30+ Travel Gadgets (#1 Can Save Your Life. For Real)

Travel gadgets and gear are real saviors for a modern adventurer.

Do you remember how it felt to travel even ten years ago? It’s was always such a huge deal. There was always a risk to get lost, get sick, feel gloomy (unless you haven’t pre-booked tons of overpriced and boring tours from an agency) or be extremely uncomfortable for several days or even weeks.

Nowadays it’s so much comfortable with the bunch of new travel gadgets for those who move a lot. And new cool devices are keep popping out every single day. So, not surprisingly, with the convenience of traveling grows the inconvenience of researching for the best travel gadgets that come handy on any trip. But I am about to save you 10-12 hours of Amazon crawling.

What are the best travel gadgets?

From universal charger, smart backpack and portable luggage scales to water test pen, mini-cinema, and Smartphone UV Sanitizer. There are dozens of travel gadgets from the most affordable to the most expensive that regardless of the price those will make your trip significantly more pleasant, safe and enjoyable. I’ve researched a lot of gizmos and came up with the top lists in the following categories:  Cheapest, Cheap, Best of the Best, Business travel gadgets, and even Travel gadgets for toddlers.

Here are the travel gadgets I liked the most:

The cheapest travel gadgets

Water quality test pen by Xiaomi


Even though IPOKI.com is not about news, we still love hard facts.

And figures (even not the most up to the date) are horrifying when we talk about water.

DId you know that more than 800,000 children under 5 years are dying from diarrhea each year. And in 88% of all cases the water quality is the cause.

Just think about it! Every year around 385,000 people in the world are being killed (as registered in 2016). It’s a shocking number, but it’s still way less than the number of deaths caused by undrinkable water.

Using this water quality test pen, you can detect three kinds of impurities: heavy-metal ions, soluble salts, and ionic organic compounds. Its advanced technology makes the pen highly accurate. And It’s a breeze to carry around. And to top it all, it’s super easy to use: press the button, and you got all the data you need.

So save yourself and your family while traveling and make sure you know exactly what you are drinking even when it’s bottled water.

Check the latest price here.

Universal Worldwide Charger

Imagine you are finally at your dream destination. You were thoroughly preparing for this trip, relentlessly researching stats and data of what to see, where to go, what to bring. You packed all the essential travel items. You even took the pack of patches this time. You arrived, checked in at your hotel or Airbnb and was about to charge your phone. When BOOM. Your phone’s charger doesn’t fit the socket. So you have to rush around the town, attempting to find the adapter. It’s getting late; it’s dark.

All the stores around are shutting down. Suddenly, your phone dies, so you don’t have access to GPS anymore… Finally, all sweaty and terrified, from the long hassling, you found the adaptor at the cozy bar, you were passing by. You asked the owner to lend it to you for 20 minutes, while you are enjoying your cold refreshing drink, resting your feet for a bit. But the owner, seeing your desperation, acts mean and wants to charge you an equivalent of $50 for this short term rental…  

If only you had this universal charger….

It’s small, weights around 120g, so you’ll carry it around easily.

Its rated voltage is from 110V to 250V, so it doesn’t matter where are you going (the U.K., the U.S.A., Australia) – it will work anyways.

It has USB charging ports – therefore you don’t have to carry around many chargers for all your devices. If those can be charged through USB one cable will be more than enough.

Check the latest price here.

Mini Telescope

Not all of us can boast the perfect eyesight. How many times did you catch yourself squinting to read the menu scribbled on the chalkboard when you were visiting an unfamiliar bar or coffee shop?

And visiting unfamiliar bars – that’s what we do when traveling.

This handy mini gadget will save you so much time. And you won’t ever have to be embarrassed while asking again and again what’s on the menu while making people queuing after you impatiently trampling.   

On top of it, you can benefit from this cool device while navigating across the town, spotting the names of the streets from a distance (with X10 zoom hell yeah!) and being able to find the right path. Ever been lost in a new town, wandering around for hours, exhausted and losing hope to find your way home? Forget about it. Users reported that they could see clearly at 3 – 4 miles.

