How to Activate & Use Samsung Find My Phone Feature?

find my samsung

Are you receiving the same “Samsung find my phone” notification on your phone every other day for no reason? Join the long list of frustrated Samsung smartphone owners who’ve been complaining about this notification for a long time. In this article, I’ll tell you how to disable the “find my Samsung” notification for good. Before … Read more

How To Unlock Android Auto Without Root? 

We spend a lot of time in our cars these days. With the advancement of technology, it was only a matter of time before our smartphones met our vehicles in some capacity. This is where systems like Android Auto come into the picture. Android Auto is such a great innovation in keeping our eyes on … Read more

How to Start Android Auto Without Unlocking the Phone? 

“Every time I try to select Android Auto on my car’s head unit, I have to unlock it first.” “Can Android Auto be available directly, without any lock-screen, after connecting my phone to my car’s USB port?” “Can I start android auto without unlocking the phone?”  Many Android Auto users have discussed these problems on … Read more

Can You Use Android Auto Without Data? 

android auto offline maps and data usage: will android auto work without internet

With the war on distracted driving came many different innovations to keep drivers’ eyes and hands focused and away from their smartphones. Over 3,000 people died in 2019 due to distracted driving, which shows how serious a problem this is. This is why it is not surprising that hands-free technology like Apple CarPlay and Android … Read more

How To Mirror Android Auto Without Root?

Android Auto is a fantastic application for keeping drivers focused on the road. It’s hard to find anything to hate with the app because it is excellent support against distracted driving, which takes thousands of lives every year. It helps keep drivers looking at the road and not at their phones. However, for obvious safety … Read more

How To Stop Android Auto From Turning On Bluetooth?

For those of us who drive around a lot, it’s hard to remember a time without Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, which is weird, considering they haven’t been around for more than a decade. Regardless, they make life so much easier by having us keep our hands off our phones and on the steering wheel … Read more

How To Make Android Auto Full Screen?

Our smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, whether you’re sitting on the toilet or lying in bed. It’s hard to think of a time of day when you don’t need your smartphone somewhere nearby. That includes while driving! That’s why it’s not surprising that Google made it a priority to develop … Read more

How To Use Android Auto Without Charging The Phone?

Android Auto is a great app that makes it safe to use your phone while driving. It helps to display your phone’s system on your car’s infotainment system, allowing you to play music, check messages, navigate, and much more. There is even an option to use Google Assistant to minimize distractions.  Initially, you had to … Read more

Why Android Auto Keeps Disconnecting?

When you’re heading to work, going out for a night on the town, or driving on a long road trip, software like Android Auto makes things many times more enjoyable, but it also makes things safer. Drivers don’t need to turn to their phones when a notification comes in since Google Assistant will simply read … Read more

How to Stop Automatic Downloads on Chrome Android?

Do you know that your computer can get malware through downloads? Sometimes a file will download automatically when you open a website through Chrome. This can be problematic, especially if you visit an unsafe website. So, it is advisable to disable these automatic downloads on your browser. I will show you how to stop automatic … Read more

How to Delete Certain Emojis on Android?

The emoji is one thing that has revolutionized how we communicate with one another. It seemed that we knew them as smileys up to a certain time, but the word emoji somehow managed to usurp that place and become the standard term. Here’s a fun fact, despite the fact it seems like emoji derives from … Read more

Best Pop-up Blocker for Android (+ Easy Way to Fix Redirects)

If you’re on this page, then one thing is sure; you are tired of pop-up ads showing up on your phone when browsing the web with your android phone. And that’s for a reason. As those are not only distracting, but they also slow down your phone’s page load speed and almost impossible to close. … Read more

11 Android Auto Known Issues and How to Fix Them

android auto crashing

Ever since the advent of the cellphone, distracted driving has become a thing. Drivers who get preoccupied with their mobile phones are a major cause of death for other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. In the United States in 2018, 2,841 individuals were killed in crashes by distracted drivers.   Luckily, tech companies are continually striving to … Read more

7 Best Editing Apps for Android

Photoshop – the premium image processing and editing tool from Adobe was considered to be the ideal tool for editing photos. However, the surge in the use of smartphone and tablets over personal computers for personal and business use has helped in shifting the momentum towards the mobile editing apps. These apps are capable of … Read more