Top Cool Gadgets for Guys to Buy Right Now

The term gadget refers to a device or instrument designed to perform a specific task. By that definition, a gadget does not always have to be technologically advanced or expensive. Even some simple novelty things designed for fun activities can be cool gadgets for men. Here are some of the best to complete your collection.

#1 B4M Multifunction Levitating Speaker 

Coming in black color and red stripe accent, the multifunction speaker by B4M, offers a futuristic levitating design along with NFC and Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity options. It has a magnetic base that houses USB port to recharge your batteries as well. It can play music from your smartphone and recharging it at the same time without issues. The speaker is small yet powerful; it does not take too much space on your desk yet it has the capabilities of delivering enjoyable sounds.

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#2 Controller Gear Gaming Skin for Nintendo Switch 

To help you keep your precious Nintendo Switch in pristine condition, the Controller Gear Gamin Skin wraps and protects the console in a stylish way. Made from a premium 3M material, the skins fit nicely to the hardware, and they do not leave any adhesive residue when removed. The materials and products comply with child-safe testing standards. These skins are thin yet strong, so they can wrap your devices without overwhelming the texture/contour of the console and controllers.

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#3 Doctor Who’s Dalek 

Doctor Who has been around for more than 50 years now and the show still appeals to so many people of all ages today. The Daleks have been famous characters in the series, and now you can have one or two of them for your own, sitting on the desk. While Doctor Who suggested that Daleks were living breathing creatures housed inside a war tank instead of robots, this toy actually is a robot equipped with motion sensors and sound effects. It can turn and exterminate all day long.

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#4 AIRMEGA Smart Air Purifier 

 The primary function of any air purifier is to get rid of impurities from the air, so you get fresh, clean healthy breathing all the time. AIRMEGA takes the functionality of a typical air purifier to the next level by adding Wi-Fi, real-time air quality monitoring, compatibility with Alexa, light sensor, and app-enabled control system. It is also one of the most expensive cool gadgets for men this year.

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#5 Charge 3 by JBL 

 Continuing the success of Charge 2, JBL is now offering another iteration of the series with some added features. Charge 3 comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, IPX7-rated waterproofing, and longer battery capacity. Housing a 6,000mAh battery, it provides up to 20 hours of music playtime and can function as a power bank (via USB output) at the same time. Thanks to noise & echo-canceling speaker, you can also use it as a speakerphone even while you are swimming.

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#6 Light for Toilet 

If your kid is still afraid of going to the toilet at night or unwilling to use the toilet at all, there is the right gadget for your situation. It’s is a small device that you can attach to a toilet bowl; it comes with motion and light sensor, too. It has two main parts including the controller and the lights. The controller portion sits on the outside of toilet bowl, while the light sits on toilet’s rim. Its primary function is to make your toilet look colorful and fun for kids.

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#7 USB Clock Fan 

In today’s world, it is getting harder to find a device designed to do only one simple function because almost all are made with multitasking in mind. The USB Clock Fan by OneTwo is no exception. On the one hand, it is a simple small fan made from soft PVC material. On the contrary, it is a LED clock. Similar to any typical fan, it has two small blades which will turn in high-speed to give you a fresh breeze. Those blades are mounted on a base that emits time-keeping LED.

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#8 Avantree Keychain Lightning 8-Pin Adapter (2-Pack) 

The main idea behind all smartphones is to carry a little bit of computing power in a portable device with you all the time. Mobility is the key, and this is where Avantree comes in. Concealed inside keychain design, both the lighting connector and USB port are stored safely and protected from dirt. Since both are inside the keychain, the connector is always with you anywhere you go. It works with all iOS devices for both recharging and data transfer.

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#9 Smart Insoles and Buckles by Lechal 

When it comes to GPS devices or fitness trackers, most people would associate them with a sports watch or heart rate sensor. Lechal, however, has managed to come up with an interesting alternative with smart insoles and buckles. Both can be paired with smartphones via Bluetooth and controlled via an app. After you choose a destination, the insoles will vibrate with distinct patterns to tell you which turn to take. It is practical, and you can use it in almost any model of shoes.

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#10 Magnetic Decision Maker by Kikkerland 

If you are familiar with how a pendulum works, the Magnetic Decision Maker works with the same principal added with a little bit of a twist. Instead of hanging on a fixed point, the weight in this instrument is magnetic and will stop at a random point above the base. It can be the center, side, or certain angle. The base offers some interesting phrases such as ask a friend, try again, no way as well as the simple yes, no, and definitely.

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Some cool gadgets for men do not have to be expensive for them to be interesting. There are plenty of options out there which will work well as gifts, toys, or desktop pieces. Some are sprinkled with technologies, while others are plain simple mechanical instruments. Regardless of your personal preference, there is always something that suits your needs.

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