Cool Presents for Science Nerds: Top Picks from

Some men began their love of science in grade school and were called nerds and geeks because of it. And, frankly, some men never stopped being called science nerds and now as adults embrace that term! After all, what’s cooler than science, right?


If you have a science nerd in your life who thrives on geeky things, check out this collection of the coolest presents for science nerds to gift this summer-no thick-rimmed glasses included.

Science Socks

Starting from only $19.99, these science socks feature imagery from all different scientific fields. Math, chemistry, genetics, space travel and atomic-level science themes are all found on these ultra comfortable socks made from Turkish cotton.

Reviews say that these make excellent gifts for “nerdy dudes.” They are every bit as colorful in person!

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MicroScope Kit – Presents for Science Nerds Who Love to Explore

For the mad scientist who never quite got his blueprint right for world domination as a kid, he can work on his secret formula now as an adult. Starting at $39.98, this kit comes with everything your science nerd needs to examine microscopic life.

Reviews indicate that this kit is high quality and the magnification works great.

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DaVinci Clock

Great as presents for science nerds who love learning the way things work, the DaVinci clock will delight them with its unique way to tell time. This clock, starting at $12.99, is a reproduction of the blueprint of a clock drawn out by DaVinci himself.

Online reviewers say that it is something you can get lost in and stare at for hours.

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Smartphone Stand

Inspired by Neil deGrasse Tyson, this smartphone stand costs $14.99 and is a great present for nerds who can’t seem to ever put their phone down.

Reviews state that it holds onto the phones well no matter the orientation.

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Engraved Pen

Starting at $17.95, this pen has been engraved with a number of different science-inspired symbols. This includes but is not limited to a molecule, DNA, astronomy symbol, and a chemistry flask.

Reviewers state that the pen writes well and looks very sophisticated.

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Volcano Kit

Indulge your science nerd’s inner child with this kit, starting at just $9.99! He can make his own volcano just like he did in elementary school–only this time it will look way cooler. It comes with everything that you need to get started.

Reviews say it is every bit as exciting to build this as it was to build one in grade school.

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No matter what sort of science your nerdy guy is into, this list of the coolest presents for science nerds is sure to please. Pick one out today and watch his eyes light up as you give him the best gift he’ll get all summer!