geek room decor collections will create one-of-a-kind atmosphere in the room and probably unforgettable conversations. 

Alien Statue with Real Meteorite

Custom made by a blacksmith of Arizona, the alien statue is made entirely of stainless steel. Standing at 4 ½ inches tall, it is probably just a tad taller than your average mug. Sprinkled with green and yellow accents, the statue is designed in a detailed way that it can hold a considerable size of a meteorite. It does come packaged with real meteorite which weighs around 30 to 50 grams. Price starts from $49.95


although the design of the alien shape and body was created without prior consultation with Agent Fox Mulder, at least you can believe that the meteorite is an actual specimen from space.

Floppy Disk Coaster 

A retro piece of technology makes an excellent geek room decor for today. The floppy disk coaster is a nice example of the expression. Designed to resemble the look, shape, and size of the real 3.5-inch disk, this coaster is both conversation starter and functional piece of art at the same time. You might as well use a real floppy disk for a coaster, but such thing is hard to come by nowadays. Price starts from $11.99


it comes in a set of four, so they make good uniformity on a coffee table. The material is dishwasher safe and easy to clean too. Put it right next to your MacBook and you are good to go.

Constructive Eating Utensils

Children need to eat a lot, but they only want to eat as little as they are allowed. For them, playing with toys is more important than having a breakfast. Sometimes adults are the same way. And constructive eating utensils thankfully has the right answer. It is a combination of toys, plates, forks, spoons, and food pusher to make meal-time great again. All materials are FDA approved; they are free from BPA, Lead, Phthalate, and Paint. Price starts from $32.44.


the idea is good. You may also imagine yourself being a construction worker while eating and using those utensils. A Nice imaginary career move that can be a good thing for the sake of variety.


Justice League Vector Poster Geek Room Decor

A poster is your way to appreciate arts, artists, a hero, and sometimes comic characters. This Justice League poster is a little bit different that most due to the way all characters are drawn. It does not clearly show the face of your heroes, so you are free from associating it with actors and actresses. Overall dimension measures at considerable 34” H x 22” W, so it should cover a lot of wall space in your room. Price starts from $4.94.


one of the best things is that it does not prominently show actors’ actress’ faces behind the masks of superheroes. Batman is Bruce Wayne, not Adam West. Green Lantern is Hal Jordan, not Ryan Reynolds, etc.

ThinkGeek Star Trek Cookie Cutters

Star Trek merchandises are all over the place (and we love it!). From the inside of your closet with Spock outfit to the kitchen with Enterprise cookie cutter. In addition to the Enterprise-shaped cookie cutter, this set also includes Klingon insignia, Starfleet insignia, Phaser, and Spock’s hand. Each cutter comes with a spring-loaded die for detailed imprinting as well. Not only now you can play with the merchandise, but you can also eat them. Price starts from $14.99



detailed imprinting and shape are still quite plain and simple. You need to put proper toppings to add colors and additional details. Eating Spock’s hand cannot make you live long and prosper.


Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug

In case you have not realized it yet, a mug has been one of the best places to into which you can pour your literary creativity. It is like a t-shirt where you can write down almost anything you like from something irritating, insulting, comforting, encouraging, promising, to utterly deceiving. Unlike typical coffee mug, this one has fictional nutritional facts clearly written all over the place. It is still a standard mug made of ceramic and attached with C-shaped handle. Price starts from $13.99


if your everyday ingredient is 110% of caffeine and 300% of pride, this is the mug for you. It says ENGINEER right at the top, but perhaps it should be ‘JUST ABOUT EVERYONE”


Dash Robot by Wonder Workshop

Used by more than 10,000 schools, this little robot is nice teaching instrument to explain to children about how computer coding works (and a perfect gift to some technology-enthusiast). Because the programming language is picture-based, even small kids can learn to create specific commands for the robot. Common commands include move, dance, turn, and make sounds. Coding platform is any device compatible with Wonder Workshop mobile app. It is a nice introduction to computer technology and easy to use. Price starts from $123.60 – $129.99.


dash robot is intended to be an active robot. If you intend to use just as decoration, it will be an expensive geek room decor.


Word Clock

Before you try to make a correction, it is indeed word clock, not world clock. The name says it all because the clock is displayed in words instead of numbers or revolving hands. It measures at 8 square inches, and is best for a table clock.  It comes with AC adapter, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries every now and then. Every word that corresponds to the current time is highlighted. Price starts from $74.95 – $89.95.

Review: this clock is a good example of “form over function” design. It is a good geeky thing to stand on your desktop, and maybe you can give it to your kids once you’ve learned how to read time on a regular clock.

this clock is a good example of “form over function” design. It is a great piece of geek room decor to stand on your desktop, and maybe you can give it to your kids once you’ve learned how to read time on a regular clock.


BB-8 Waffle Maker by ThinkGeek

Waffle makers are common kitchen appliances that you probably will not find anything substantially different from each other, even from different brands. Materials and shapes can be different, but the results are more or less the same with slight differences. ThinkGeek has come out with something unique with BB-8 waffle maker. It works like any other typical waffle maker, but your breakfast will be in the shape of a Star Wars Droid.


it comes with a type-B socket so it works with standard American power outlet. The force is strong with the waffle.


Death Star Wine Bottle Stopper

If you open a wine bottle, you might as well drink it all unless you want the drink to go rancid. You can actually avoid this with a nice re-sealing system. Among many available out there, the Death Star Wine Bottle Stopper is distinguishable and effective at the same time. The top portion of the stopper is molded in the way that it resembles Death Star straight out of Star Wars. The actual part that closes the bottle creates a tight seal to keep your wine tasty and fresh, even after you open it. Price starts from $21.50 – $39.99


a Star Wars party sprinkled with wine is something no one can resist. Although wine enthusiasts and Star Wars fans may not get along well, this wine bottle stopper will change that paradigm.


The whole idea about the decor is that it beautifies the room. A decor does not have to be functional, but it does not mean that you cannot add some functionality and features. It is an ornament that can be shaped in the strangest way yet it complements the room. If that is something you crave for, adding a geek room decor into your house/room will brighten up your day every day.