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Looking for ways to increase the exposure of your product in the tech community? Experimenting with different strategies to grow your blog?

You’ve come to the right place. 

Ipoki.com, a blog about gadgets and games for all the geeks out there, is now accepting guest posts. 

We are happy to collaborate with anyone passionate about tech and writing well-structured and thoroughly researched content. 

write for us technology blog

So do you want to contribute to a technology blog?  

Check the guest post FAQ below first. 

What topics can I pitch? 

It can be anything gadgets and technology-related. New mind-blowing product launch, epic games or apps, tech news, cool gadgets lists, your favorite smartphones, and devices for making a home smart, whatever. 

Will I get a link? 

It’s possible only upon discussing where exactly you want us to link. We are very picky about it. 

How long should be my guest post? 

It depends on the topic you’ll submit. Some require more information to be covered. The final word count can be anything from 700 to 3000 words. 

Do I need to submit pictures along with the text? 

No, we’ll take care of it. Unless you are a product owner and WANT us to publish your pictures.

What are the main requirements for the guest post text? 

It has to be well-research, easy, and fun to read, and 100% original. 

Is it free? 

We charge a small editorial fee, depending on the length of the content our team has to work with (research the outline, edit, source the pictures and format for publishing). Reach out for the details. 

How to submit my guest post idea?

First, you’ll have to shot us an email at i n f o @ i p o k i . c o m with the subject line guest post submission.”

In this email, please introduce yourself and submit a guest post ideas (2-3 short pitches will be enough) along with the info about the blog or product you represent. 

Alternatively, use the form below to reach out:

 And what will happen next? 

We’ll get back to you usually within 48 hours. If your topic was accepted, our editor would create an outline for your future article. And after then you can start writing. The final draft will be edited and published by our team.