Damn, this mini telescope is absolute travel must-have!

It weighs just about 60g, and it’s super small – less than 15 cm in length.  

 Check the latest price and more details here.

Portable Luggage Scales

Now that’s amongst the most useful travel gadgets that might save you TONS of money.

So many time I got a little overboard with my packing so ended up paying an extra fee (as much as $100 to some unfriendly airlines) for my suitcase being too heavy.

When a wise reshuffling of my items and moving a couple of books to my checked-in bag could have saved the day. If only I knew…

And how about shopping in the traditional farmers market? You traveled all the way, to, let’s say, Hanoi. And of course, you have to visit the local market, purchase some wild, hardly recognizable fruits and veggies. You’ve heard that vendors like to cheat the tourists by using some tricks with the scale. But this little guy will get you cover. Better safe than sorry.

It weighs anything from 10g to 50kg with an impressive measurement accuracy (just about ±10 g, when dealing with items from 10kg to 50kg). The measurements can be taken in grams, lb, oz, or kg. And it’s tiny: scale’s dimensions are 4.2 x 6.1 x 1.7 inches.

Check the latest price and more details here.

Waterproof Storage

Have you ever traveled to a country where you were feeling like you are bathing in the bowl of hot soup? As the air felt so warm and humid?

Then you know what it’s like when your clothing never gets to dry, no matter if it’s after handwashing it or after putting it on the hangers in your supposedly dry wardrobe.

I’ve been there, and currently, my worst nightmare is all my jeans and shirts were all smelly after the trip and contagiously dangerous for the clothes that were left back home. And it’s for a reason.

Several years ago half of my things were destroyed after a trip to Portugal. And another half had a similar destiny after I put some seemingly unaffected by the mold items with the rest of my things.

I tried to clean it. I washed it dozens of times. I brought it to a dry cleaning to fix things with chemicals.

It didn’t work. Most of my favorite things were ruined.

And still, as long as I travel to a humid place, I had this numb feeling that mold is taking over again. Can’t wish that even to the worst enemies.

An easy way out – keep your things dry. And this waterproof storage seems to be perfect for the challenge. It gets handy not only in places with high humidity but also during other types of wet trips: anything outdoorsy, boaty, kayaky, etc. It’s spacious (holds up to 40l, but the cheapest one is the smallest – 5l).  

Check the latest price and more details here.

Steel dinnerware travel set

This set is amongst our favorite travel accessories. Traveling feels uncomfortable sometimes.

You are alone in a foreign country. You got a food poisoning a couple of days ago after purchasing and eating local specialty from the street vendor. The seller didn’t look very clean, so you suspect that it might be happening.

But you are still hungry. Your stomach is rumbling. You have to eat something, but even the thought of going out and consuming risky local goodies makes you sick. So you slowly get up and investigate the insides of your fridge to see if you have anything “safe.”

So you go for scrambled eggs. You move quickly, driven by hunger. Five minutes later your little kitchen is wrapped in the clouds of appetizing smells. Your dish looks perfect on the plate. You are about to devour it. You reach out for the set of cutlery available at your rental apartment. But when you see it, you immediately remember that YouTube video about microbes and parasites you recently watched and the sickness kicks in again.

Wait. You’ve got this. You have this perfect stainless steel cutlery set you brought along on this trip. It’s a tiny reminder about your home, a piece of mind in recognizing that no unknown bacterias will access your body, a huge splash of comfort in a sometimes uncomfortable journey.

All items are sturdy and high quality, but light and compact.

Check the latest price and more reviews here.

Portable USB LED Lamp

It starts on the plane when you are reading that book that was on your list for months, and you never had time for it. But now you are on vacation. Perfect timing.

And just when the plot started to excite you, the captain switched off the light.

Of course, you can use that poor individual lightning. And you are trying. But it’s so dim that it almost hurts your eyes.

Same things happened when you arrived at the destination. It’s evening — night. There’s someone else in your bedroom: a kid, a spouse, the colleague. Or maybe you are at the hostel with 19 other people in the very same room. And they are all happily snoring in the dark.

