13 Fun and Unique Camping Gadgets for a Creative Person

It’s no secret that camping is a popular recreational activity. In fact, people of all ages enjoy camping, whether pitching a tent or rolling up in an RV to do it. There are so many incredible places to travel to and explore. Camping is one of those fun and natural ways of being surrounded by … Read more

15 Best RV Gadgets That Will Turn Your Camping into Glamping

solar panel for rv

Over the last few years, 40 million people went camping in recreational vehicles (RVs). The average RV owner spends 3 to 4 weeks every year in those. If you’ll be spending this much time there or living in it full-time, it is integral that it is as comfortable as possible. RV gadgets can make your … Read more

Best Backpacking Grill: Top 8 Portable, Cheap, Titanium, and More

lightweight camping grill

There was that good old report published back in 2017 by Coleman Company. It showed that nearly half of the respondents listed cooking outdoors as a favorite activity during a trip. Despite this, cooking grills or equipment didn’t make a list of the top 10 camping items purchased in the previous year. Cooking food with … Read more

Choosing the Best Backpacking Chair: Top 7 Ultralight, Heavy-Duty, Cheap, etc

From the comfort of our homes to braving the relative discomfort of the great outdoors, that’s one way to describe backpacking. However, it isn’t about intentionally making yourself suffer, despite that.  It’s very common to experience back pain during camping or hiking trips. A poorly constructed seat (or lack of it) just makes it worse. … Read more

Best Backpacking Axe: Top 5 Lightweight, Budget, and More

There’s nothing like the exhilaration that comes from being out amongst nature, breathing in the fresh air, and maybe going through some extremes to get from one point to another sometimes. And even if you don’t fight Saber-toothed tigers every time you go into the wilderness, it’s challenging to go backpacking without lighting a single … Read more

Best Camping Lantern. Top 9 Lights: from Brightest to Cheapest

Lights are on the top of the packing list for any trip into the wilderness. Surprisingly, getting the right camping lantern can be as challenging as conquering a bear with bare hands.  Many brands will put out a blinding number of lumens into their products. However, if the piece is poorly designed, it won’t be … Read more

Best Waterproof Backpack: 9 Options to Keep Your Things Dry in 2020

Nobody wants to eat soggy bread or spend soggy dollars. And that’s just the minor inconveniences that come to mind when I think about what might happen if your backpack turned out to be less waterproof than you might have expected.  There are tons of “lifehacks” that allow you to protect any backpack: from lining … Read more

Best Camping Cookware for Your Outdoor Adventures in 2020

You might be inclined to pick up some old pots and pans for your trip to the wilderness and not worry about purchasing the set of fancy camping cookware. That’s fair.  However, there is such a huge demand and competition in the niche that manufacturers of all sizes have stepped up their game. Nowadays, you … Read more

8 Camping Gadgets That Will Transform Disastrous Trip Into a Fantastic One

As they say, only mummies don’t go camping, because they don’t feel comfortable enough to relax and unwind. The rest of us somewhat enjoy it.  Air saturated with oxygen, friendly squirrels, therapeutic nature feels like a perfect way to push that mental reset button.  However, nobody has canceled waking up with spiders in your hair. … Read more