PS4 Controller Not Charging: 4 Easy Ways to Fix This Frustrating Problem

Trying to enjoy your favorite game, but the PS4 controller is not charging? You’re not the only gamer experiencing this horrible feeling. Several PS4 owners have complained about their controllers experiencing charging issues on the Internet. The three most common complaints that PS4 owners make are:

  • My PS4 controller won’t charge, no matter how long I leave it connected to the console.
  • My PS4 controller charges for a second, then stops abruptly.

My PS4 controller charges but won’t turn on Dual-Shock 4 PS4 controllers are supposed to charge when you plug them into your console via USB cables. But, unfortunately, these controllers don’t always work like they’re supposed to. So what to do when your PS4 controller doesn’t charge? The first thing you should do is find out why the controller isn’t charging the way it’s supposed to. 

There are many possible reasons why your PS4 controller won’t charge. These reasons can range from something as minor as dust buildup inside the charging port to major problems like dead batteries needing replacements. In this article, we’ll discuss all the possible reasons why your PS4 controller won’t charge or turn on how it’s supposed to. 

We’ll also discuss some basic troubleshooting techniques to fix this problem. Apply these techniques before you make up your mind to buy a brand-new PS4 controller.

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How Do I Know My PS4 Controller Is Charging?

How to tell if a PlayStation 4 controller is not charging? When a PS4 controller starts to charge, the light bar on top of it starts blinking. You’ll notice the light bar slowly fade from white to amber. This is a clear indication that the controller is being charged properly. If you put the controller in rest mode, an orange light blinks slowly in the controller’s light bar. 

If your PS4 controller’s light bar is not blinking, the device is not charging or regaining power. In short, if your PS4 controller shows no light when charging, it’s not charging properly & not regaining any power. You should investigate the matter to find out what’s causing this.  

Why Is My PS4 Controller Not Charging?

Here are some common reasons why PS4 controllers won’t turn on or charge the way they’re supposed to: 

  • PlayStation Problems: The console itself may have picked up a bug preventing it from properly charging the controllers. Updating or resetting the console may fix the bugs & glitches causing this problem. 
  • Cable Damage: The console’s USB cable could be worn, torn, damaged, or covered with dust. Like all wires, USB cables stop functioning as they age. Third-party cables typically don’t connect to PS4 consoles or PS4 controllers. So, you’ll need to buy a Sony-certified USB cable to fix this issue. 
  • Broken USB ports: If the charging port on PS4 controller is not working, it won’t be able to pick up any charge. The only way to fix a damaged charging port on a PS4 controller is by replacing it. 
  • Other Hardware Problems: Other hardware problems like damaged controller batteries, broken charging ports, etc., can also lead to similar charging problems.

If your PS4 controller doesn’t charge because of hardware problems, you’ll have to enlist the services of a professional repair technician. Don’t try to fix your console or controller’s hardware problem at home: especially if the products are under warranty. Instead, try out the following solutions. 

How to Fix PS4 Controller Not Charging?

Try out the following troubleshooting techniques to see if you can get your PS4 controller to charge again:

Connect the Controller to Another Device

If your PS4 controller doesn’t charge when it’s connected to the console, check if it charges when it’s connected to another device. For example, connect the controller to a Mac or Windows PC. If it’s charging, you know that the PS4 console is causing the problem. If not, you can rule out the console as the source of the problem. 

Change the Charging Cable

Try using a different cable if your PS4 controller won’t charge with a specific USB cable. If using a different cable fixes the problem, then you should get rid of the old, damaged cable. Before you do that, check for physical signs of damage on the cable. If the cable is frayed, straighten it out. If there’s built-up dust inside the cable, clean it. Try to fix the damaged cable before throwing it away.

Clean the Charging Port

Built-up dust & grime in the charging port’s outlet may stop your controller from charging. First, clean the charging port using a soft cloth. If you suspect dirt is built inside the port, use a soft wooden toothpick to clean up the tight spaces. If the port is loose, you’ll have to disassemble the controller & unscrew the charging port board to replace it. You should leave such technical repairs to the experts. 

Reset Your Controller

If your PS4 controller won’t charge, but it’s still turning on, use it to go to the PS4 settings menu. In this menu, find a section titled “Devices.” Enter this section & then remove all devices from this list, including your controller. Then, find a tiny hole on the underside of your controller. Use a small toothpick or a bobby pin to press inside this hole. 

Hold the toothpick inside the small hole for five seconds. By taking this step, you’ll reset your controller & return it to its original factory settings state. If there are glitches in your controller’s firmware, they’ll be deleted after the reset. Hopefully, this step will fix your charging issues. Here’s a helpful video guide on how to reset a PS4 controller:

Once you’ve reset the controller, use the PS button to resync it with your console. Hopefully, your controller will start charging again. 

If none of these solutions work, take your controller to an official Sony store. Ask Sony’s repair technicians to verify whether your controller’s battery is dead or if the controller itself is broken. If that is the case, you have two choices: get new batteries for your old controller or buy a new one.

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