But you want to read that book.

Well, with this portable lamp reading in the dark won’t be a challenge anymore.

The light works from any USB devices and will serve you up to 50,000 hours. It’s tiny; it’s bendable. It weighs only 30 grams — one of the travel must-haves in my opinion. Comes in a set of eight!

Check the latest price and more reviews here.

Portable Wifi Router


Mini gadget with EPIC advantages. We don’t have to explain that the internet is essential, right?

And guess what, in some countries they still use cables. So you can’t freely roam around with your mobile phone while watching that new documentary or catching up on correspondence while sipping freshly squeezed mango juice on your sea-view patio.

You have to be seated at the actual desk in an airless room.

Unless you brought this portable wifi router along. Connect it with the source of the internet through the USB port and enjoy your well-deserved freedom. The internet can be shared with as many devices as you want through the router. And it also goes with the 8 GB of data storage and enhances connection security thanks to the additional layer of encryption.  40g of pure internet joy.

Check the latest price and more reviews here.

Portable solar energy lamp

Do you like adventures? Then you probably very keen on exploring the paths that have not been beaten by the tourists and prefer to visit exciting but sometimes not quite urban places.

But you still enjoy occasional light during the evening or night, right? Otherwise, you won’t be able to be prepared to face the danger simply because you won’t see it.

And even if you are in the most modern city in the world, emergencies do happen. There’s nothing worse than occasional big city blackout.

Here’s a simple solution: lightweight (just slightly more than 200g) solar energy lamp. When fully charged it lasts for up to 6 hours. They are bright and pretty straightforward to use.

Check the latest price and more reviews here.

Ultra-slim pocket LED light


This little thing has completely blown my mind! Want to have instant access to the source of light wherever you are? Then this card is a solution.

Of course, some skeptics might say that you can use your cellphone as a torch, but the phone is heavier, way more valuable, has the tendency to run out of battery when you need it the most and less convenient to get it out to switch on that lightning app.

This card shaped light is tiny, weighs just 50g.

Fantastic mini gadget!

Check the latest price and more reviews here.

Folding pocket knives. Set of 3.

For most travelers exploring non-touristy areas is the must. Otherwise, how would you feel the real taste of a new country? How would you see it’s true colors?

However, visiting authentic places, whether it’s Brazilian favelas,  villas in Argentina or Panamanian ghetto – can be really dangerous. Even if you are not looking for troubles intentionally but just happened to pass by. Would you like to feel safe no matter what?

This little knife will provide you with a cushion of confidence in case of extreme situations.

It’s very sharp, not at all bulky and can fit any pocket and you will love the assurance of always having a knife on you to protect yourself on those who are important to you.

Great piece for your peace of mind.

Check the latest price and more reviews here.

Affordable travel essentials

Portable solar charger

Are you tired of cord and cables? Those are always crumbling apart and breaking. And sometimes even if they look like one whole piece, there might be something wrong with the contact. So it takes an eternity to adjust the connection and finally see that your phone is actually charging.

Do you want that to ruin your trip?

If the answer is no, then I suggest going wireless. Charge your phone fast without any problems. And be conscious of the planet.

Compatible with the most wireless charging phones including a wide range of Samsungs, iPhones, Nexus, GoPro and much more.

Check the latest price and more reviews here.

Anti Theft USB charging travel backpack

A lot being said about those. And we ran the whole research in an attempt to identify the best of smart backpacks. Check the results here.

But what we liked about this one is that it features anything you might need from that bag but also very affordable.

It’s ergonomic: S-type shoulder strap to reduce the tension + breathable cotton decompression pad. So even if your adventures will be exhausting, it won’t be because of your carry around luggage.

It’s spacious, it’s lightweight (about 600g) and it boasts with pre-built anti-theft and charging features of course.

It also looks cool.

Check the latest price and more reviews here.

Breathable travel pet carrier

Are you traveling with pets?

