Unexpected Ways to Use Your AirTags: Bags, Pets, Tech, etc

Apple first introduced AirTags in 2021. Yet, tracking devices are not new and are widely used in different industries and for different purposes. What makes AirTags unique and helpful is their compatibility with your device, wide range of cover, and avoidance of unwanted tracking by unrecognized trackers. As a result, it’s easily the best way to feel confident you will never lose anything.

Such tech like AirTags is a real game changer for everyone these days. It’s hard to keep an eye on all of your possessions when you do a lot of tasks. Therefore, you can count on AirTags to secure all the things you need to keep under control.

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How Can AirTags Help You?

Many people feel unsure whether they need to overload their space with gadgets. Why would you need another AirTag if you have perfect control over your possessions without tracking technology? The simple answer is to prevent any unforeseen situation where it can save you a ton of time searching for lost headphones or a bike. A more eloquent way to use it includes smart reminders to take your meds and find a med kit without panicking. 

Besides making it easier to find a lost item, you can make it easier for others to return them to you. Of course, we’re not talking about deliberately stolen things like bikes. Then no one will care to check the info or if you had an AirTag. You can explore all functionality of notifications and other accessibility tools to improve your quality of life. After all, if it’s no use for you, it can be a perfect present for kids and elders. 

VR headset

Some technology is straight out of sci-fi stories, and you might want to keep track of them. VR headsets might be a must-have for you if you study tech or medicine, where it proved to be efficient. It allows you to participate and practice in virtual classrooms and labs without moving to campus. To ensure they are safe and sound in your dorm room and you haven’t forgotten them at university, attack your AirTag to set straps and never lose them again.

You might argue that it is hard to forget such a bulky device anywhere. Yet, VR headsets are as easy to forget somewhere as your umbrella or favorite laptop mouse. The difference is that finding an affordable substitute for a good headset is harder. 


Your headphones are essential to focus on studying or use during your breaks. Unfortunately, regardless of the type of headphones you use, whether noise canceling, classic or wireless headphones, they are notorious for being lost easily. AirTag doesn’t impact the quality of the sound or overall headphones’ health. Instead, it ensures you know where you left them the last time you put them away.

Medicine Box

Having to follow a strict treatment plan can be cumbersome. Especially if you deal with medicine that helps your brain to function, you cannot afford the luxury of forgetting it. Yet, having an AirTag attached to a medical box can help you always to know where it is and thus avoid skipping any medicine. It’s also a perfect way to care for your parents, partner, or friends to help them to remember to take their meds on time. 

Your Car

Many people experience anxiety in big lots or underground parking. Avoid feeling uneasy by leaving your AirTag in your car or on your bike to always find it easily. Pinning the location can work like a charm to prevent your car or bike from being stolen, and it will send you an update as soon as the vehicle starts moving. 

Your Pet’s Collar 

If you have a pet, you know it is hard to find them when they escape a house. About 6.3M pets end up in shelters per year. The world is big, and your pet might want to explore everything they can reach. Yet, it’s not helpful to worry about them and their well-being. Putting an AirTag in your car or dog collar can save you time and money looking for them.

It can also help to return them to you with all your contact information set in the AirTag. Unfortunately, returning your pet home was never as easy as with tracker technology.


When traveling or commuting a lot, you must keep an eye on your bag or backpack. The same goes with your luggage and other things you move across the town or country. Attaching a tracker in your internal bag pocket can ensure that you can easily contact authorities to retrieve it if it is stolen. At the same time, you can use AirTag in your wallet and other valuable possessions to be sure they are still with you.


Nearly 220,000 bags were “mishandled” by U.S. airlines in April 2022 (compared to 94,000 year earlier). Having the means to track your luggage is gold when you’re traveling. When you’ve spent good money on a quality suitcase, you wouldn’t want to just give it up. Or just think about the catastrophe if all your clothes and toiletries get lost when you get to a foreign country. There might be numerous issues because you don’t know the language or where to even go about your lost things. If you stuff an AirTag inside your bag, you can easily track it and always know its location.


Tracking your package can serve several purposes. For example, you might want to track the pack to be sure it won’t be lost by delivery services, or you can use it to know when the pack reaches your friends to create a surprise moment for them. Yet, be aware that you might not get important updates if you send a package to rural areas with poor Internet coverage. 

The Bottom Line

If a technology that can ease your life exists, you should use it to your full advantage. Don’t be shy to experiment and explore all functionalities of such gadgets. After all, they are designed for your convenience and needs. 

This article is written by Vivianne Bell. 

Vivian is an academic writer with WritePaper who’s also involved in website content creation. She is an expert in content writing and analytics.

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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