The iPhone 8 Is Coming: But Why People Won’t Buy It? (Infographics)

There are a lot of speculation about the 10th-anniversary version of Apple’s iPhone. Some expect iPhone 8 to be released in September 2017, and some say it will happen later. In May, for instance, a research note written by Deutsch Bank suggested that the iPhone 8 might not arrive until 2018.

But while some are waiting for it, we surveyed a 1000 people from 25 to 65 years’ old, from all across the US and tried to figure out one reason (apart from the price) why consumers won’t be buying it.

Here are the major reasons:

  • 21.4% own the phone of another brand and happy with it
  • 20% dislike the brand
  • 17.4% prefer Android over iOS
  • 11.5% are going to buy it no matter what
  • 7.2% only concerned about the price
  • 6% own a previous version of iPhone and still happy with it
  • 4.5% didn’t know how to answer
  • 4.2% not happy with Apple closed ecosystem and iOS in general
  • 1.8% no aux jack
  • 1.8% too much technologies
  • 1,4% size and design of iPhone
  • 2.8% other technical / design related reasons

Among specific technical issued were named:

lack of storage, not enough innovations, lack of stability, no external memory, bad camera and slow processing speed. For more details jump into the nfographic below.