The trip can be stressful even for you. But your dog might suffer even more. The least you can do is to make sure that you are both as comfortable as possible and this sleek carrier is the way to go. It will be super easy to carry around before the flight, and it will fit under the seat in front of you, during the adventure. It’s made of breathable material, and airline approved.  And well this carrier is not only amongst you pet’s travel accessories, but you can also use it daily when you out with your pup.

Check the latest price and more reviews here.

Emergency raincoats: set of 6

I don’t know about you, but I tend to be caught in the rain much often while I am traveling.

Probably we are more accustomed to the weather patterns in a more familiar environment.

Therefore those little emergency raincoats will be a savior.  Those take much less space than even the smallest umbrella (the pack is about the size of a baseball) and, let’s face it, are way more efficient in keeping you and your belongings dry.  

Those come in “fits all” size in a compact storage that can be carried around on a keychain.

Check the current price for this travel must-have and more reviews here.

Ultrasonic mosquito repellent

Zika virus, malaria, dengue and the whole bouquet of other diseases the mosquitoes are distributing. And even though most of the people don’t give it serious thought in those cases better be safe than sorry.

When traveling, we are all exposed to a new set of environmental factors including bacterias and viruses. Therefore our bodies immune system are working double shifts to keep us safe. So, it’s worth considering to give it some help and bring along the secure protection from an extra dose of viruses that are spread by local insects.

This device is an easy way to get rid of flies, mosquitos, termites, mouses, spiders and other potential unfriendly roomies. It doesn’t kill local fauna but just drives it away. The device is straightforward to use: plug and press the “on” button. And it covers up to 2200 sq ft.  It’s very compact (5 x 2.6 x 2.3 inches) and weighs less than 100g, so it will be a breeze to take on any trip.

Check the latest price of your strong infectious bite protector and more reviews here.

Best travel gadgets

Amongst gadgets in this category are:

  • Smart backpack
  • Unbreakable waterproof speaker
  • The lightest travel steamer
  • Universal Smartphone/GoPro camera grip
  • 14 languages translator and more. Now let’s get into deeper details.

Extra large smart backpack

Let’s try by starting to identify some dead serious reasons why you might need a smart backpack. How about your safety?

It’s hard to evaluate the overall global statistic for kidnapped and missing tourists. Some of the accidents were not reported, and the number of traveler’s passports is continually growing. But some refreshing stats still can be uncovered.

According to the study The Global Slavery Index concluded in 2014  it was estimated that there were nearly 36 million victims of human trafficking worldwide.

And you, probably, think to yourself: “well, that will never happen to me! They probably weren’t careful enough and went to the most dangerous places!”

But guess what, even visitors of Yosemite and Grand Canyon are missing. Over 1000 of Americans have been disappearing in those parks since 1916.

And we think that smart backpack can significantly decrease the risk of that happening to you.

Let’s say you’ve lost in part with all the trees and no cellular connection. And by the time you’ll be able to get to a forest-free spot you phone had died already.

If you have the smart backpack, however, that problem can easily be fixed. You’ll be able to charge your phone and let someone know about your coordinates and get some help.   

This one was an absolute winner of our research on the best smart backpacks, so I just couldn’t keep it out of the best travel gadgets review.  

As the heavy users mentioned it this smart backpack is brilliant. Whatever you are up to – a cross-country hitchhiking or excessive plane hopping this guy will work perfectly and will be still looking brand new.

You will never run low on the space, no matter how many things you’ll cram inside (including the laptop up to 17 inches). And even fully loaded you’ll never feel burdened. Those designers really care about people and thought through the ergonomics of this backpack strategically.

Airport checkpoint friendly, water resistant, has a bonus of external USB charging port and the headphone jack for listening to your favorite podcast (or music) on the go and hands-free.  It weighs 2.3 pounds, and it’s dimensions are 14.96*10.4*19.49Inches.

Check the latest price for this fantastic guy and more reviews here.

The lightest travel steamer

It feels good to look fresh and neat. Gives you the boost of confidence, isn’t it?

