Make a Geek Happy with These Geek Gifts

It’s a well-known fact that geeks need love—lots of it! And there’s no better way how you can tell a geeky friend or family member that you love them than with a great gift. To help you out, we’ve selected five geek gifts for just about any budget and any type of geek.

Deli Retro Camera Pencil Sharpener

If you know a geek with an affection for twin-lens reflex cameras, which is a type of camera with two lenses of the same focal length—one for taking pictures and the other one for the viewfinder system—this retro pencil sharpener is guaranteed to earn you a big smile and thank you.  

The Deli Retro Camera Pencil Sharpener can fit any pencil with a diameter between 7 and 12 mm, and it features an adjustable sharpening mechanism that allows you to change the sharpening angle to achieve the perfect balance between sharpness and tip durability. The sharpener can be easily taken apart for cleaning, and its anti-slip bottom feet keep it in place during sharpening. Best of all, there’s no need to hold the pencil; you can use one hand to operate the crank and the other one to hold the sharpener.

Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic tells time, tracks various fitness metrics, and does plenty additional things that make it an excellent gift for any geek. Compared to other smartwatches on the market, the Ionic has a distinctly geeky persona, with its clunky user interface never failing to surprise with how awkward it can make even the simplest tasks, and its touch-enabled display being way too slow to respond to be called smooth.

But despite its quirkiness, the Ionic is perhaps the most lovable smartwatch out there, and any true geek is quickly going to fall in love with it.

When it comes to fitness, the Ionic has built-in GPS and Glonass to track distance, elevation, speed, and other key stats, and it also features an accurate heart rate sensor, which it uses to measure your health and fitness over time and when exercising.

But the Ionic isn’t just for working out because it’s useful in a variety of everyday situations thanks to its NFC chip for contactless payments, storage space for music, Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free phone calls, and a large OLED display for calendar reminders and other notifications. At $299, the Ionic is the second most expensive gift on this list, but it’s the one to get if you want to make someone really, really happy.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Do you have or know a geeky teenager and would like to give him or her the best gift ever? If so, look no further because every other gift is guaranteed to look lame next to the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, which costs half the price of a decent non-electric bike even though it drives itself and can do 18.6 miles on a charge.

Precisely crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter only weighs 26.9 pounds, and it can be folded for storage and carry in 3 easy steps. Because its so light and portable, the scooter can be carried anywhere even by younger teenagers.

Inside the front wheel is a 250-watt brushless DC motor that delivers stable power output while being extremely power-efficient. The wheels have 8.5 inches in diameter, allowing the scooter to go over smaller obstacles and providing outstanding stability and riding comfort.

The scooter has a strong and intelligent dual braking system for maximum safety, and it displays the health status of the integrated high-capacity lithium batteries by LG on the Android-compatible app that Xiaomi has developed specifically for the scooter.

Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD Gaming Console

Let’s face it: not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on the original NES Classic Edition. And even those who have the money may be reluctant to spend so much on a video game console. The RetroN 1 HD from Hyperkin costs just $39.99, and it’s an excellent alternative both to the NES and to the NES Classic Edition.

The RetroN 1 HD is a hardware-based NES emulator with a slot for NTSC and PAL NES cartridges and two video outputs: RCA and HDMI. It comes with a single NES-like controller, and you can get a second one from either from Hyperkin or from any other third-party manufacturer of NES-compatible accessories.

The emulation is essentially flawless, and all the games we’ve tested, including Super Mario, Megaman 2 & 3, and Tetris worked without any issues, apart from those caused by dust trapped inside one of our cartridges.

nonda AIKO Rechargeable Finder

The nonda AIKO is a rechargeable finder that lasts up to a month on a single charge and provides a convenient way how to track and find lost items. When you get too far away from your nonda AIKO, the AIKO app automatically records the location of your item and sends you a notification. You can then activate the 90-dB beeper and find the lost item by listening to where the sound is coming from.

Instead of getting just one nonda AIKO finder, we recommend you get the pack of 3 and keep one for yourself.