Levitating Bonsai, Tesla Generator, and Other 20 Science Gifts to Buy Right Now

Science can be absolutely amazing. Scientific concepts range from being fascinating and uncomplicated to highly intricate and confusing. You have things like magnets, which are fun and easy to understand, and then you have a quantum theory and others. However, science is learned in blocks. You start from the bottom and build your way up the ladder of concepts.

For children, explaining these concepts can sometimes be a little tricky. Still, science gifts and toys have been proven to have benefits for recipients of all ages. Even if most people aren’t aware of this, people just generally enjoy fun science gifts. The market for these kinds of educational toys is continuously expanding. It is estimated to grow 10% in the 4 year period between 2017 and 2021. 

Whether we are talking about children or adults, you’re bound to find many options on the list below. I’ve spent quite some time compiling it, so you don’t have to. 

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Levitating Bonsai

Magnets have always been one of the coolest aspects of science. You can do so much with them, including making things levitate. This bonsai pot will literally levitate above its base. And bringing nature and modern technology together for quite a final synergistic effect. It’s hard to go wrong with cool science gifts like a levitating pot. You can buy this for pretty much anyone.

Edison Bulb

There’s something quite nostalgic about old-fashioned electrical equipment. It is hard not to see these Edison bulbs’ vintage appeal because they are absolutely stunning in that regard. You get a pack of 4, and you can choose from four different shapes for the bulbs. Even when they are off, these bulbs look great. If you’re looking for science-themed gifts that will brighten up a room, then you’ve found the ones.

Tesla Generator

Named after the genius inventor who created this, the Tesla coil has always been a thing adored by sci-fi lovers. This is probably because it somewhat surpasses what we consider to be typical of electricity in our day-to-day lives. Put your finger or a metal object near this and watch a spark connect the two. It comes pre-assembled, and it makes it one of those great gifts for someone who loves science. This is really a great way to learn more about electricity.

Programmable Robot Kit

One of the best science gifts you can get, whether for adults or kids, this Hydrobot Arm will definitely look fantastic wherever it is, even when not in use. For people that love the appeal of operating heavy machinery, this is a lightweight way to get started with that. It has 6 different axes of movement, operated by hydraulic levers. You get to put it together yourself, and honestly, I might say that that part is the most fun.

Galileo Thermometer

Many people do not know what a Galileo thermometer is. I’d reckon that’s what makes it such a great learning experience. Understanding how a regular thermometer works is not complicated at all. However, when it comes to a Galileo thermometer, you begin to learn more about the relationship of fluid density, volume, and temperature. If you’re searching for gifts for a scientist, then this will be one of the coolest, least expected choices you can make. It’s absolutely incredible to observe.

Home Planetarium

When looking up at space, there’s a form of wonder that comes about that is almost impossible to replicate in any other way. Space is so vast and so full of mystery. Yet it is absolutely beautiful to look at. This is why nerdy science gifts like the Homestar Classic lets you bring the glorious night sky in with you. It has over 60,000 stars visible in it, as well as a timer so that it can switch off once you’re asleep.

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Not everyone likes spicy food, so hot sauce had to become a thing. When you’re eating something but it just doesn’t have enough kick for you, that’s when the hot sauce comes in to add some heat to whatever is being eaten. You might be wondering how weird science gifts like these even work? Well, chemistry is a science, and with this kit, you get to concoct hot sauce flavors by yourself. The hot sauce you make will be pretty spicy, just how you like it, and it’ll all be formulated by your hands.

Science Tie

If you find math exhilarating, then why not let the world know? A tie like this has math equations written all over it, as well as coming in three sizes and three colors, providing multiple options for whoever you might be purchasing this for. Cheap science gifts like this tie are made of premium microfiber, which means it is ridiculously soft. If you wear this out, it is very likely you’ll get comments. I can’t tell which kind they’ll be, but it will definitely attract some like a magnet.

Gradient Puzzle

I have always loved jigsaw puzzles, and in my opinion, the more pieces, the better. This puzzle form BetterCo. comes with 1000 pieces, and here’s the kicker: the image for the puzzle is simply a gradient between two solid colors. It’ll be hard to say that you’ve seen exactly where each piece should go when all the colors are so similar to one another. But the more challenging, the more fun, right? 