But stop for a second and think how would your favorite t-shirt look like after being stuffed in the tight suitcase for hours.

So it’s your first glimpse of a new city. But the only thing you have to wear is that heavily wrinkled shirt – of course maybe you are in luck and there’s a great iron at your accommodation.

But what if the iron is just not great, or there’s no iron at all?

And who on earth enjoys ironing anyways? We’ve run the whole research in an attempt to figure out the best travel steamer here.  

But the simple and easy way out is this super light steamer, designed with the traveler in mind.

Steaming is way funnier than ironing – you spent much less time and achieving better results in keeping your clothes wrinkleless.

And the added benefit of it is the sterilization of your belongings: steam’s high temperature can kill a full range of harmful bacteria. With the weight of ~600g and the size of 8.8 x 7.6 x 3.6 inches, super fast 60 seconds heating speed, and the unbeatable price we think it’s one of the best traveling accessories.

Check the steamer’s latest price and more reviews here.

Universal Smartphone/GoPro camera grip

If you ever dreamt about becoming Hunter S. Thompson or Truman Capote in our digital era this set is a great way to get started and actually producing the content of reasonably decent quality (good enough to scratch its way on Netflix in “independent movies” section).

The very least what you’ll be capable of doing with it – is to wow all your Instagram subscribers (and let’s be honest, it feels good sometimes) and bring back home breathtaking memories from your trip.

No complicated setups, no “your connection is lost,” no astronomical prices: this universal solution will help you to capture the very best action shorts and footage.

This is out of the box solution compatible with a bunch of action cameras (GoPros and alike) and smartphones .

Check the latest price and more reviews here.

Unbreakable waterproof speaker

Most of us love music. The favorite tunes can enhance our experiences, making us happier (or more melancholic, depending on the song).  

And any music lover will appreciate the luxury of a quality portable sound even in the most hardcore traveling conditions.

And that’s what this speaker is all about. Its powerful battery ensures that you can enjoy your music for up to 24 hours (!). It’s practically unbreakable and waterproof since made of silicone material (Check this video that captured some experiments to test those qualities. And the sound quality is off the charts. It also comes with an aux cord so if you still nostalgic about the music buried in your iPod you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Its weight is 1.4lb and dimensions are 6.7 x 2.7 x 2.6 inches.

Amazing traveling companion.

Check the latest price and more reviews here.

Smartphone UV Sanitizer

unique gifts for men-100-3

Where is your phone right now? Maybe you even reading this while holding it in your hands. The point is that our phone is always around. And those devices are exposed to all form of contacts and a huge number of microbes and bacterias.

But how often can we really “WASH” it? Well, finally there’s a brilliant solution to this pickle. This UV sanitizer kills 99.99% of all the germs, and it works not only for your phone but for anything you can fit inside (like your keys or credit cards).  We’ve already covered it in our epic guide gadgets for men, but we believe that we believe that it’s’ one of the best travel gadgets that you simply have to bring along to keep yourself safe from exotic diseases.

Check the current price and more reviews here.

14 languages translator powered by artificial Intelligence from Xiaomi


Have you ever thought how cool would it be to swallow that NZT  (like Bradley Cooper’s character in Limitless) and quickly learn anything you ever wanted? Chinese maybe?

And even though this travel gadget is not a magic pill, it works even better and with zero side effects. This tiny (63g) device is brilliant. Some might think of course, that 14 languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish and Danish) are not that many, but that amount of data gets you covered in 170 countries. And this is far more than any ordinary person will visit anyways.

On top of translating functions, you can use the device to check the news, listen to music and much more.

The fully charged battery lasts for seven days in the standby mode or 8 hours of continuous use.

Check the current price and more reviews here.

Travel dual voltage foldable kettle  

As straightforward as it is this useful gadget is your help when you need to boil some water.

It’s hard to imagine the hotel room or short-term rental without a kettle, but it still happens, when you are expecting it less.

