Hulu Can’t Verify Email: How to Fix this Common Hulu Login Issue in Minutes?

Trying to catch your favorite show, but Hulu can’t verify email? You’re not alone. The Internet is littered with user complaints regarding Hulu login issues. The streaming platform is available only to US-based customers. It features 70,000+ TV episodes and movies. This massive library of content attracts over 45 million paid users in the US. 

Many of these US-based customers have complained that their logins have been blocked on Hulu. Why does Hulu say “cannot verify email now” to so many users? There are many possible reasons. Let’s go through every possible scenario to understand exactly why your login has been blocked on Hulu. 

Before that, we must alert you to the fact that there are many scammers who try to steal the login information of streaming service users. Since 2020, many users of Netflix, Disney+, PBS Passport, & Hulu have received emails asking them to activate their accounts by clicking on certain links. If you’ve received such an email before, verify the sender’s username.

More importantly, don’t click on any nefarious links. Hulu only sends verification emails when users open brand-new accounts. Those emails are sent from – the company’s official website. We’ll explain how to fix all Hulu TV login issues without asking you to click on any links or make any purchases. 

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Why Can’t Hulu Verify My Email When Logging In? 

Users who face Hulu blocked login issues typically receive a message saying, “Hulu can’t verify email now” on the login page. If you’ve received this message, there are several possible reasons why: 

  1. Your Hulu subscription has expired
  2. You’ve entered your password incorrectly 
  3. Hulu’s servers are down
  4. You’re experiencing internet connection issues
  5. Your Internet isn’t working, preventing your access to the app or website’s authentication page

Why Can’t Hulu Verify My Email When Creating Account?

Existing Hulu users aren’t the only ones who receive the “Your login has been blocked on Hulu” notification. Many brand-new users also need help with this problem. If you’re one of them, this login issue is probably appearing because you’re trying to create a new account with an email address linked to an existing Hulu account. 

Check whether you’re using new & unique login details to create the new account. If you’re facing Hulu blocked login issues, specifically on a streaming device through the Hulu app, check whether the app itself is malfunctioning. Sometimes the Hulu app picks up bugs that cause login & email verification issues. To fix these bugs:

  1. Update the app 
  2. Clear the app cache
  3. Shut down & then restart the app
  4. Shut down & then restart your streaming device
  5. Check your internet speed; the Hulu app requires an Internet speed of at least 3 MB/PS to function properly

The error on Hulu we can’t verify your email now can also be caused by an outage on the company end. The platform has 45+ million subscribers, so its servers do overload from time to time. As a result, users experience outages & in some cases, come across the “Hulu can’t verify email” error messages.

Hulu will let you create a new account or log in to an existing one once their servers are restored to normal. You won’t be able to accept your new email and password either. So, before trying out any more complicated troubleshooting techniques, visit Downdetector to check whether the streaming platform is experiencing server-related problems.

Your Login Has Been Blocked on Hulu: Easy Fix  

If Hulu’s servers aren’t down & you’re still experiencing Hulu login issues, try out the following troubleshooting techniques:

Solution #1. Enter the Correct Login Credentials

Suppose you’re using incorrect login credentials when signing into your Hulu account. In that case, you’re guaranteed to receive the “Your login is invalid” error message. To fix this, re-enter the correct username & password & make sure that your Caps Lock isn’t enabled. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to reset your password. To do that: 

  1. Find Hulu’s “Forgot Password” tool on the login page 
  2. Enter your Hulu email ID to receive an email through with you can reset your password 
  3. Wait for the password reset email to arrive
  4. On the email, find & click on the password reset link 

The link will take you to a new Hulu login page. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your new password. Here’s a helpful video guide on this process:


But what if you remember your password but don’t remember which email account you used to open your Hulu account? You’ll have to use Hulu’s Account Recovery tool to recover/verify the email ID they have on their database. This step involves entering the payment info associated with your Hulu account. So, we recommend communicating with Hulu via live chat or phone call.

Solution #2. Fix Your Hulu Subscription

Check whether your subscription is active. If it has ended, your account may be on hold & you may receive the “Hulu can’t verify email” notification. Go to the Hulu Account Page (you must be logged in) to verify whether your account is terminated or on hold. If the credit/debit card linked to your account has expired, you’ll have to update your payment info.

Solution #3: Fix the Hulu reCAPTCHA Loop Issue 

Hulu reCAPTCHA not working is another common login issue users face. The app or website basically doesn’t allow users to log in to reCAPTCHA. Unless you can successfully pass the Hulu reCAPTCHA loop, the platform won’t recognize you as a human being. You won’t be able to log in to your account either. This typically happens when: 

  1. The user is using an outdated browser
  2. The VPN on the streaming device is interfering with the captcha service
  3. Malware infects the browser
  4. The captcha system has flagged the IP address as suspicious for some reason

To fix the Hulu reCAPTCHA not working issue, take the following steps:

  1. Update your web browser
  2. Disable your VPN service.
  3. Scan your device for malware 
  4. Reset your IP address 

If the issue persists, seek help from Hulu’s official support team. Hopefully, one of these solutions will work before you do that! 

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