What Gadgets Can a Student Use to Read E-Books?

Students like experimenting with technology to see what they may discover or gain from it. Various textbook formats, picture books, periodicals, and other publications may be read on an e-reader. A student forms the habit of reading when exposed to hundreds of reading resources and is eager to explore them. As a result, their performance enhances, and their awareness of educational topics is positively impacted. 

Traditional textbooks restrict the number of volumes a student may carry, and are no longer necessary, thanks to e-books. With conventional textbooks, a student may only access material geographically close to them. They incur enormous shipping costs whenever they need books from other areas. That’s why e-books are getting more and more popular these days, and the US, in particular, takes the second place in the world (after China) in terms of popularity of e-books (according to this study, 22.4% purchased an e-book in 2020 and based on the findings of Pew Research Center that number went up to 30% in 2021). 

But by using an e-reader, they may have instantaneous access to many digital books. Moreover, they get unlimited access to all books, periodicals, and other forms of reading. In addition, some e-readers offer access to more than 1,000 e-books, allowing students to discover works by multiple writers. 

You may read many genres from various libraries thanks to modern e-readers. When you need assistance with essay writing, you may also browse a vast library of professional essays via an e-reader. With the help of digital readers, you can have a lot of “Into the Wild” essays to explore and essay samples on many other topics. Reading widely across various e-texts, including textbooks, periodicals, and sample essays, will teach you valuable things. 

Let’s discuss some of the best gadgets to read e-books below.

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Kobo Libra 2

Libra’s screen has excellent contrast when compared to earlier e-readers. In addition, its battery lasts for weeks, and it’s charged with USB-C. Thus, it’s quicker to power than many competitors. 

Here are all the other fantastic features that set Kobo e-readers apart from Kindles: there is OverDrive compatibility so you can borrow library books, Pocket integration so you can read online content you’ve saved, a highly simplified UI, and comprehensive file format support. 

More crucially, it introduces Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to listen to audiobooks, and increases storage from the prior versions’ 8GB to 32GB. 

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 

The Kindle Paperwhite update from 2021 seems like a significant improvement over its predecessor, making it the primary choice for consumers looking to purchase an Amazon e-reader. 

As opposed to the previous model, which had a smaller display, this one has a larger display, measuring 6.8 inches. Even nicer, less plastic to grip or look at, thanks to narrower boundaries. With a 300ppi resolution and a glare-free display, the screen allows for easy reading in direct sunlight. 

It is also faster than its predecessor. Up to 20% quicker page flips than previously promised by Amazon. With the help of USB-C technology, charging is faster, and this device may have a battery life of up to 10 weeks (an improvement over the older version). 

A warm, adjusted light allows you to modify the screen shade from white to amber. Furthermore, the e-reader is waterproof, making it ideal for use in the bath or when unwinding by the pool while on vacation. 

Although it’s a little expensive for a Kindle, the purchase is worthwhile. When compared to less expensive e-readers, it truly does make a difference.

Onyx Boox Nova Air C

The Onyx Boox Nova Air C provides both a tablet and an e-reader if you’re having trouble deciding. Although it’s not ideal for watching YouTube videos or composing documents in Google Docs, it is definitely feasible. 

It has strong compatibility with Android and the Google Play Store, giving you a wide range of ebook-purchasing possibilities. It is also lightweight compared to a conventional smartphone and thinner than a paperback book. 

However, a two-tone backlighting technology helps compensate for the display’s dimness, making it usable even in low-light settings. For any time you need to draw up a design or make some notes, a stylus is also provided. 

Amazon Kindle Oasis

When it comes to digital e-book readers, the 2019 update to Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is the pinnacle of luxury for those for whom cost is no concern. 

Despite having an aluminum frame, the Oasis weighs less than the Kobo Libra 2’s plastic cover. It is IPX8 waterproof, so it can survive an unexpected dip in the wash basin, bathtub, or pool. 

To lessen eye strain, the illumination may be changed from white to warmer yellow tones, and it can even be programmed to warm up before bed. 

You can expect the same high-quality and big 7-inch display with E Ink technology that makes the text on the page bright and clear. A 32GB version of the Oasis is available if you have (or expect to have) a sizable digital library and abundant internal storage capacity starting at 8GB. The LTE option also lets you download e-books from the Kindle Store wherever you are.

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Sylvester is a writer, researcher, and blogger. He studies what factors affect the academic success of students most. In his free time, Sylvester gives workshops on how to improve his writing skills. 

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