How to Activate & Use Samsung Find My Phone Feature?

Are you receiving the same “Samsung find my phone” notification on your phone every other day for no reason? Join the long list of frustrated Samsung smartphone owners who’ve been complaining about this notification for a long time. In this article, I’ll tell you how to disable the “find my Samsung” notification for good. Before that, let’s try to understand the meaning behind “Samsung find my phone” notifications.

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What’s Find My Mobile?

There are many ways to locate lost, misplaced, or stolen Android phones. Google has a tool called “Find My Device” (more on that later). Samsung has its own device finder feature called Find My Mobile. It comes built-in in all of its latest phones and tablets. To set up and activate this free Samsung device finder feature, take the following steps:

  • On your phone, go to Settings
  • Select the option titled “Biometrics and Security”
  • Turn on the “Find My Mobile” feature

You’ll need an active Samsung account to use this feature. You can control your phone remotely using the find my Android Samsung feature. Just visit the SmartThings Find website or download the SmartThings Find app. Before that, you need to edit a few settings of the “Find My Mobile” feature:

  • Open Find My Mobile settings
  • Enable the feature called “Remote unlock”
  • Enable the feature called “Send Last Location” 
  • Enable the feature called “Offline Finding” 

Now, you can control your phone remotely if it’s lost/stolen. You can receive your phone’s last-known location in case its battery dies with the “Send Last Location” feature. Enabling “Offline Finding” also gets you the ability to locate your phone when it’s offline. Here’s how:

  • Visit the SmartThings Find
  • Sign in to your Samsung account
  • Once you’re signed in, you’ll see a map displaying the exact location of your Samsung phone
  • You can use “Remote unlock” and the other controls to pinpoint your missing device’s exact location

How Do I Register My Samsung Phone?

As I mentioned before, you need an active Samsung account to use the find my Samsung account feature. If you’re currently using a Samsung device, you probably already have an active Samsung account. If not create one now by visiting the official Samsung website. You also need to register your Samsung device on to use the find my Samsung feature.

Here’s the Samsung device registration process in a nutshell:

  • Go to
  • Sign in to your account
  • Select the option titled “Add New Product”
  • Type in your device’s serial number, IMEI number, and other product details
  • Click “Verify”
  • On the next page, enter the official Purchase Date of your device
  • Attach a Proof of purchase (e.g., pdf or jpeg of the bill)

Wait for the Samsung device registration process to complete. It usually takes a couple of minutes to get products registered on the Samsung website. Once your device is registered, it will appear in your Samsung account’s “My Products” section. Here’s a small video guide from Samsung that further simplifies this process:

How to Find My Samsung Phone with Google?

If you’re not too keen on using Samsung’s device finder, no worries. Google’s Find My Device service is available on all Android phones, including Samsung phones. So, you can use this Android app instead of downloading the SmartThings Find app. You can also use this feature via the Google’s Find My Device website.

As long as you have an Android device that’s signed into your main Google account, you can use the Find My Device feature to get live maps displaying your phone’s precise location. Here’s how:

  • Download the Find My Device app or visit the website
  • Log in to your Google account
  • Complete the multi-step verification process
  • Once the sign-in process is complete, you’ll get access to a live map displaying the locations of all your registered Google devices
  • Select the device you want to locate
  • Track its location on the live map

If you think that your device is in your immediate vicinity, you can play a sound on Find My Device to ping your phone/tablet. Keep pinging until you find your device. Even if you don’t, someone else might. If you aren’t nearby & can’t find the device, you can lock it on Find My Device. Just look for an option called “Secure Device” to lock the phone.

How to Stop Find My Mobile Notifications?

Now, let’s go back to the Find My Mobile notifications that we were talking about at the start of the article. In the past, many Samsung users kept receiving this notification non-stop, due to a bug in the Find My Mobile App. The bug prevented them from stopping this notification as well. Thankfully, the app’s been recently updated and the notification issue has been fixed.

You can now disable that notification by taking the following steps:

  • When the notification appears, tap on it to launch the Find My Mobile app
  • The app will ask you to agree to its terms and conditions; disagree
  • In the top-right corner of the app, select “Menu”
  • Select “Notifications”
  • Turn off the option titled “New Features”

How to Disable Find My Mobile

If you couldn’t disable notifications using the previous method, you can disable the Find My Mobile feature for good and never receive a notification again. If you own an Android 11 or newer Samsung phone, take the following steps to disable the Find My Samsung feature:

  • Open Settings
  • Find and select the option titled “Biometrics & Security”
  • Scroll down the Biometrics & Security page to find and select the option titled “Other Security Settings”
  • Select the option titled “Device Admin Apps”
  • Find the “Find My Device” feature 
  • Slide the Find My Device” feature to the left on the slider

Select “Deactivate” to confirm your decision. If you own an earlier version of Android, take the following steps to disable the Find My Samsung feature:

  • Enter Settings
  • Select the option titled “Lock Screen & Security”
  • Select the option titled “Device Administrators”
  • Select the option titled “Other Security Settings”
  • Find the “Find My Device” feature 
  • Slide the Find My Device” feature to the left on the slider
  • Select “Deactivate” to confirm your decision

With the Find My Mobile feature, Samsung has simplified the process of tracking down lost or stolen phones. The feature is far from perfect. But, all Samsung owners should know about it in case they lose or misplace their devices.

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