Best Cheap Health Gadgets That Can Change Your Life

Your health is an investment, and there are many gadgets that can help you maintain it well into old age. We’ve picked five of them, including only those that are both incredibly useful and irresistibly affordable.

ANKOVO Infrared Thermometer

This infrared thermometer from ANKOVO should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet. It measures temperature without making contact with the skin using an infrared temperature sensor with high sensitivity. To use it, you simply press the power button to activate it, select whether you want to take the temperature from the forehead or the ear, and wait just one second until you hear a loud beep. The thermometer will then display the measured temperature on its large, backlit LCD display.

Besides measuring the temperature of the human body, the ANKOVO infrared thermometer can also measure the temperature of inanimate objects, which essentially makes it a more accurate alternative to those clunky handheld infrared thermometers you may have seen at your local hardware store. 

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Zacurate 500BL Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Oxygen saturation is an important marker of health. The human body actively regulates blood oxygen levels to maintain a very specific balance of oxygen in the blood. When the amount of oxygen in the blood is too low, shortness of breath occurs as the body desperately tries to restore the balance. If the body fails to do so, a respiratory or cardiac arrest may occur.

Fortunately, the Zacurate 500BL fingertip pulse oximeter allows you to always know exactly what your oxygen saturation is, which is essential if you’re a pilot, sports enthusiast, or someone who chronically suffers from hypoxemia due to a respiratory disorder or other condition.

The Zacurate 500BL is FDA-certified and accurate within 2 percent. Besides oxygen saturation, it can also monitor pulse rate with the same accuracy. The device takes power from two AA batteries, and it’s made of ABS plastic, so it’s extra durable yet light.

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Omron BP742N Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron is the most recommended brand of blood pressure monitors by doctors and pharmacists for accurate home blood pressure monitoring. The BP742N blood pressure monitor is one of Omron’s more affordable blood pressure monitors, but that’s not to say that it’s less accurate. The monitor can store a total of 100 readings with date and time stamps, and it displays the average of your last 3 readings taken within 10 minutes. Included in the box with the Omron BP742N blood pressure monitor is a wide-range cuff that can fit arms 9 to 17 inches in circumference.

If you embrace smart living and find the BP742N too traditional, you should consider the Omron Evolv Bluetooth wireless blood pressure monitor instead. This innovative upper arm one-piece blood pressure monitor connects via Bluetooth to the Omron connect app and can even communicate with Alexa.

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Litero Smart Teeth Whitening Kit

The Litero Smart Teeth Whitening Kit is a modern way how to maintain a charming smile. The kit is made entirely from FDA-approved materials, and it delivers surprising results after just 16 minutes of application per day because it accelerates the whitening process using an innovative LED mouthpiece that can be powered from any smartphone or the included powerbank.

According to the manufacturer, the Litero Smart Teeth Whitening Kit produces the same results as teeth whitening treatments costing hefty sums of money. In other words, this DIY teeth whitening method is 10 times less expensive than professional treatment but just as effective. Before you embark on your DIY teeth whitening journey, you should consult with your dentist to ensure that this treatment is the best plan for your smile.

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Electric Full Body Massager

Let’s face it: professional massages are expensive, and spouses are lazy. If your body is sore and in dire need of a good massage, this electric full body massager from InvoSpa is just what you need. It has two kneading massage rollers balls with 4 big and 4 small nodes for your shoulders, neck, back, waist, tights, calves, legs, feet, and even arms.

You can choose which direction you would like the roller balls to move, and the built-in heat function will tenderize your sore muscles as you relax and let this wonderful electric full body massager from InvoSpa do its job.

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