Top 10 OSU Skins to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

good osu skins

Scouring the Internet for the best OSU skins? You’re not alone. This click-and-drag music game was released way back in 2007. But, to this day, OSU has a super-strong fan base that only keeps growing in size. All four different modes of OSU are free-to-play. These modes challenge players to test their reflexes. The game … Read more

How To Stop Apps From Opening On Startup of Your Mac?

mac apps on startup

The developer preconfigures some macOS programs to run from the very start of the operating system. Undoubtedly, some of them are very useful, such as antivirus. However, many other programs run automatically but are rarely used in reality.  As the list of login items rises over time, your Mac’s system startup time may get slower. … Read more

8 Reasons Mac Is the Best Computer for Studying

The key to a successful academic year is good preparation and the right selection of tools. It is almost impossible to do anything without gadgets nowadays. Even professions that don’t require working with any kind of device may need a computer in case of an abrupt transition to remote work. Luckily, nowadays, we can enjoy … Read more

What Gadgets Can a Student Use to Read E-Books?

Students like experimenting with technology to see what they may discover or gain from it. Various textbook formats, picture books, periodicals, and other publications may be read on an e-reader. A student forms the habit of reading when exposed to hundreds of reading resources and is eager to explore them. As a result, their performance … Read more

Can Alexa Use WhatsApp for Video Calls or Messages?

WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging app, with an estimated 2 billion active users every month. That’s an incredible number, which could be thought of as about every one in four people on the planet using this application at least once each month. WhatsApp is just one side of the convenient technology spectrum. You also … Read more

How To Install Android Auto On Android Head Unit?

Our smartphones go almost everywhere with us, and they can be connected to our televisions, computers, and other household gadgets. That’s why it is no surprise that you can connect your smartphone to your car using platforms like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Considering that in the global market, Android has an estimated 86.2% of … Read more

Can Alexa Get Angry?

Alexa, what happens when you get angry? If you ask your Alexa this question, she’ll respond rationally. She’ll probably explain why it’s important for people to control their anger. But she won’t actually get made. But can Alexa get angry? Can you possibly do anything to make this AI assistant rage with anger? Let’s explore. … Read more

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Tech Products in 2022

A recent study found that only 26% of people purchase sustainability-driven brands, even though  65% said they would like to buy from such businesses. Yet, the world is definitely waking up to the urgency of the climate crisis, which means we can expect to see a surge in demand for eco-friendly tech products in the … Read more

AI Video Makers: Taking Gadgets to the Next Level

AI has been the ‘next hot topic’ for decades at this point. Yet it’s only in the last few years we’ve really seen a boom in the AI and AR (augmented reality) spaces. From chasing Pikachu on Pokemon Go to planning your new home layout virtually, AI isn’t just a powerful tool and a great … Read more

Can Alexa Use Airplay? How To Use It? 

AirPlay is the extremely popular wireless media sharing protocol developed by Apple Inc. It is one of the easiest ways to send content from you to another person or from your Apple devices to other compatible gadgets. Considering that nearly 120 million iPhone users are estimated to be in the United States, a lot of … Read more

Can You Use Fire Stick Without Prime? What Can You Watch Then?

If you’re one of the world’s tech giants, it’s surprising not to have your video-on-demand service yet. This is probably why it shocked almost no one to see Apple get into the game. Still, before that, Amazon was there with Prime Video. There are so many competitors in the market. So it is pretty admirable … Read more

Can Alexa Use Facebook Messenger?

When it comes to the big instant messaging apps used internationally, three apps are clear at the top: WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp has been in the game for a long time and is easily the king. You might have never heard of WeChat either because most of its userbase is in China. Then, … Read more