How to Fix ITunes Error 0xe80000a if You Are Still Using It?

Digital music has had quite a journey to get to where it is right now. In that journey, Apple’s iTunes played a huge part. It played a significant role in how accessible digital music was to the general public by providing an easy-to-operate and manage a library of files. This makes it no surprise that in 2014, there were 800 million iTunes accounts.

However, in these days where apps like Spotify and streaming taking over, making iTunes an unfortunate casualty.

Despite this, many people still stick to iTunes on their desktops. It allows you to manage the local library of music that you may have amassed over the years, which Apple Music can’t do for you.

For those of you who are still big fans of iTunes, the program may not get as much support as it did in the past, but having a smooth experience is something to desire. That’s why running into iTunes error 0xe80000a is a major annoyance.

If you’ve been looking for some way to fix iTunes error code 0xe80000a, then you’re in the right place. We’ll talk about what this error code means and the easy solutions for it.

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Why can I not connect to iTunes?

On trying to connect your iPhone to your computer with iTunes, you might get hit with error 0xe80000a. There are so many error codes like this, and it can be hard to find what they mean. In this case, the error is due to something preventing proper connectivity between your device and your computer. This is why you’ll see iTunes could not connect to this iPhone as part of the error message.

This can be particularly distressing, especially when the error comes seemingly out of nowhere. Fortunately, while there are numerous reasons why this can happen, there are also numerous ways that you can fix these problems.

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How to fix “cannot connect to iTunes” error?

If you’ve been searching tirelessly for how to fix iTunes error 0xe80000a, then I’m glad to tell you that you’ve finally come to the right place. I am about to mention a number of the common problems resulting in this error and the best way to fix each of them. iTunes error 0xe80000a can be overcome, and we’ll do it together!

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Error 0xe80000a iPhone

If you’ve been battling with the iTunes unknown error 0xe80000a for quite a bit, you’ll be desperate for a fix. I’ll tell you the potential issues that might be causing it from the iPhone side of affairs and how to fix them.

  1. Faulty USB port/cable. You need to connect your iPhone to your PC to use iTunes. If it is unable to establish that connection, you’ll get this error message, and that will occur in the case of a bad USB cable or port. Your phone needs to be able to send data back and forth after all. In a case like this, simply try a new cable, preferably a brand new one. That will fix the problem for most people. You can try a new USB port on your PC too. However, it may also be your phone’s port. You can blow it out to dislodge any debris. Otherwise, you may need to take it in for repairs.
  2. Outdated software. In some cases, the OS version on your iPhone may be outdated next to the version on your computer. Always keep your phone up to date to avoid situations like this.
  3. Corrupted location settings. I’m not sure how this leads to iTunes unknown error 0xe80000a. Still, many users have reported that resetting Location and Privacy settings fixes the problem.
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iTunes error 0xe80000a Windows

From the Windows side of things, many things could be behind the situation if you notice that your PC can not connect to iTunes.

  1. Antivirus is blocking the connection. Your antivirus is meant to protect your computer from any threats, both offline and online. Sometimes they may be too aggressive and target regular processes such as iTunes, preventing it from connecting. To check if this is the issue, simply disable your antivirus temporarily and attempt to launch and connect to iTunes.
  2. Apple Mobile Device Services may be misbehaving. Errors in services integral to how iTunes tuns can prevent it from running as it should. This includes Apple Mobile Device Services. Sometimes all you need to do is give this a little jiggle by restarting it. You can do this with the following steps:
    1. Press the Windows key and “R” to open Run.
    2. Type “services.msc” to see all your Windows services.
    3. Look for “AppleChargerSrv”.
    4. Right-click and select “Properties.”
    5. Ensure that the service is shown as “automatic.”
    6. Right-click on the service and click “Restart.”
  3. Lockdown folder may need resetting. This folder is created and holds info on all iOS devices that have been connected to your PC. When this info is corrupted, your iPhone or iPad may no longer connect normally. To reset this folder:
    1. Press the Windows key and “R” to open Run.
    2. Type “%ProgramData%” and press Enter.
    3. Enter the “Apple” folder.
    4. There should be a folder called “Lockdown” there. Rename this folder to “Lockdown.old.”
    5. Now you can relaunch iTunes, and it will create a new Lockdown folder. This fixes the issue for quite a few people.
  4. Vital iTunes files may be damaged. This can happen to pretty much any program. The simple solution to this is to reinstall the program. That might be all you need to fix the error.
  5. Windows might be outdated. Updating Windows is a much heavier task than upgrading iOS. As a result, this should be reserved as the final resort. Bugs in the operating system or an OS that is out of date could be responsible for errors like error 0xe80000a. Simply use Windows Update and install any updates that your system might have pending.

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