How to Get Rid of the Horizontal Lines on Your Samsung TV Screen?

Are you surprised at the sudden appearance of horizontal lines on your Samsung TV? Don’t be. It’s a common problem that many Samsung Smart TV owners deal with. Samsung TV horizontal lines typically appear as dark or colored lines. In very rare instances, these lines indicate that the TV’s display is suffering from the “black screen of death”.

However, in most cases, horizontal lines on Samsung TVs can be fixed at home by applying some smart troubleshooting techniques. In this article, I’ll share these techniques. Apply them one by one to eliminate the thin black horizontal lines on your TV screen. Before that, let’s try to understand why these lines appear on Samsung TV screens. 

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Types of Horizontal Lines that can occur on Samsung Smart TV

Horizontal lines on can be more than just annoying; they can be indicative of underlying issues. It’s important to diagnose the problem to understand the ways to fix horizontal lines on your TV. Here’s a look at different types of lines that can appear:

  1. Single Black Line: This might be a sign of a damaged ribbon cable or a problem with the LCD panel itself.
  2. Flickering Horizontal Lines: Often caused by an issue with the HDMI cable or the T-con board, flickering lines can appear intermittently.
  3. Vertical Lines: Although not horizontal, vertical lines on Samsung TVs might occur alongside horizontal ones, often due to problems with the T-con board or LCD panel.

Understanding the causes of horizontal lines will help you identify the best approach to fix Samsung TV horizontal lines.

What Causes Horizontal Lines on Samsung TV Screen?

When it comes to premium-quality displays, nobody does it better than Samsung. Just look at how the display quality of Samsung TVs has improved over the years:

YearTechnologyPicture Quality
2010LED, LFD (Large Format Display)Samsung launched LED LFDs that consume much less electricity, are much slimmer in design than LCD screens, and provide highly-refined, 720P image quality.
2012Full HDThe world’s first 1080i Full HD screen with 20x optical zoom. Full HD screens were also much slimmer than their predecessors.
2014UHDSamsung introduces UHD (Ultra High Definition) technology to the world. These curved UHD screens offer 4 times higher resolution.
2018QLEDQuantum-dot LED technology is adopted and refined by Samsung. Two years later, the company launches Neo QLED screens with Intelligent Visual Expression and Adaptive Display.
2022QD-OLEDQD-OLED technology combines the best of OLED technology and quantum dot screens to produce the finest picture quality ever delivered by Samsung TVs.

All of these are prone to horizontal lines issue. Users with ten, five, or even one-year-old Samsung TVs have complained about the same issue. So, what do the thin black horizontal lines on your TV screen indicate? They can be indicative of a lot of internal issues, including loose input cables, physical damage to the screen, or graphics failure.

Here’s a list of all the internal issues that could lead to the appearance of horizontal lines on your Samsung TV:

  • Damaged Panel: If the internal components of your TV screen panel (e.g., the gate drivers) are damaged, lines may appear on the screen.
  • Loose or Broken Cables: If the input cables connecting your Smart TV and the Smart Hub may be loose or broken.
  • Resolution Issues: If the sizes of the images you’re seeing on your screen are different from your TV’s resolution settings, this display error may occur.
  • Outdated Firmware: Smart TVs that haven’t been updated for long periods may have outdated graphic drivers that trigger this display issue.

How to Fix the Horizontal Lines on My TV Screen?

Which of the reasons mentioned above is causing the appearance of Samsung TV horizontal lines on your screen? To answer this question, you should verify whether these lines are fixed or moving. Why? Because if the lines on your screen are fixed and permanent, then your screen’s panel is probably damaged.

If that is the case with your screen, then fixing or replacing the panel is the best solution. Screen panel failure is typically caused by physical damage, water damage, or due to failed internal drivers. Either way, we can’t fix such issues at home. Visit a nearby Samsung Service Center to have your screen replaced.

But, if the lines are not fixed, permanent, and moving or flickering, then the issue may be fixable. Such shaky, temporary lines typically appear on TV screens because of loose HDMI or DVD cables. To confirm this, unplug and then re-plug tall cables tightly to both your TV and the Smart hub. Is the horizontal line still there? If yes, move on to the following solutions.

Power Cycle Your TV

If horizontal lines appear on your screen, try this simple method first:

  1. Unplug Your TV: Remove the power cable and any surge protector connected to your TV.
  2. Press the Power Button: Hold it for about 15 seconds.
  3. Wait for an Extended Period of Time: Leave the TV unplugged for a few minutes.
  4. Plug the TV Back In: Power it back on to see if the problem is resolved.

