7 of the Coolest Apps for Android to Install in June 2017

Summer is just around the corner and its always a bit more relaxing when the grass is greener, and the sun shines more brightly. Which means that it’s time to have some fun and try out those new coolest apps for Android. Here are our top favorite hand picked exclusively for IPOKI.com readers.

Napster Music

Do you remember that time when Internet wasn’t still that much over the place? And then Napster popped out. For me it was like an ultimate musical revolution happened overnight – all the music I could only dream of was just there, a couple of hours of modem download speed, and I could enjoy whatever song I want. It seems a bit ridiculous at the moment, with all the mainstream music apps, but, for the sake of the best memories of my life, I still gave Napster a try – as they are back. This time – with significantly improved technologies. Yes, Napster Music might not have the same marketing/publicity as other similar apps like Spotify or Pandora. However, it’s still a choice worthy (and brings some smashing memories back!). With an easy to navigate UI (User interface) and clean smooth audio, it is DEFINITELY worth your time. The monthly fee might scare away some people, but the downloadable songs, 30-days free trial, and nostalgia will make you want to stay.  

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SpacePlan is an interesting simulation game influenced by Stephen Hawking theory of the universe. Along with being fun, it also teaches you more about Hawking’s ideas. Learning and fun were the focus that the team DevolverDigital had planned and they nailed it.
SpacePlan allows you to orbit and discover planets on your makeshift satellite. As you will discover new planets you will get their descriptions, including the data like orbiting mass, atmosphere, and inhabitants. I personally can spend almost hours discovering, naming, and researching the thousands of planets on SpacePlan and its still worth time wasted as I am learning a ton.  

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The Big Journey

Next on our coolest apps list is adorable Android game. Those are never going out of style. The reason being is the millions of twists and spins you can apply to the winning -kid game- formula. The Big Journey takes this formula and puts it into good use using tilt functions. It’s nothing special or original but it’s still quite addictive. It’s a casual game that will take up a good portion of your free-time (And it’s super cute.) 

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Unicorn Icon Pack

If you’re not into cute games maybe you’re into cute accessories?  If you are, then the Unicorn Icon Pack is just fit for you.  Yes, it’s quite a feminine (to say the least :)) pack, but common, it’s so dope. It’s also easy to install and once setup correctly you’ll notice your Android dashboard looking a bit more colorful as each icon becomes a tad bit more fabulous. 

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A Snake’s Tale

A Snake’s Tale is a spin-off on the classic Snake game. Equipped with 3D Graphics, unique styling choices, and over 80 stages it isn’t in any way traditional. The game features some mind-bending puzzles that might leave you stumped, however, it never feels too hard. It might be missing some key online features and the price might be too expensive -compared to games like The Big Journey- but it’s worth your time and money.

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Lumino City

Lumino City, undoubtfully, is among the coolest apps for Android of all time. The best way to describe this game – it is artistic and magnificent. The visual style is very reminiscent to Limbo and Machinarium with its maximalist world of colors. However, comparing Lumino City to any other game could be considered insulting. In every way, Lumino City revolutionizes the genre with amazing visual storytelling and well-developed characters. The handmade environment with a cartoon touch brings its own personal flare. It’s definitely worth the purchase and storage space on your Android. 

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Pocket Universe – 3D Sandbox

Imagine if you had the power of the Universe in your hand; what would you do with it? Would you be an evil force that slowly destroys Earth and every star you see or would you create a universe similar to ours? Pocket Universe allows you to answer these questions and more with an amazing Sandbox tool and cool 3D graphics on your Android device. Amongst building planets, you can create wormholes, satellites, and black holes. In addition to meteor strikes and almost unlimited customization options Pocket, Universe is definitely worthwhile your time. 

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