How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One?

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One? Almost a decade since the Xbox One was officially launched, users still have this burning question on their minds. However, nothing’s changed since 2013. Xbox One has never offered Bluetooth support. That means no one can still connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One. The same applies to Bluetooth controllers, keyboards, & mice – none of them are compatible with the beloved console. 

Microsoft has always been pretty firm on its stance against integrating Bluetooth features into the Xbox One family. Instead, the company constantly pushes its proprietary Xbox Wireless protocol. Microsoft has an extensive in-house ecosystem of licensed cable-free headsets & controllers. All of them can be used with the Xbox One. 

But, Microsoft’s licensed peripherals cost significantly more than standard Bluetooth-based headsets. So, are these exclusive devices worth their inflated costs? Or, can you use Bluetooth headphones on Xbox One with some technological tricks? In great detail, let’s explore these critical questions that concern the global Xbox One family. 

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Does Xbox One Have Bluetooth?

No. All Xbox One owners worldwide have been using Xbox Wireless technology knowingly or unknowingly for several decades. Microsoft has always claimed that Xbox Wireless technology is superior to standard Bluetooth technology. Is this claim true? For starters, Xbox Wireless technology will never have the ubiquity that Bluetooth technology offers. But this technology does come with some premium features. 

For instance, the radio frequency (RF) module integrated into all Xbox One consoles taps into this exclusive Xbox Wireless protocol. These consoles are basically made for this wireless protocol. So, it’s no surprise that Xbox Wireless offers significantly higher frequency connections over the standard 2.4 Gigahertz Bluetooth protocol. 

Stronger connections mean there’s less latency. The average Xbox wireless headset will have easy-to-use dials. These headsets are also lightweight & comfortable enough for gamers to enjoy long, uninterrupted gaming sessions. They even offer Dolby Atmos and various other object-based surround support technologies. 

So, those who can’t connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One should just buy Xbox wireless headsets, right? Wrong. While Microsoft’s Xbox wireless headsets offer easy pairing, but they aren’t as affordable as standard Bluetooth headsets. Plus, most people in the world already own Bluetooth headsets. 

Why should they spend extra money on an Xbox wireless headset from Microsoft? If you agree with this statement, you should learn how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One. Let’s get into it! 

Where is Bluetooth on Xbox?

Nowhere. None of the major consoles in the market today natively support Bluetooth audio. That applies to Nintendo, PlayStation, & Xbox. Bear in mind – most new-age consoles have Bluetooth capabilities. But, these capabilities are there just to support wireless controller connectivity. 

But just because your console doesn’t natively support Bluetooth audio doesn’t mean you can’t work around this issue. There are legitimate ways of using headphones with Xbox one. Firstly, you can buy a wireless gaming headset designed to support Microsoft’s licensed “Xbox Wireless” technology. 

You can find many such Xbox-compatible headphones & headsets on the Internet. Some of the most notable models include –

These Xbox-compatible headsets cost less than Microsoft’s official solution – the Xbox Wireless Headset. But what if you already own a pair of Bluetooth headphones you love. Can’t you just use them with your Xbox One or any newer Xbox Series console? You can connect wireless headphones to Xbox One, even if they don’t feature Microsoft’s licensed “Xbox Wireless” technology. Here’s how. 

Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One? 

Yes. But the process isn’t very simple. As stated above, the Xbox One or the newer Xbox Series consoles don’t natively support Bluetooth audio devices. So, unless you own an Xbox Wireless-compatible headset, you’ll need to get creative. Is this creativity worth the hassle or the money? Depends on what you need as a user. 

Microsoft has sold over 48 million units of its Xbox One console to this day. In addition, the company has aggressively marketed its $99 Xbox Wireless Headset to all customers. A significant percentage of this customer base has gladly bought Xbox Wireless Headsets. For them, the product may not be worth the high price. But, the convenience it offers is. 

For example, connecting an Xbox One console to a headset with Xbox Wireless capabilities is super-easy. This is because these headsets come with built-in pairing buttons. Users simply need to press this pair button & the pair button on the Xbox console to establish connectivity. Once the two are in pairing mode (it only takes a few seconds), it’s gaming time! 

But not all Microsoft customers want to pay over-inflated headset fees. For them, this pairing convenience isn’t worth the money at all. Plus, they are exposed to other, more promising options. The global market for headsets will soon be worth a whopping $3.4 billion. There are clearly several headset manufacturers who do a better job manufacturing gaming-friendly headsets. 

More importantly, these headsets offer ever-reliable & ever-ubiquitous Bluetooth technology. If you’re an avid Xbox One user, paying upwards of $100 for a headset doesn’t make sense. You can quickly get a Bluetooth-based headset with more features for less money. But how can you transform this basic headset into an Xbox Bluetooth headset? Let’s explore. 

How to Set Up Bluetooth on Xbox One?

First & foremost, your Bluetooth headphones won’t offer the same features as a headset with Xbox Wireless capabilities. Your Bluetooth headphones will offer either of the two –

  • You can either enjoy game audio with your Bluetooth headphone.
  • Or, you can chat with your friends.

You can’t do both. You can’t listen to game audio while chatting & vice versa. So, let’s address the first option first. If you just want to listen to your game audio – you’ll need an Xbox One Bluetooth adapter or transmitter. Plug this adapter into your Xbox controller’s 3.5mm headphone jack. Then connect your Bluetooth headphones to the adapter. 

Doing this will enable you to listen freely to your game audio on your Bluetooth headphones. Will the audio quality be any good? Depends on what type of headphones you use. You can find many headsets on Amazon that are designed to transmit audio from Xbox One consoles. You can use this Bluetooth adapter/transmitter to pair your Bluetooth headphones to any other device. 

Simply connect the adapter to any device of your choice (the device must have a 3.5mm headphone jack). Then, pair your headphones with the adapter. There you have it – you can listen to any device with your regular Bluetooth headphones. But what if you want to chat while gaming? For voice chat, there’s a slightly more complicated solution. Just follow these steps –

  • Download the Xbox app on an Android or iOS device 
  • Log into the app with your Xbox Live account
  • Start a ‘party’ by inviting your gaming friends. You can do so by clicking on the social icon button on the bottom section of the app. 
  • Once the party is launched, select the option with a headphones icon. You can find this icon in the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Connect your Android or iOS device with your Bluetooth headphones to start your voice chat party. 

Bear in mind – you can only listen to your friends’ voices in this setting. You won’t be hearing any game audio.

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Xbox One?

As you can see, it’s not easy for people with standard Bluetooth headphones to use their Xbox One consoles optimally. To do so, you need to buy a third-party Bluetooth dongle for Xbox One. But, many users prefer doing so over buying expensive headsets with Xbox Wireless capabilities. 

Plus, gaming experts constantly create hacks to help users connect their Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One, X, or S consoles. As long as Microsoft doesn’t offer users what they want and launches Bluetooth-compatible consoles – people will keep exploring these hacks & alternative solutions. 

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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