11 Cool Robot Gadgets for Coding, Cleaning, Pranks, etc.

Robot gadgets are cool. And by now, they are playing a huge role in our lives. Some robots are designed to provide assistance in extreme disasters that humans just can’t handle. This includes raging wildfires, navigating precarious earthquake wreckage, and even navigating zones with dangerous amounts of nuclear radiation.

Even robots that are built merely for fun and are intended as toys for children have their advantages. For instance, it was found that robot toys were promising in detecting signs of childhood disorders like ADHD and autism. 

If you are not willing to save the world or identify a rare disease in fellow humans, robots can also be handy in doing some work at your place. 

No matter what kind of robot gadgets you’re looking for, I have your back. There are plenty of gadgets options on this list, and any of them can make a great robotic gift whether you are buying it for yourself or for someone else. 

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Robot dog toy

Everyone likes dogs, and everyone likes robots, so it is only logical that a robot dog would be awesome. DEERC has come up with an affordable robot dog toy that’s fun to play with. It can be controlled in two different manners: with the remote control or by gesture control, thanks to an infrared sensor.

This dog is an absolute blast to play with. With various actions, sounds, movement methods, moods, and expressions, you’ll never get bored with this pet. The best part is that the fun lasts long, with a rechargeable battery that can go for 3 hours at a go and can easily be charged via USB. Do you want to start your kid off on a pet, but want to go slow? This is a perfect choice.

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Robot dinosaur

Though we never got to see them, dinosaurs have always been incredible. They may be long gone, but you can bring them to life with toys like this. This cool-looking robot dinosaur from Costzon is packed with features. It can walk and slide on its own, and its head and tail can move.

With a turret on its back that launches bullets, kids can have all sorts of fun with this. It can be programmed to perform a sequence of actions in any order. The fact that it can play music, dance, and has colorful lights makes this one of those cool robot gifts you’ll be revered for selecting.

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Spider robot

If you’ve been on the lookout for robot toys for adults, then you’ve found a premium choice. This kit from Freenove lets you build and code instructions for your very own spider robot, and let me tell you, it’s great. Not only do you get an awesome robot in the end, but you get to know that you built it yourself. Once you’re done, you can control this with an Android or iOS smartphone, your PC, or the included remote, which you also assemble yourself. Not only is this perfect for adults, but older children will appreciate it too, and building it in a group is a great family activity.

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Gutter cleaning robot

One of the major reasons that robots exist is to make our lives easier. They do task that we humans can’t do or would rather not do. Not only is gutter cleaning a menial task, but it can be potentially dangerous as it involves continuous ladder climbing. This is why robotic gadgets like the iRobot Looj 330 are brilliant. It’s engineered to be as compact as possible to fit into storm gutters. With the included remote, you can control its movement and cleaning action without stressing yourself. There’s even a button to have this cleaning robot work on its own. That’s super convenient.

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Robot assistant

Suppose you’re looking for the cutest little robot companion to keep you company through the day. In that case, Anki’s Vector robot is the way to go. It’s very compact, but it has AI and personality, and the features within it are numerous. It can take pictures, set reminders for you, and even answer questions via Alexa. This is one of those fun robots for adults that is also great for kids, and that’s an expert opinion. This little guy is fantastic, but it’s important to know that you’ll need to pay for a subscription if you buy it now. Did I mention it can charge itself?

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Raspberry Pi robot kit

Building your very own robot is a feeling that can’t be matched. It seems like something ridiculously technical, and while it is a bit tough, once you build one, you’ll fall in love. This robot from Yahboom is a little tank with a camera. With a little bit of time on your hands, you can have a great time putting this together, and once you’re done, your smartphone is your remote control.

The Raspberry Pi that will form the core of this robot is not included, however. Robotic toys for adults and teenagers like this one can get technical, but not only will you learn how to build a robot, but you’ll learn how to program it too.

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Retro robot

If you’re looking for chap robot gadgets to give a child, then Tobar Planet Robot is a fantastic choice. It looks vintage, like the depictions of robots in the past, and I think I kind of like it. It has value as a collectible and is inexpensive, so it’s an easy buy.

This robot can walk forwards on its own once you wind it up, and it has lights behind his shield that light up. This is an excellent product for younger children, and the bright red finish will appeal to them. Undoubtedly, this is one of those cool robot gadgets that most young children will really appreciate.

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Star Wars robot

Even if you’ve never watched a minute of Star Wars before, there’s almost no way you aren’t familiar with R2-D2, even if you don’t know its name. This R2-D2 app-enabled droid is super cool. With your smartphone, you can get him to move around and change between stances. The numerous colorful LEDs and sounds this droid plays will make it a delight for children.

Learning to program your first robot can be fun too. Using the app, you can code commands for R2-D2 to follow. It even has emotions that can be monitored through the app, and it waddles in specific ways to make you aware of how it’s feeling. Cool robotic gear for Star Wars enthusiast.

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Coding robot

As the world becomes more technologically oriented, coding is becoming a more ubiquitous activity. There’s no age that’s too young to learn to code. CodeBot is a robot kit that is built to make getting into coding easier than ever. It’s built to be educational, so getting the hang of the Python language it uses isn’t as complicated as it might seem. You won’t control this with a remote, but with programming. Since the prime focus is to make coding easy and accessible. Just program its movements. It’ll do the rest on its own!

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Solar robot

It might just be me, but when you get to have fun putting together a robot and then playing with it after, it doesn’t get any better than that. This remote-controlled robot from Pica Toys is great to put together. Its chassis is made mostly of wood, which gives it an aesthetic that other robotic gifts don’t quite match. You can use the little solar panel to power it, or you can slot in some batteries. Putting this together can be rather complicated, and tools might be required. This one is definitely best for adults.

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Robotic sprinkler

Robots that assist us with tasks around the home are getting into style. Robot household gadgets are getting closer to consumers with each day that passes. The Nelson Traveling Sprinkler can attest to that. With a solid body constructed of cast-iron and powder-coated with paint, you know this robot will be durable.

It performs solidly, being able to move up to 200 feet. With its movement distance and sprinkling radius, it can water up to 13,500 square feet. This is all thanks to the spray arms that can shoot water anywhere between 15 and 55 feet away. The best part is how it can do all this without you moving an inch, and once it’s done, it’ll turn off all on its own.

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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