How to Find People to Play Games With?

Interested in multiplayer gaming but don’t know how to find people to play games with? You’re not alone. Several gamers on the Internet complain about their inability to meet new gaming friends. Unfortunately, many don’t live in big cities, so it’s hard for them to link up with like-minded gamers. If you’re one of them – don’t worry. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about meeting gamers online & in person.  

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Where Do Gamers Hangout?

The Internet is full of places to find people to play games with. Here are the links to some of the most common hangout spots for gamers –

  •     GamerPals on Reddit: As the name suggests, this Reddit community is dedicated to helping people find gamers to play with. People on the lookout for like-minded gamers every few hours create new posts on the GamerPals Reddit page. Just scroll through this Reddit page & find individuals who are looking to play the specific games you’re interested in playing.
  •     GameTree: The GameTree app is a more sophisticated version of the Reddit page GamerPals. It’s an app that has both mobile & desktop versions. Download it on your phone or PC & link up with like-minded gamers who post on this app. In addition, the GameTree app features built-in tags for gamers’ skill levels. So, it’s very easy to find gamers with similar skill levels on this app.
  •     Twitch: Twitch is the number one streaming platform for gamers. To find people to play games with on Twitch, check out streamers who broadcast your favorite games. Then, go to their chat menus & find like-minded gamers.
  •     Discord: This app is a better version of GameTree because it allows you to communicate with gamers playing the same games as you. For instance, if you’re a Minecraft player, you’ll find a large community of other Minecraft players on Discord.
  • These are just some places where new-age gamers like to hang out on the Internet. But, every week, there are new platforms like this being created.

How to Find Gaming Friends?

In addition to hanging out in gamer-friendly spaces, you can also take the following steps to find gamer friends online –

  •    Join Facebook Groups: Search for groups designed to cater to gamers in your locality. These gaming groups are the perfect places to meet gamers. You can also try joining online gaming forums that cater to gamers in your locality. Search for such forums on Google. Join them & start playing!
  •    Attend Nearby Gaming Conventions: Gaming companies frequently host gaming conventions, meetups, and other social events across the US. Try to attend these types of conventions. You can easily find people to play games with at these events.
  •    Visit Local Game Stores: If you can’t attend gaming conventions, visit your local games stores. Hang out inside these stores & try to make new friends.
  •    Ask Your Existing Friends: Want to learn how to find people to play games with? Just ask your existing friends! Ask them who they game with. Then, tell them you want to join their community.

Best Apps to Find Gamer Friends

Like Discord & GameTree, there are several other apps to find people to play with. Most of them aren’t as popular as Discord. But these niche apps could be your perfect hunting ground for new gaming buddies. Here are the top gamer friends’ apps you need to download & use –

  •     Gamr2Gamr: This app serves the same purpose as Discord. The only difference is that Gamr2Gamr has a much simpler user interface. So, download it & search for gamers with similar interests and skill levels.
  •     Game-Fame: This app is a must-use for people who love playing multiplayer games. Game-Fame is primarily used by gamers who play Overwatch, Doom, Destiny, & other multiplayer games. This app even matches people based on their age & location.
  •     Game-Tracker: With over a million registered users, Game-Tracker is by far one of the most widely frequented gaming communities on the Internet. This platform features a unique stat tracking system. Gamers can record & update their in-game stats on this app’s database. Scour through this database to find gamers who have similar skill levels!
  •     Moby Games: Moby Games is one of gamers’ most active online forums. On this platform, you can get the latest reviews, news, updates, & gossip about the gaming industry. You can also find like-minded gamers & connect with them on Moby Games.
  •     Reddit: GamerPals on Reddit isn’t the only page dedicated to gamers on this social media platform. Reddit is full of gamers & online gaming groups. To find other gamers, all you need to do is visit the subreddits (pages on Reddit) of your favorite games.

For instance, if you play Fortnite, you can find other Fortnite players on the “Fortnite: Battle Royale” subreddit. On this subreddit (or any other subreddit of your choosing), you can create posts saying that you need to find other gamers.

Or you can respond to people who’ve made similar posts in the past. Go to Reddit now & join as many independent gaming communities as possible. Within hours, you’ll find like-minded gamers willing to grant you entry into their communities.

How to Meet Other Gamers: The Secret

Looking for gamers who have similar interests & skills takes work. It’s even harder for adults over the age of 30. Thankfully, the communities & platforms mentioned above can help you conclude your search quicker. Here’s a helpful video guide on meeting gamers as adults. Watch this & keep trying the solutions mentioned in this article.

But, the most effective way to meet other gamers is to become extremely good at one or two games. Top gamers love playing with other top gamers, especially those who play competitive games. So, suppose you frequently land on top of the scoreboards of whatever game you’re playing. In that case, you’re likelier to attract other gamers.

So, keep practicing your favorite games. The better you are at gaming, the likelier you are to make new friends in the gaming world!

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