And rather than suffer from an inability to prepare a hot beverage (or bowl of instant ramen) better be prepared. After all, it’s just 6.4*4.3inches. And its dual voltage, so wherever you go, you’ll always be able to enjoy your hot cup of cocoa or any other drink that reminds you about home. And it’s foldable. So, the packing will be a breeze.

Check the current price and more reviews here.  

Business travel gadgets

Amongst gadgets in this category are:

  • travel safe
  • portable espresso machine
  • travel power strip
  • smart Wi-Fi mini projector and more. Let’s jump into deeper details.

Portable travel safe Master Lock 5900D

Whether you are traveling as a backpacker, staying in the cheapest hostels or prefer to check in in the most expensive hotels, things like thefts are still happening.

And even your hotel was prepaid how would you feel if unknown intruder robbed your Hilton’s suite clean? You have no cash, no ID, no credit cards.

Nothing can guarantee absolute security. But chances that you’ll be fine are much higher with this travel safe. It’s thin, sturdy, padded, easy to carry around, but at the same time looks very low key. The thief won’t be even sure that this safe is what he’s looking for.

And it’s water resistant, in case you were wondering. The verdict: one of the best travel accessories.

Check the latest price and more review here.

Portable Espresso Maker Nanopresso by WACACO

This little coffee machine is another IPOKI.com favorite amongst business travel gadgets.

You probably have your way to make your coffee, right?

And it seems almost impossible always have the daily morning energy boosting magically smelling cup of coffee YOUR way when on the road.  

How many times did it happen when you woke up someplace else and had to charge yourself for the day with the instant coffee slip slop? Yikes.

But the problem is solved now. This coffee machine doesn’t need electricity, but yet more powerful than the most home espresso machines. It’s super small – just 6.14 inches long and weighs slightly more than 300g. Making your perfect espresso (even better than some of the best baristas can offer, because they don’t know how YOU like it) anywhere you are, isn’t it convenient?

It super easy to clean and it works with all varieties of ground beans. Just add the boiling water and then pump manually. You are always only 5 minutes away from the perfect cup of hot freshly brewed coffee. Just the way you like it.

Check the latest price and more reviews here.

Travel Power Strip

If you travel a ton, you’ve experienced the struggle of finding the appropriately located outlet in your temporary home. With me, it happens all the time. And sometimes I want all of my gadgets – Bluetooth speaker, wireless headphone, my iPhone (and sometimes two, depending on my destination) and my MacBook – be within the reach and charging.

With this power strip, you no longer need to spend time wondering what should you sacrifice – the night light or the TV set – to get yourself a spare socket. Not talking about the situation when you only have one voltage adapter …  Forget about it – now you will always have enough outlets to charge anything you want simultaneously. Along with the sockets, the power strip comes with 3 USB Ports, and you can never have enough of those, right?

Another amongst travel must-haves, it’s not super bulky or super heavy (only 360g).

Check the latest price and more reviews here.

Nebula Capsule smart Wi-Fi mini projector by Anker

When you are thinking of business travel gadgets you imagine things that will enhance your trip experience by 100% at the very least, isn’t it?

Well, Nebula Capsule does precisely that. It brings the comfort of a top-notch private movie theater wherever you go. It streams video from your phone or computer through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection and creates a picture up to 100 inches of remarkable quality.

And since it comes with its software (Android 7.1) you can also use it as a smart TV on its own – no need to connect it to other devices.

It works up to 4 hours from the battery. And it’s super small: 2.7 x 2.7 x 4.7 inches and just 1.04 pounds.

Your trip just got posh.

Check the current price and more reviews here.

Portable 15’’ DVD player

This travel gadget is a real lifesaver when we are talking about any continuous journey. How boring can it get during transatlantic flight or super long train trip?

In-cabin selection of movies sometimes is less than impressive. And in some extreme cases, there’s no onboard entertainment at all.

So the only thing you are destined to enjoy within the next 11 hours is the loud and quite annoying screaming of a toddler in the front row.

If it’s not your cup of tea here’s an idea: this portable DVD player (also plays content from the thumb drive and CD cards). Its small enough (15.2’’ x 9.8’’ x 1.9’’ and 5.5lb) to be carried around anywhere, but it’s big enough to enjoy the crystal clear picture is crystal clear and fantastic sound.

