How to Mute Discord on OBS?

OBS, which stands for Open Broadcaster Software, is the most popular program streamers use to broadcast their games online. During streams, many streamers typically utilize Discord and OBS simultaneously, providing more involvement to the viewers since they can communicate with them via Discord. You won’t be able to communicate with other users if you don’t include Discord in OBS, which is why many people need it.

Of course, it’s a good idea to use both Discord OBS and other tools to provide a smooth streaming experience. However, if your pals are shouting or the background noise is loud, you may simply turn off Discord on OBS. But, sadly, lots of individuals are unaware of how to do so, and if you’re one of them, you’ve come to the ideal spot. This lesson will show you how to mute Discord on OBS without any problems.

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Will there be an issue if I mute Discord audio on OBS?

There are no problems if you muffle the Discord audio. You will not be able to communicate with your teammates or spectators since you will not hear them.

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Muting Specific or All Notifications Within Discord

You can also remove a sound from discord notifications by going to Sounds and deselecting the option for each one. In this case, no audio notifications will be played through your audio output capture device and will not be recorded or streamed.

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How Do I Mute Apps on OBS?

The easiest answer to the question of how to mute Discord on OBS is using Audio Mixed. To do this in OBS, go to the Audio Mixer page and choose which device or program you want to silence using either the speaker symbol or dragging down the volume bar. Each individual program would need to be configured as a virtual audio device.

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Using Streamer Mode to mute Discord on OBS

When you first launch OBS after installing Smooth Streaming, Streamer Mode will be enabled. Discord’s Streamer Mode is on by default when OBS is open while it runs. The option to turn off sounds of your audio device is one of the features offered by Streamer Mode. That’s how you mute discord notification sounds.

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Mute Discord Audio on OBS Using Voicemeeter

Some people are put off because they’ll have to use third-party software to mute Discord. However, until OBS develops a built-in solution, Voicemeeter is one of the greatest methods to do it.

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How to Mute Discord on OBS Without 3rd Party Software

To prevent background noise from disrupting your gameplay, use OBS to control audio channels. Set up a new output source in Windows App volume and device preferences for only the audio sources you want to be played through OBS. Like Realtek or anything else that isn’t being used as your primary output.

Last but not least, setting up a new OBS audio output using the chosen output source (e.g., Realtek). And muting your primary audio source in the OBS audio mixer.

Alternatively, you may select each audio output source back to its original settings when you quit streaming or recording with OBS.

You should now see a new audio source in your OBS Audio Mixer named Desktop Audio 2.

You will then see them appear in the App Volume settings in the App volume and device preferences window.

What was the result of this?

You’ve now got an audio source in OBS. It records all the sounds you instructed it to record using Desktop Audio 2 and modifies the App volume and device preferences.

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What should I do before I mute Discord audio?

There are no special preparations or techniques that must be done before you mute Discord on OBS and start playing your game.

You have the option of just muting it or completely eliminating it from your Discord. After muting it, you do not have to restart your stream or computer, and you may continue streaming without problems.

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How to unmute Discord in OBS?

If you’ve finished your Discord stream and want to resume listening to the game’s audio, all you have to do is push the slider back to the right.

Open OBS Software

Once you’ve launched your stream, open the OBS software and wait a couple of seconds before it may operate without issues.

Go to “Audio Mixer”

When you first open OBS, you’ll have to look for the Audio mixer panel at the bottom of the window.

Select “Discord Audio”

Once you’ve opened the Audio mixer panel, you’ll need to pick “Discord audio” and change the volume.

You can control the volume with a slider and mute Discord or adjust the volume to your liking.

Move the Slider All the Way to the Right

This is when Discord audio will be unmuted.

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