How to Insert Caption in Google Docs? (Several Methods + Video)

You likely use Google Docs, and in the course of your work with it, you may find yourself needing to insert images into the document. Sometimes these are to directly showcase something instead of using a lot of words to describe it. In other cases, images simply help to spice up the text. These are just some of the reasons to use images.

Regardless of the reason why you need an image, a caption always helps. Having a caption gives you the ability to add more detail or information to the picture. This really benefits whoever might be reading the document.

But the real question is, how do you add a caption to an image in Google Docs? To insert caption Google Docs is not a trouble at all. You just need to know what you’re doing, and that’s what this article is here to show you. By the time you’re done, it’ll be no trouble putting captions in Google Docs.

And as a bonus, here are some tips that can help you write better captions. For instance, don’t just describe. Tell a story!

How to add a caption to an image in Google Docs?

While you can just choose to continue typing paragraphs beneath an image and call it a day, there have to be great ways to add image caption Google Docs. Fortunately, there are. The first and simplest of those is using inline text.

The main advantage to using inline text is that it can be aligned with different objects, such as tables, shapes, and in this case, images. 

Here is how to use inline text to add a caption in Google Docs:

  1. Open your Google Docs file.
  2. I assume that you already have an image that you want to write a caption under. If you don’t, you can use any just to practice. Just ensure that it is inserted into the Google doc.
  3. Click on the image, and a little bar should appear at the bottom. The options here represent the text wrapping style. That is basically just how the text behaves around the image. You want it to be on the first one, which is “inline.” You can hover the mouse over it to be sure.
  4. You can then begin to type beneath the image. Adjusting the alignment and relationship of the text to the photo is so much easier when using inline text wrapping.

This is one way to add image caption Google Docs.

How to add a caption to an image using the drawing toolbar?

The drawing toolbar is another way that you can add a caption to the image Google Docs. This is a great tool with a lot of versatility, but we’ll be using it to put in captions for now.

To add text to image Google Docs using the drawing toolbar, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Get your Google Docs file of choice open.
  2. Go to the “Insert” tab in the menu at the top of the window and hover over “Drawing.” Click on “New.”
  3. This will cause the drawing toolbar to open. It might look a bit complicated but don’t worry.
  4. There should be a little image icon at the far right of the toolbar in the window that has just opened. You can hover the mouse over it to be sure. Click on it.
  5. You can now select the picture that you wish to upload. Alternatively, you can paste an image directly into the space of the drawing window. Either way, you will have an image ready to be captioned.
  6. To the left of the image button that you might have clicked earlier is a box with a “T” in it. This is the text box option. Click on this.
  7. After clicking on this once, you may not notice anything happen. This is fine. All you need to do now is click beneath the picture or wherever you wish to situate your image caption in Google Docs.
  8. You can resize the textbox to fit perfectly under your image if you desire. Now just add your caption into the text box that you have just created.
  9. Press “Save and Close” at the top of the window, and that’s it! You have captioned the image.

The advantage of using the drawing toolbar is that adding captions in Google Docs a precise task. It doesn’t get easier than this.

If you need to edit your caption for any reason after doing this, simply double-click on it. This will open the drawing toolbar again, from where you can make any modifications that you need to.

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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