How Long is a Minecraft Day and How to Make It Longer?

minecraft day

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time. This isn’t hyperbole, either. Since its launch almost a decade ago in 2011, it has sold over 200 million copies. This number makes Minecraft the best-selling video game of all time, even above titles like Tetris. What makes Minecraft so unique is that … Read more

Best Bluetooth Receiver: Top 11 for Speakers, Cheapest, Top-Rated, etc.

bluetooth signal

Bluetooth receivers have always been in the market, but the recent rise in their demand is unprecedented. This increase in the hype is due to many features, e.g., long battery life, a broad range of functions, high compatibility, and connectivity with tons of other devices. To cope with the tiring lifestyle, I’d suggest its light-weight … Read more

7 Levitating Gadgets That Make You Wonder What Year Is It Now

Just a few decades ago, the whole idea about a smartphone would have seemed ridiculous. Yet, look at us now. We just can’t get enough of yet another model of super-powerful device capable of landing over 100,000 of Apollo 11 (probably simultaneously).  The same trend is accurate for levitating gadgets. Humans seem to be always … Read more

7 Smart Backpacks That Can Be Smarter than People

Smart backpacks are sort of like traditional backpacks but filled with more tech functionalities. They have anything you might need from a bag: easier airport clearance procedure for frequent travelers, charging any devices for heavy electronic users. And this forecast, I am sure, is blowing up thanks to the appearance of the smart backpacks. Smart … Read more

Top 3 Geeky DIY Home Décor Projects

We geeks are natural, gadget-obsessed tinkerers who love to build things both for practical reasons and just because we find it fun. We also love to surround ourselves with our favorite gadgets, pop culture references, and collectibles. And what we love above everything else is when we can combine our creative nature with our insatiable … Read more

Our Top 5 Nerdy Books of All Times (at least in this decade)

There are lots of reasons why people enjoy nerdy books.  Not only are they full of information, but reading them can be a lot of fun as well. On top of that, the sheer fact that you can accumulate a lot of information is also pretty exciting. But when it comes to picking the right … Read more

Top 7 Cool Gifts for Engineers

Engineers might look and behave like they do not need what other people have made, but that is not true. Behind the tough facade they put up, they will just melt under the flesh if you got them the ideal present. Thus, we have curated some of the best gifts for engineers you can find … Read more