Check the current price and more reviews here.  

Travel gadgets for toddlers

Amongst our favorite handy gadgets when traveling with toddlers are portable USB blender, great items for in-cabin entertainment, including cute fluffy Bluetooth earphones, very affordable shockproof digital camera and more. Let’s jump into detailed reviews.

Portable USB rechargeable blender

If you are traveling with the baby, there are so many things to consider. But food is probably one of the most important ones. Your toddler has to eat. And sometimes it’s hard to arrange when you are on the go and especially in places like airports, planes or rural ruins that you were dying to see so many years. This blender can be an excellent solution to your problems.

It might be small  (1.3 lb, 3.2×3.2×10.2 inches) but it’s powerful enough to blend anything you might need for your kid (or yourself) – fruits, veggies, seeds – all ready in only 20 seconds.

It’s rechargeable. And if you in a rush discovering that the battery is low, you can use it even while charging. Although many users reported that it lasts forever – plug it in once per week and you are set even with the daily smoothie consumption.

On top of it, it’s easy to clean. You might even want to use it instead of your bulky blender back at home, as its always such a pain to disassemble and wash it properly.

All in all – it’s a great gadget. It will get you covered while traveling with toddlers (or any smoothie fan).

Check the latest price and more reviews here.  

Kids pokemon headphones

This toddlers’ gadget comes in a variety of types and shapes. We’ve picked the one that has the best balance of cuteness, price, and quality. The headphones are the great traveling companion for any kid. And always fit and stay in place, even when lying down (can also be used as the sleeping mask by the way!).

The band is comfortable and very soft. You can adjust it easily, so this gadget will serve you for many years to come, even when your toddler will turn into an adult.

A great little gem.

Check the latest price and more reviews here.

Electronic Writing Tablet by Bekur

Next on the list of the useful gadgets for traveling with toddlers is this LCD writing tablet.

We’d say it does the distracting trick if your child loves to draw. A toddler can doddle whatever he wants expressing his or her creativity like it would be doing with the standard notepad.

But after work is done everything can be erased with the press of a button. Magic.

(Of course, best works can be photographed!).  This gadget is lightweight (about 120g) and small (9 x 6 x 0.3 inches). And it comes in several shades.

Check the latest price and the more reviews here.

Stroller Fan by Cool On The Go

Even when it’s only adults who are traveling climate accommodation can be tough. And, if we are talking extremes, unbearable sometimes.

Too hot, too cold, too humid, too windy – even your body might take time out to get used to it.

So you have to take good care of your toddler in the weather regards when planning your trip. Otherwise, there’s a risk that the only thing you’ll be preoccupied is his whimpers.

If your next scheduled trip is to someplace hot, consider taking this stroller fan for the piece of your mind. It’s the most effortless way to keep your baby satisfied even in the most stuffy or hottest places.

It’s lightweight  (1.1 pounds) and provides the kid with soothing, steady airflow from 5 hours on high and up to 8 hours on the low setting.

Check the current price and more reviews here.  

Shockproof digital camera for kids

Does your toddler enjoy photography and enjoys watching the slides from family gatherings or overseas trips? Then here you go – a perfect travel item for him – this shockproof colorful mini camera (comes in various shades).

Even though it’s very inexpensive and look more like a toy rather than a serious gadget, it boasts with pretty impressive features, like 1080P video resolution and 8 MP image resolution and it weighs just around 100g. + You’ll get free 16GB Memory Card with your purchase. That should be enough to store all the shots from at least a couple of trips.

Hey, who remember the times when 0.5 MP phone camera considered to be a technological miracle? Or it’s just me being a dinosaur?

Your toddler will appreciate how easy it is to use the camera and dedicate hours to working on his version of Planet Earth. Well, as long as it boosts his creativity, inexpensive and hard to break we strongly suggest you to consider taking this mini gadget to the next trip.

Check the price for toddler’s first improvised directing class here.

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