A simple power cycle might fix the issue without needing to delve further.

Perform a Picture Test

All Samsung Smart TVs manufactured between 2018-2021 have a built-in, self-diagnosis feature called “picture test.” If your TV possesses this capability, you can use it to identify and troubleshoot all types of display-related problems, including horizontal black lines. To activate this feature, take the following steps:

  • Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote
  • Open the Smart Hub menu
  • Select Settings
  • Enter the tab titled “Support”
  • Select the option titled “Device Care”
  • Wait for the device to perform a Quick Scan (2 to 3 minutes)
  • Once the scan is complete, Select the option titled “Self-Diagnosis” (check the bottom of the screen)
  • Select the option titled “Picture Test”
  • Select OK to confirm the decision

Check if the error persists. If you get stuck on any of these steps, I recommend you check out this video for additional guidance:

Reconnect Your Input Cables

Sometimes, the cables can cause horizontal lines to appear. Here’s how to reconnect them properly:

  1. Check HDMI Cable: Ensure that your HDMI cable is properly connected to your TV. If it’s loose, it can lead to horizontal lines on screen.
  2. Try a New Cable: If reconnecting doesn’t help, try a new HDMI cable.
  3. Inspect the T-Con and Ribbon Cables: If you’re comfortable opening the back panel (be warned, it may void your warranty), you can check these cables inside the TV as well.

Reset Your Smart TV Picture Settings

If the above methods don’t resolve the issue, you might need to reset your Smart TV picture settings:

  1. Go to Settings: Access the settings menu on your TV.
  2. Find the Picture Settings: Navigate to the section that controls your screen’s appearance.
  3. Choose Factory Reset: This will return all settings to their original configuration.
  4. Check for Firmware Updates: Sometimes, an outdated firmware version can cause horizontal lines. Update if necessary.

Update Your Samsung TV’s Firmware

Updating your TV’s firmware can help eliminate bugs and the horizontal lines on your screen. To update your Samsung TV’s firmware, take the following steps:

  • Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote
  • Open the Smart Hub menu
  • Select Settings
  • Enter the tab titled “Support”
  • Select “Software Update”
  • Select Update Now

Wait for the updated files to download. Once the downloads are complete, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Then, check if the horizontal lines are still there.

In case your smart TV does not have an active Internet connection, check out the following video on how to update Samsung TVs using USB drives: 

You’ll need a PC with a working Internet connection and a USB drive to complete this step.

Final Solution: Factory Reset

Even though I’m going to instruct you on how to factory reset your Samsung Smart TV, I don’t recommend trying out this step. Have your screen or the graphics driver inspected by certified TV repair technicians before you perform a factory reset:

  • Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote
  • Open the Smart Hub menu
  • Select Settings
  • Select “General” 
  • Select Reset and enter the reset pin ( is the default reset Pin)

Confirm your decision and then follow the on-screen instructions to finish the reset. Hopefully, the horizontal lines on your Samsung TV screen will disappear long before you reset your TV.

Contact Samsung Support

If you’ve tried everything else and the tv horizontal lines on screen still persist, it might be time to consult the experts. Especially if the lines across the screen are affecting the viewing experience, or if you’ve recently purchased a new TV that is still under warranty, it’s best to contact Samsung support. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Gather Information: Make sure to have your TV model number, purchase date, and any details regarding the screen problem ready.
  2. Don’t Remove the Back Panel: Trying to fix this issue yourself by opening the side of the TV or removing the back panel of your Samsung TV will void its warranty, potentially causing more damage to your TV.
  3. Try Contacting Samsung Support: Use their website or helpline to get in touch. Explain the problem clearly, including details of the lines and any methods you’ve tried to make the lines gone.
  4. Consider Returning Your TV: If the issue persists, and you’ve recently purchased the television, you may want to explore returning your TV for a replacement or repair.

It’s worth noting that attempting to fix this issue without professional guidance could lead to further damage to your TV, and it’s always best to consult Samsung support before taking any drastic action.

Bottom Line

Fixing horizontal lines on a Samsung TV screen can range from simple troubleshooting to contacting professional support. These methods aim to resolve the screen problem without causing further damage to your TV. Always remember, if the problem continues, especially if the lines across the screen are persistent or the TV is still under warranty, it’s best to contact Samsung support. They have the expertise to diagnose and remedy the issue, and trying to do so yourself could void the warranty of your new TV or even cause further damage. So, take caution, follow these methods, and enjoy a clear and uninterrupted viewing experience!

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