Best 7 Android Apps to Try in July 2017

The season has already changed, so it is time for us to move on too few best apps. As the trend changes the top best android apps keep changing. This is a fun to tech lovers, they love to explore more. They always research and such for best apps around. So let us see the top 7 best apps to be used in July.

#1 App backup and restore pro

Description: this is the best app for backup and a restore, for any kind of data on mobile phones. It is available in play store. It reduces the power by saving the usage of the app. It has a multi-version to avoid any disturbances in the up gradation. It enhances the app data security, as it has good privacy. We can share the apps or date through this app. It has many highlights such as, ask extractor, which extracts the files. Apk editor, which downgrades the apps if you don’t like any update. Apk installer, to install files. Ask assistant, to create own play store and app sharer, to share the files. It has many advantages in it. It is rated a good score and reviewed as a good app. We support that opinion.

Get it here.

#2 Watch anime: updated catalog

Description: this is the best app is a free one, we don’t need to pay any money for it. This app helps us to watch anime in different genres. This has a very wide variety of anime such as action, adventure, biography, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, family, and fantasy. It needs a sign in for sure. It is only good for children or people above 12 years. It has great installs only in few days. it is rated as one best app for the anime lovers, if you are one, just get it on your phone.

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#3 Real cockroach simulator- best android app

Description:  this is the best app, a game is based on the cockroaches. It is a multiplayer game and has two sides. One is to help the cockroach to have its food, another is to kill or stop it from having the food. This is a great mental stimulator game. It helps people to increase their concentration skills. it looks so realistic and it is fun to play this game with your friends. Try it once.

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#4 Balls VS blocks

Description: the best game app, it is very easy game to see, but to reach the highest score it takes a lot of time. It is a snake which is made up of balls and it has to break the bricks as soon as possible. This is a good stress management game. It helps people to manage the stress levels. It is free and has an endless game play time. It has easy controls and doesn’t need any tricks to play. We can play with friends as a competition. In a nutshell, it’s a fun and challenging game should be tried by everyone.

Get it here.

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#5 Fidget spinner 3D

Description:  many people nowadays, are an addict to fidget spinner. This helps us burst stress. It is nothing different from a manual one. It all depends on this best android app. It is a virtual play.  We can swipe to start the spinner. It is just spinning and making the best score. Wide ranges of fidget spinners are available in this game. It is an addictive game and has a 3D look.  Has a different name of spinners. This is one best addictive game to burst the stress levels.

Try it here.

#6 (Substratum) Valarie

Description:  it is the best app, easily found in play store.  We need to allow it make modifications to the mobile. As this is a theme app. It gives us few of best themes. It is the best app in the present generation. It is worth its money. It covers many applications in it such dialer, calculator, contacts, Google, Gmail, etc. it has a beautiful interface. It is liked by the maximum of the users, it is because of its attractive themes. People feel the money is worth it. Hope you will agree with it too.

Try it here.

#7 Epic little war game

Description: it is the best game app of a single player game. It worth its cost, as it produces us with a lot of features. It has realistic and a wide range of the battleship field. We can fight only a large number of enemies at once. It is a onetime play game. Can invite your friends to play the game, for much competition. We can use our own ways to defeat the enemy and it is the best anger management game. It is one of the best games for people who are into gaming and serves a great purpose for its cost.

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