Essential Geeky Decorating: Best Ideas to Upgrade Your Room

Nerd’s room not necessarily has to be too nerdy. Even though it’s way sexier to be a geek in our day and age of third industrial revolution, geeks’ habitat traditionally still requires a makeover. Today we’ll jump into the research of the perfect geek decorating items to pimp up any nerd room. The things on … Read more

Best Geek Room Decor Products in 2018

Non-tacky geek room decor products are few and far between but look for them long enough, and you’re guaranteed to find at least a handful of hidden gems. Well, we’ve done the looking for you and selected the most curious items of the month. Enjoy! ThinkGeek Infinite Dungeon Sold exclusively by ThinkGeek, this decorative toy … Read more

Top Everyday Carry Gadgets for Urban Survivals

To survive and thrive in the urban jungle, one has to have the right tools. In our disposable society, the value of a good tool is often overlooked because most tools are only used by specialists who are never farther than one phone call away. But there are still some tools whose value is so … Read more

Top 3 Geeky DIY Home Décor Projects

We geeks are natural, gadget-obsessed tinkerers who love to build things both for practical reasons and just because we find it fun. We also love to surround ourselves with our favorite gadgets, pop culture references, and collectibles. And what we love above everything else is when we can combine our creative nature with our insatiable … Read more

Geek Room Décor: Start Your 2018 in Style!

In this article, we bring you the hottest geek room décor ideas for 2018 to help you start the year in style if you tend to believe that a little bit of geekiness hasn’t heart anybody. Nanoleaf Aurora The Nanoleaf Aurora is the one smart lighting product you actually want to own. Sold as a … Read more

Must-Have Gadgets for Men for February 2018

Because a man can never have enough cool gadgets to play with, we’ve put together a list of several must-have gadgets for February 2018. Amazon Echo Spot You could say that the Echo Spot is yet another Alexa-enabled smart speaker that allows you to use your voice to control it and ask it various questions. … Read more

5 Winter Survival Gadgets for Your Car

You don’t want to be caught off guard when driving during freezing weather in the middle of a long winter night. While you can’t prepare for every eventuality, there are certain winter survival gadgets that you should definitely have in your car. DBPOWER 600A Car Jump Starter Thanks to recent advances in battery technology, we … Read more

Our Top 5 Nerdy Books of All Times (at least in this decade)

There are lots of reasons why people enjoy nerdy books.  Not only are they full of information, but reading them can be a lot of fun as well. On top of that, the sheer fact that you can accumulate a lot of information is also pretty exciting. But when it comes to picking the right … Read more

Best Geek Gifts to Buy in July

When it comes to shopping for your geeky husband, friend or sibling this summer, you know that not just anything will do. After all, they grew up nerding out as hard as they could on Star Wars and retro video games and now, well, they still spend a lot of their time nerding out on … Read more

The Greatest Geeky Gadgets to Buy (Sooner or Later)

The World is full of technology anywhere and everywhere! And there are geeks in every part of the world, who invest all their time to create mind-boggling geeky gadgets which are worth having a look and If given a chance, people will be dying to use these gadgets too. Here is the list of geeky … Read more

Top Online MMORPG: War Thunder Review

War Thunder is a top online MMORPG where players take control of different vehicles in this frantic PvP MMO game. The game is set during World War II and features a range of countries which each have unique vehicles. Unlike most other games in this genre, War Thunder features ground, air and water based vehicles … Read more

Cool Stuff for Guys to Buy this Summer

Summer is the time most appropriate for experiments. So we’ve picked cool stuff for guys to buy this season and get the most from any vacation or chilling weekends. X-star premium drone from Autel Robotics  This drone can be flown with the help an app and you can control it easily as it is very … Read more

Best Apartment Gadgets to Buy and Improve Your Life ASAP

Imagine someone finally came up with the time machine, traveled to, let’s say,  medieval Europe and brought along to the future a middle-aged farmer from the past. Let’s call him Gilbert. Gilbert would be quite shocked for a little while with the number and variety of cool devices the humanity has invented within several centuries. … Read more

Gifts Guide: 7 Must Haves for the Dorm Room

Dorm rooms can be a lot of fun and they can be nothing short of impressive, to be honest. The idea is to make the most out of them and integrate all the features you want for the ultimate development. The nice thing about using a great dorm room is that you can have both … Read more

The Ultimate List of Gaming Gadgets

It does not matter what you want, the market seems to always have just the right gaming gadgets for your needs. Unfortunately, more options do not necessarily mean easier choices. No worries though, we’ve taken care of you, so here is a list of some of the best new gaming gadgets you can buy today … Read more

Top 7 Cool Gifts for Engineers

Engineers might look and behave like they do not need what other people have made, but that is not true. Behind the tough facade they put up, they will just melt under the flesh if you got them the ideal present. Thus, we have curated some of the best gifts for engineers you can find … Read more

Top 4 Cool Tech Toys to Buy in June 2017

This month’s selection of cool tech toys is all about robots. What could be a better way how to get someone interested in robotics and engineering than a fun, smartphone-controlled toy robot? But don’t let the word “toy” mislead you. The robots featured on this list are more complex than computers from the pre-internet era. … Read more

Best Multiplayer War Games: World of Tanks

battleship games for free

World of Tanks is an MMO action game that puts players in control of an armored vehicle. One of the best multiplayer war games was developed by Wargaming and originally released in 2010 but since then, the game has become one of the most popular MMO games currently available. It was also released for the … Read more

Cool Tactical Gear: Top 5 to Bring on Your Next Adventure

When the term ‘tactical gear’ comes up, many people tend to think only the military folks can have all the fun. Well, that is if tactical gears are not specially designed to make your life easier – especially when going outdoors. Here are some of the cool tactical gadgets you should totally add to your … Read more