Headset Microphone Not Working on PC: 7 Easy Fixes

Is your headset microphone not working on PC? That means you won’t be able to record audio, participate in Zoom calls, or voice chat with anyone via your PC. That’s why if your headset mic is not working, you need to get it fixed immediately.

Don’t worry – we have you covered. You’re not the only one facing this microphone-related issue. Thousands of Windows PC owners complain about this issue every year. Let’s learn how to fix a mic & ensure that this issue doesn’t prop up again.

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Why is My Headset Mic Not Working on PC?

There’s a long list of possible reasons why your PC headset mic is not working. Windows, HP, & several other PC sellers have admitted that this is a common issue many of their users face. Before troubleshooting this problem, restart your computer.

A simple restart may fix a temporary glitch that causes your headset mic to malfunction. If restarting the PC doesn’t make a difference, go to the sound settings menu in Windows (Settings -> System -> Sound).

Here, click on the option that says “Input.” Click on it to open a dropdown menu. You’ll notice an option that says, “Choose your Input Device.” Select the microphone you want to use (i.e., your headset mic). Don’t choose the other inputs, like the built-in mic on your PC/ webcam. Right-click on your headset/mic icon again & set it as your default input device.

Once you’ve selected the right microphone input, test whether this solution has worked. Speak into your mic to see if your headphone mic is not working. If the issue still persists, outsource the troubleshooting task to Windows. Here’s how you can do that:

  •  Enter the Settings menu
  •  Click on the “Update & Security” option
  •  Select Troubleshoot
  •  Enter the “Additional Troubleshooters” section 
  •  Select the option that says “Recording Audio.”

After this, Windows will troubleshoot the issue on its own & attempt to fix any error it finds. So, hopefully, your mic will start working again after this step.  

Why Does My Headset Work but Not My Mic?

Suppose your microphone on headset is not working, but the headset itself is working fine. In that case, you need to troubleshoot your audio hardware setup. Try plugging the headset into another USB port. Then, plug it into another PC as well.

If the mic works on another PC, then the issue is with your current PC. Avoid using USB hubs or extenders as well. You should also check whether your mic needs a driver update. Search for driver updates for your mic on Google.

Enter your headset’s model name & the term “drivers.” Another way to look for drivers is by visiting the headset manufacturer’s website. Check the website’s “Downloads” section to find the latest drivers. Then, make the necessary driver updates & see if the problem is still there.

How to Fix Headphone Microphone?

There are various ways to fix your headset’s microphone issues. Let’s discuss the simplest & the easiest solutions: 

  1. Check Whether the Headset Mic Is Muted

Sometimes, a mic not working on PC is down to its volume settings. First, check whether the mic voice in your system is minimized/muted. Then, enter the “Volume Mixer” menu from the “Sound Menu” (Settings -> System -> Sound). Here, you’ll get to adjust your mic’s volume.

  1. Clean the Headset

Most mics on headsets have copper wires. When dirt gets inside these wires, users face low audio issues. Clean your headset jack regularly to avoid the “headphone microphone not working” issue.

  1. Get the Latest Windows Update

You need to download the latest Windows software update to avoid causing your mic-related problems. Fix this issue by updating your PC. Sometimes, the opposite may happen. Getting the latest Windows update could cause your headset mic to stop working.

For instance, many users report that their headset mic not recognized Windows 10. These types of problems can’t be fixed by software/firmware updates. Your headset mic may not be compatible with Windows 10 so getting a new headset is the only solution.

  1. Ensure Your PC Is Compatible with Your Headset’s Mic

Windows not detecting headset mic could mean that the mic on your headset is simply incompatible with your PC. That means you must buy a new headset with the right technical configurations for your PC. If you use Windows 10, here’s a helpful video guide on how to select & set up the right headset mics: 

  1. Allow Apps to Access the Mic

Is your PC not picking up headset mic only when using certain apps? If yes, take the following steps to fix this issue: 

  •  Press “Windows + I” on your keyboard every time you’re using a specific app
  •  Open settings
  •  Select ‘Privacy’
  •  Click on the microphone.
  •  Click the Change option
  •  Make sure the mic for this app is turned on
  1. Close Apps that Have Been Granted Access to Your Headset Mic

Many PC users have complained that their headset mics stop working whenever they launch Google Teams, Zoom, & other similar apps. Taking this step every time you use those apps will hopefully fix this issue.

Is your mic on headset not working because of an app installed on your PC? Could be. Sometimes, apps like Skype, Zoom, & other communication-based apps cause headset microphones to malfunction – even when they’re not running in the background.

To ensure that’s not the case:

  • Shut down all programs on your PC.
  • In fact, give your PC a restart.
  • Check whether your headset microphone is working. If the problem is solved, then consider uninstalling & then re-installing the apps that were causing the issue.
  • Troubleshoot the Hardware Issues
  1. If your mic won’t work on PC, connect it to another PC.

If your mic won’t work on PC, connect it to another PC. If this simple trick fixes the issue, then there’s probably something wrong with your actual PC. Contact your vendor to discuss this specific problem. Try using all the jacks on your PC before you call your vendor. If none of the jacks work, you should consider calling an expert to your home for an in-person inspection.

Headset mic not working on PCs is a frustrating issue, especially for those who use PCs for work-related communications. Use the troubleshooting tricks mentioned above to fix this frustrating issue!

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