How to Choose the Best Robot Assistant in 2021?

A robot assistant refers to a machine that helps you with your day-to-day activities. Robot assistants are more like companions that make people’s lives easier by performing specific tasks ranging from organizing schedules to acting as educational assistants. They are designed to help you run your home more smoothly, make your chores less stressful, and … Read more

11 Cool Robot Gadgets for Coding, Cleaning, Pranks, etc.

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Robot gadgets are cool. And by now, they are playing a huge role in our lives. Some robots are designed to provide assistance in extreme disasters that humans just can’t handle. This includes raging wildfires, navigating precarious earthquake wreckage, and even navigating zones with dangerous amounts of nuclear radiation. Even robots that are built merely … Read more

All Vector Commands You Should Know (+ 3 Secret Tricks)

Vector robot is like an assistant that can be programmed to do cool stuff. You can interact with it in a fun way. You can ask it to do stuff, answer your questions, and get it to respond emotionally. It can also be programmed by you using the software development kit (SDK) that comes with … Read more

Best Robot Dinosaur: Top Interactive, Walking, Cheap, etc.

Dr. Will Tattersdill from The University of Birmingham believes that their popularity can be explained by the fact they “are everywhere and they’re nowhere.” And even some solid research shows that intense interest in dinosaurs is amongst the most common in-kind (second place after vehicles – cars, planes, trains, etc.)  In most cases, his affection … Read more