Science Calendar

No one person can know everything there is to know on earth, but hey, you might as well try, right? This calendar doesn’t simply serve the purpose of letting you know the date, but it comes with a remarkable fact for every day of the year. So, something as mundane as a calendar can suddenly start getting you primed up for trivia night. You’ll learn some fascinating and weird facts that you probably might not have come across otherwise. This is one of the best science gifts for adults.

Nerdy Socks

The best thing about fun socks is that you can wear them on absolutely anything. If you’re looking for gifts for a science nerd, then this pair from Sock It to Me will be appreciated. With its numerous equations and a funny image of Einstein wearing sunglasses on the side. These are made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex. They’ll fit most shoe sizes and will definitely be well-received as regards comfort.

Solar System Puzzle

If you find regular jigsaws a bit too orthodox for you and are searching to mix things up quite a bit, then this might be the puzzle for you. It is a 3D puzzle, which means that you’re putting together something that isn’t flat but spherical like a planet. It comes with 522 pieces so you can build the 8 planets in the solar system using high-quality jigsaw pieces. This science gift idea comes with a poster, too, so you can observe the beauty of the planets right on your wall.

Dinosaur Candle

Candles are nice to have around. They really do a lot for the atmosphere of the room they are in, and sometimes they are scented, which is a nice perk to them. The problem is that they just melt away and leave nothing but a mess. That’s why no one looks forward to their candle is completely melted. With science geek gifts like this, however, it is different. This egg-shaped candle melts away to reveal a cute porcelain velociraptor that you can keep afterward!

Circuit Board Coasters

Nerdy science gifts don’t always have to be expensive technology or similar. You can actually get some really nice gifts for science lovers that you know they will use every day. For instance, how about these circuit board coasters? I mean, just look at them. Everyone uses a coaster, and it is definitely something you might use every day. So it is an absolute win to have coasters made from actual circuit boards because that’s the perfect testament to nerd love.

Radio Kit

Science gifts for adults can be complex if you want them to be. For instance, how about building your own radio? I’m sure that sounds very complicated, but with a kit like this, you’ll find yourself doing something you never thought you’d be able to. There’s a 9-lesson guide included with this, with 56 pages teaching you exactly how to do this. You’ll be making a radio capable of receiving both FM and AM signals. The only thing you might need to learn with this is soldering if you don’t know how to already.

Perpetual Motion Toy

A perpetual motion toy is one that keeps making some form of motion, even long after you’d have expected it to stop. The Stirling Engine works with hot water as its source of energy. Just put it atop a hot mug, spin it, and it’ll start its motion. This is a nerdy office toy that will add life to your desk and really spice things up. Even when it isn’t moving, it looks quite modern and appealing, so it makes an excellent desk gadget. 

Space Cufflinks 

For a man, cufflinks are almost always a safe gift to buy. Many men have shirts that need cufflinks, so why not get a bit more creative with them and buy a pair that really speaks to their personality? If you’re looking for science love gifts for the man you adore, then this is one that you really can’t go wrong with. Did I mention that these cufflinks are officially licensed by NASA too?

Magnetic Decision Maker

Magnets are one of those scientific things that can be applied in so many unique and fun to watch ways. Such as this magnetic decision-maker. Giving the ball a little swing will stop right above the correct answer among 3 options. This is a fun thing to have, but hey, don’t use it to make any significant choices though (or use it at your own risk)!

Da Vinci Clock

If you’re on the lookout for gifts for a scientist in your life, then this Da Vinci clock might be the perfect one. The design is based on one of the sketches made by Leonardo da Vinci. You can make it so it can hang on a wall or so it can stand on its own. While this doesn’t involve any materials like batteries, paint, or glue, it can definitely be rather challenging to put together. If you’re buying this for someone, you need to be sure that they have the skills to assemble this. Although this can serve as the perfect test to see how attuned those skills genuinely are.

Atomic Lamp

We’ve talked about Edison’s bulbs and how their vintage appearance can really bring a lot into a room because that retro look they have is really captivating and classic. If you’d prefer a lamp to the bulbs earlier shown, then this is what I wholeheartedly recommend. It comes with a stylish cage in the rubbed bronze finish around the light itself and can fit on pretty much any surface.

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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