Google Wifi Flashing Orange? Here’s What You Need to Do

If you’ve ever gone to check on your Google wifi only to find it flashing orange, you know that sinking feeling of impending frustration. It’s like something out of a horror movie! “The Google wifi is flashing orange! What does it mean?! Will I never be able to stream Netflix again?!”. Well, don’t worry…there is life beyond the orange light of doom!

Google wifi is a home mesh wifi system that provides consistent, fast, and dependable wifi coverage across your home. With an ISP and modem/router connected to the Internet, you can simply set up several Google wifi devices/points to deliver the Internet to anywhere you choose, such as your office or living room.

However, Google wifi occasionally flashes orange or other colors.

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Why is my Google wifi flashing orange?

Here are some possible causes for this problem:

No Internet Connection from ISP or Router Malfunction

 If there is no Internet access or the router (e.g., Asus OnHub) in use has become incompatible with Google wifi, Google wifi will glow orange to signify this.

Corrupt Google wifi Point Firmware

 If Google wifi points’ firmware has been corrupted by the current firmware update, Google wifi may fail to properly recognize Internet availability and flash orange.

Google wifi Point Failed

 If the Google wifi point fails due to a hardware failure, it may no longer detect the Internet and begin flashing orange.

Faulty Ethernet Connection

If the Ethernet connection that connects your Google point is disrupted, the orange light will illuminate to notify you of the problem.

Power Fluctuations

When there are any potential power fluctuations, it is possible that a network error will occur, causing the Google wifi point to flash orange.

How To Fix Google wifi Blinking Orange Issue?

Even if you’ve already tried it, restart your Google wifi device. This problem could be caused by power fluctuations, and with a simple restart, you may be able to permanently resolve it. If the problem persists after you’ve completed the steps, it’s time for some serious troubleshooting.

#1 Examine the Ethernet Cable

First and foremost, ensure that there is an internet connection and that the Ethernet wire is properly linked to the wifi. To test this, unplug the cable from the device, wait a few seconds, and then reconnect it. Then, reconnect to the Internet and see whether the orange-flashing Google wifi point goes.

You can also try connecting to the wifi with a fresh Ethernet wire. If the Google wifi orange light goes off, it could mean the cable is broken. If not, the issue could be caused by another aspect. Then go to the following fixes.

#2 Firmware Upgrade

If your router’s firmware becomes faulty or obsolete, you may experience the “Google wifi flashing orange” error. As a result, you can update the firmware and see if it works. Here’s a simple reference guide for you.

Step 1: Ensure your computer and router have a reliable internet connection.

Step 2: Go to your router’s official manufacturer’s website and download the firmware upgrade.

Step 3: To upgrade your router, log in to the router’s web management page and pick the downloaded firmware. Then, to complete the update, restart your router. After that, you can reconnect and see if the Google wifi pulsating orange issue has been resolved.

#3 Examine Your Google wifi Settings

Suppose the orange light continues to flash after you’ve attempted all of the preceding remedies. In that case, you should check your Google wifi settings, particularly the WAN settings.

The good news is that these settings are easily accessible via the Google Home app, making it simple to configure PPPoE or Static IP settings if your ISP requires them. Of course, your ISP should offer the PPPoE settings as well as the Static IP.

Launch the Google Home app to find and modify these settings on your mobile device. After that, select wifi.

Then go to Settings, Advanced Networking, and lastly, WAN.

You can choose between DHCP, Static, and PPPoE. Remember to save your modifications.

#4  Contact Your ISP’s Customer Service

If, after carefully following the procedures outlined above, the orange light on your Google wifi continues to flash, contact your ISP for assistance. After all, your ISP could be to blame for the flickering orange light on your Google wifi.

When you contact them, ask if there is a service outage in your region or if scheduled maintenance occurs. Did they modify the network or internet settings that require updating? You can also request that they test your connection and assist you in resolving the issue. They can also send someone to investigate and resolve the problem.

#5. Factory Reset Google wifi via Google Home App

Furthermore, you can use the Google Home app to execute a factory reset, which will rebuild the router’s settings and help clear off the Google wifi pulsing orange.

Step 1: Launch the Google Home app and navigate the infected wifi network.

Step 2: Go to Settings and click the Factory Reset wifi Point button.

Step 3: Choose Factory. Reset from the list of points and locate the affected wifi node, as described previously.

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