Can Alexa Use Facebook Messenger?

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How to Connect Fire Stick with Alexa? 

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What Is The Difference Between Chromecast And Fire Stick? 

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Do I Need A Fire Stick For Each TV? 

Amazon Fire Stick is a great streaming device that will enable you to enjoy content on apps like Netflix on your non-smart TV. However, many people wonder if they can use a single Fire Stick on multiple TVs simultaneously. Yes, it is not possible. However, you will have to purchase additional hardware like the HDMI … Read more

How To Pair Fire Stick Remote Without Wifi?

Fire TV is Amazon’s entry into the ring where the different connected TV devices slug it out. This is a space where you have big players like Apple and Google, alongside the tech giant Amazon themselves. This space is competitive, but Amazon has managed to sell over 150 million units of their Fire TV devices, … Read more

How To Clear The Queue On Fire Stick?

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How to Use Fire Stick With Google Home?

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How to Jailbreak Fire Stick For Live TV?

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Can Alexa Be Hacked? And What to Do if It Was?

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Can You Use Chromecast On A Non-Smart TV?

Smart TVs prices are getting higher and higher. Thankfully, you can use Chromecast on a non-smart TV to turn it into a smart TV. This is a media device made by Google that you can easily plug into your Television.  A few years back, smart TVs were not common, and the available options couldn’t stream … Read more

Difference Between Roku TV And Smart TV

It seemed like only a few years ago when dumb TVs were all over the market, and smart TVs were the challengers. However, things have quickly changed, with smart TVs accounting for seven out of every ten televisions globally as of 2018. As time goes on, that number keeps increasing.  Smart TVs get added functionality, … Read more

How To Connect Non-Smart TV To Wifi?

Televisions have naturally moved into a new standard, and that’s the smart TV. If you look to purchase a TV these days, there’s almost no chance you’ll see any of the old kinds of dumb TVs that most of us grew up with. It’s not surprising, as the market size for smart TVs is estimated … Read more

Best Way to get Netflix on Non-smart TV

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