How To Create The Perfect Minecraft Circle?

It’s impossible for Minecraft to not come up in some form or the other in spaces filled with video game enthusiasts. After all, it is the biggest game of all time by the number of units shipped (a massive 200 million as of May 2020). So it is no surprise that it is on people’s lips, despite being released over a decade ago. I can’t help but wonder whether it will ever be surpassed in that regard. It’d have to be an exceptional game to do that.

People spend hours in Minecraft building all sorts of amazing things. It’s no surprise that this game has many records dedicated to it and the things that people achieve in-game. You can take a look at some of these insane builds that people have created.

Why, then, despite so many people being skilled in the game, one of the hardest things to make in Minecraft is one of the simplest geometric shapes out there. Yep, somehow, figuring out how to make circles in Minecraft is something that has a lot of people trying but failing over and over.

What do you do if a circle is a vital part of your new build? Well, you have to go out there and look for a Minecraft circle guide. If that’s what you’re on the prowl for, then this is the right place to be.

So then, how do you make a Minecraft circle in this game notorious for all its squares and cubes? We’ll show you how.

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How might you use a circle in Minecraft?

There are no restraints on what you can do in Minecraft, so a circular shape can really be used for anything you put your mind to. However, suppose you consider yourself to be an expert Minecraft circle builder. In that case, you might be looking for inspiration on the kinds of things that you can put your newfound talent to use with.

Well, in that case, here are some of the things that you can use a circle for in Minecraft, just off the top of my head.

  • It can be used to make horizontal or vertical pipes and tunnels. This can be a great application for secret passageways and to build a sprawling underground sewage system in large builds.
  • A circle can act as the foundation for large circular towers for castles and other structures. Most people default to square shapes when making towers, which will definitely help your buildings stick out.
  • A circle can be used to make statues, monuments, and other stationary objects in your build that are best designed with a circular shape implemented.
  • A Minecraft circle design can be used for circular rooms and roofs.
  • You can also use a circle as the foundation for normally rectangular or square containers in your build, such as a circular swimming pool or a circular pen for your animals.

How to make a circle in Minecraft?

So now, how do you actually make the circle is the next question up. Well, if you’ve played Minecraft, I need not tell you that it is impossible to make an actual circle with perfectly smooth and curved edges. That’s fine though, you can make really good-looking circles anyway, particularly when you zoom out from bigger ones.

Some people use their own special methods to put together circles in Minecraft, such as using a Minecraft circle chart and other similar resources. It is agreed that making a circle in Minecraft without a Minecraft circle guide is very difficult. We’re going to use something of the sort here. I will teach you how to make a circle in Minecraft.

Now, you should practice this in Creative Mode so that nothing will get in your way or interrupt you. Let’s get into it now.

  • First of all, find waste blocks that you don’t need. This can be dirt or gravel. As long as you don’t mind losing it, you can start off with it. We will use this to plot out our Minecraft circle dimensions before anything else gets started.
  • The first step in the building process is to draw a plus sign with your spare blocks. Ask yourself, how large do you want the circle to be? Do you want a diameter of 11 blocks? 21 blocks? 51 blocks? It is best to use an odd number, by the way. You’ll see why soon. Once you decide how large you want your circle to be, you can continue to the next step.
  • Lay down a single block at the point where you want the center of the circle to be.
  • Now, subtract 1 from the odd number you chose. Let’s say that is 31, so we’re left with 30. Divide 30 or whichever number you got by 2. That leaves us with 15. What we’re going to do with this number is build 15 blocks to each side of our central brick. This will leave us with a giant plus sign, which is exactly where we want to be. 
  • The next stage is not as easy as simply working diagonally. You will end up with a diamond shape if you do that. You will need to make use of a Minecraft circle chart or something similar.
  • These charts tend to have many circles plotted out, with different diameters written in each one. By choosing the one corresponding to the diameter you selected, you will be able to build a Minecraft circle in no time. 
  • Just follow the way the circle is plotted on the grid. You can start from the ends of the plus sign to make things as easy as possible.

Circle Sizes Minecraft

There is no monopoly on the sizes that circles can be when you’re in Minecraft. This can range from having a circle with a 5-block diameter to one that sprawls 100 blocks wide (this should probably only be attempted by an expert Minecraft circle builder.

Just build the size of the circle that makes you as happy as can be! Who knows, you might be breaking an unofficial record if you go large enough with it!

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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