Top 5 Geeky Gadgets

When people hear the word “gadgets”, probably they think of useful electronic devices that make some otherwise difficult daily tasks easier than ever. You are all familiar kitchen gadgets, plumbing gadgets, internet gadgets, electric gadgets, carpentry gadgets, photography gadgets, and so on, but some people have had enough with the philosophy of purpose-built kinds of stuff, and so they came up with the ideas of making gadgets for nothing but fun time playing around.

Not only that those many geeky computers and electronic enthusiasts like to think outside of the box, they apparently use the box to sit on and think as well. Ideas and innovations come quite often these days in the modern world we’re living in; some of the ideas are good, others are just plain bad that they’re not worth considering.

This month, however, we have a collection of geeky gadgets attractive enough to bring joy and laugh into our seriously boring adult days.

#1 Star Trek Door Chime

Judging by the name, it should not get any geekier than this. You can attach it to the wall next to your door or a desk. It has three settings, and each of them gives different sound effect just like in Star Trek TOS.

Sound effects include Communicator Whistle (it requires the manual pressing of a button), Door Opening, and Red Alert. Especially for the last two effects, they are activated by a motion sensor, so the gadget chimes when someone (or a robot) walks in front of it.

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#2 BS Button

Now if you are not a particularly critical person, but you want to shout at your coworkers anytime they’re telling lies, you are in for a treat. The BS Button by Gemmy is not an overly geeky gadget, which makes it a tiny bit more mainstream than the previous one.

It looks like a giant button you saw on an espionage movie in the 70s, and it says BULLSHIT (yes, all in capital letters) right on the button. When you press the button, one of five random messages sound off; all are not too insulting thankfully.

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#3 R2-D2 Power Station

Equipped with two USB ports and four AC outlets, this little gadget does considerably less than what the real R2-D2 can, indeed. On the back, it comes with Type B plug, so it works with any US standard electric socket.

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#4 Minecraft Light-Up Wall Torch

A torch is a gadget, but somebody came up with an idea to bring some geeky fun into it. Just like any ordinary torch, the Minecraft Light-Up Wall Torch is equipped with some lights and powered by batteries.

The main body is made of ABS plastic, but it looks like as if it comes out directly from Minecraft with its blocky look.

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#5 Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

As it turned out, Popsicle had been invented a long time ago in a galaxy far away.

For the diehard Star Wars fans, there is no better way to enjoy a Popsicle than with Lightsaber handle (see it for yourself in action here). There are only very few communities out there that can match the level of Star Wars’ lovers.

Nobody wants to get sliced by Lightsaber, but if it is made of Popsicle, then maybe it is not that bad and even satisfying.

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