Ultimate Guide: How to Control Fan Speed on Windows 10?

Want to run AAA games on your Windows 10 PC without the fracas of loud CPU fan noises? You better learn how to change fan speed in Windows 10! Or else, you’ll hear whirring sounds coming out of your PC or laptop even while performing important tasks like finishing up work-related PPT presentations. That’s exactly … Read more

6 Tips to Switch to a New IPhone & Transfer Data You Need

Although Apple has made it incrementally easier to switch over from previous iterations of their wildly popular iPhone range, there are still things you must do if you are to complete the change successfully. Fortunately, it’s not overly challenging, and as long as you follow a few pointers, you will be better able to start … Read more

GTA Online Money Guide: 7 Tips Get Cash Fast

GTA online money tips

GTA online is a full-fledged and logical continuation of the storyline that you will encounter in the single-player part, and which it is undesirable to jump over and start online mode due to a lack of understanding of many mechanics that may simply be incomprehensible or not fully disclosed. This applies to robberies, mechanics of … Read more

5 Tips from CS:GO Pros to Make You Better

CS pro gamer

Hold onto your gaming chairs, people, because I am about to spill some piping hot tea on the über-cool, extravagantly luxurious world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or as the cool kids (and adults, mind you!) call it – CS:GO. As you know, the main thing that distinguishes any professional from an amateur is skill, and … Read more

13 Awesome Gift Ideas for Content Marketers & Bloggers

gift for content marketer

Content marketing and blogging are hot right now, so chances are at least some of your friends are into it. Sooner or later, they will have a birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion. What present will you choose for them? Professionals on social media give many different tips on gifts for bloggers. And, of course, … Read more

Geo-Blocking: What Is It and How Do I Bypass It?

geoblocking bypass

If you ever traveled abroad, you might’ve noticed that films listed on Netflix change when you enter a new country. That’s because copyright laws differ from place to place, making it easier—or harder—to obtain and show certain films. This is an example of geo-blocking, a digital practice that restricts access to certain content based on … Read more

How to Find SIM Card Number?

find my sim card number iphone android

Learning how to find SIM card number can be extremely helpful in several situations. Knowing your SIM card number will help you activate the SIM right after you purchase it. In case you ever forget your phone number, you can use your SIM card number to detect what it is. Plus, whenever you experience issues … Read more

Installing a Nest Thermostat Without C Wire: Is it Possible?

If you are currently in the process of replacing your old, traditional thermostat with a smart, energy-efficient thermostat: you have probably asked yourself the question: “Is it possible to install a Nest thermostat without C wire?” The Internet is full of queries like this. Unfortunately, the official responses on this topic from Google and Nest … Read more

Using HWMonitor in 2023: Is it Still the Best Hardware Monitoring Tool of All Time?

HWMonitor is one of the most widely used hardware monitoring tools in the world. It’s also a surprisingly good benchmarking application. Benchmarking applications are tools that simplify the process of testing and comparing hardware performances. With HWMonitor, you’ll get to track a long list of metrics detailing the performance levels of your desktop’s core hardware … Read more

Mastering the Art of Image Denoising: Techniques and Applications

denoising tips for pics

Grain and noise can significantly affect the quality of your photos. It manifests as those unwanted speckles and artifacts that can mar an otherwise perfect shot. In this article, we will explore the world of denoise AI and discover free and accessible methods to eliminate grains from your photos effortlessly. Whether you’re a professional photographer … Read more

How to Get Rid of the Horizontal Lines on Your Samsung TV Screen?

factory reset your samsung tv

Are you surprised at the sudden appearance of horizontal lines on your Samsung TV? Don’t be. It’s a common problem that many Samsung Smart TV owners deal with. Samsung TV horizontal lines typically appear as dark or colored lines. In very rare instances, these lines indicate that the TV’s display is suffering from the “black … Read more