Best Air Quality Monitor: Top 7 with Pros, Cons, and FAQ

air quality measuring device

According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, more than 5.5 million people die from air pollution each year. So, an air quality monitor maybe not the most common purchase out there. But it’s definitely a useful one given how poorly we are handling air pollution issues at the moment. An air quality … Read more

Best Star Projector: Laser, for Adults, Cheapest, Moving, etc.

projecting the stars lamp

Even the cheapest (but well-built) star projector can show planets, stars, and galaxies in your own home. Astronomy enthusiasts can use these as a light feature for a party, by parents to help kids sleep or simply educate on space/astronomy, or for a cool decoration feature for your home. And it can possibly be a … Read more

10 Amazing Car Gadgets That Will Supercharge Your Driving

futuristic car dashboard

The market for car gadgets worldwide is worth more year after year. In fact, by 2022, it’s expected to be worth more than 500 billion dollars globally. If you have a car, you’ve likely bought some techy things for it before, and very likely that you’ll buy more in the future.  If you own a … Read more

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11 Cool Robot Gadgets for Coding, Cleaning, Pranks, etc.

robotic gifts

Robot gadgets are cool. And by now, they are playing a huge role in our lives. Some robots are designed to provide assistance in extreme disasters that humans just can’t handle. This includes raging wildfires, navigating precarious earthquake wreckage, and even navigating zones with dangerous amounts of nuclear radiation. Even robots that are built merely … Read more

Best Backpacking Grill: Top 8 Portable, Cheap, Titanium, and More

lightweight camping grill

There was that good old report published back in 2017 by Coleman Company. It showed that nearly half of the respondents listed cooking outdoors as a favorite activity during a trip. Despite this, cooking grills or equipment didn’t make a list of the top 10 camping items purchased in the previous year. Cooking food with … Read more

11 Best Spy Gadgets: Cheap, Wireless, Mini, and More

drone great spying gadget

Surveillance and espionage equipment make up a giant market, with sales of surveillance equipment worldwide projected to exceed $20 billion in 2020. The need to find answers will forever be a good way to fuel humans, and it fuels the sale of spy things too. Do you think someone has been snooping outside your property? … Read more

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Best Alexa Jokes + Funny Skills and Things to Ask

funny things to ask alexa

Imagine talking to an inanimate object and having it talk back. Even better, imagine giving it tasks to do and it complying. Well, that’s what you get and more with the help of your virtual assistant Alexa. There’s a reason why 70% of US smart speakers own Amazon Echo devices, mainly because of this home … Read more

Best Tablet for Note-Taking: Cheapest, Good for Meetings, etc.

According to researchers, if you write down a piece of information, you have a 34% chance of retaining it. But if you don’t, you only have about a 5% chance of remembering it later. And that is exactly why picking the best tablet for note-taking is a more important task that you might initially predict … Read more

Choosing the Best Backpacking Chair: Top 7 Ultralight, Heavy-Duty, Cheap, etc

From the comfort of our homes to braving the relative discomfort of the great outdoors, that’s one way to describe backpacking. However, it isn’t about intentionally making yourself suffer, despite that.  It’s very common to experience back pain during camping or hiking trips. A poorly constructed seat (or lack of it) just makes it worse. … Read more

Best Backpacking Axe: Top 5 Lightweight, Budget, and More

There’s nothing like the exhilaration that comes from being out amongst nature, breathing in the fresh air, and maybe going through some extremes to get from one point to another sometimes. And even if you don’t fight Saber-toothed tigers every time you go into the wilderness, it’s challenging to go backpacking without lighting a single … Read more

Best Pancake Maker: Top 5 with Shapes, for Crepes, and More

Pancakes are often one of the most favorite breakfast choices. And if you are making those at home, you might only want to save it for the weekends, as cooking it can sometimes be a hassle.  And even if you are using a store-bored frozen option, there may still be sticking and burning. Not to … Read more

Window Cleaning Robot: Top 3 Best for Exterior, Professional, and More

For centuries, technology has been making human life easy. Artificial intelligence takes it to another level; now, you can make robots do your time- and energy-consuming tasks efficiently. And a window cleaning robot is a perfect example. Yes, this task doesn’t seem cool enough to be outsourced to robots. But in my book, if someone … Read more

All Vector Commands You Should Know (+ 3 Secret Tricks)

Vector robot is like an assistant that can be programmed to do cool stuff. You can interact with it in a fun way. You can ask it to do stuff, answer your questions, and get it to respond emotionally. It can also be programmed by you using the software development kit (SDK) that comes with … Read more