Amazon Music Keeps Stopping: 7 Easy Solutions

Don’t you hate it when you’re listening to your favorite soundtrack or podcast, & Amazon music keeps stopping? Unfortunately, you’re not the only one facing problems with Amazon music. As of 2022, the music app has over 52 million users in the US alone. Out of these millions of users, several have publicly complained about Amazon music problems.

My Amazon music keeps crashing” – that’s the most common complaint among users.

Unfortunately, Amazon’s official response to these user complaints could be more specific & easier to follow. But don’t worry. We’ve conducted an in-depth investigation into this matter. So if your Amazon music stops playing after a few songs for no good reason – read on. We’ll explain why Amazon music keeps pausing & how to permanently eliminate these types of errors.

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Why Does My Amazon Music Keep Stopping?

Amazon music won’t play properly if you don’t have a strong internet connection. That’s the basic requirement when you’re streaming music on the Internet. So, if your phone or wi-fi connection isn’t stable, your user experience on this app will suffer.

But, if you have a decent Internet connection & still Amazon music keeps pausing. It’s probably because of one of these four reasons below. 

The Amazon Music App’s Cache is Full

Too much cached data on your Amazon music app can lead to playback issues. Clear the app’s cache by taking the following steps –

  •  Open the Amazon Music app.
  •  Click on the Settings icon (look for a gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the screen)
  •  Choose “Settings” from the dropdown menu that appears
  •  Go to the section titled “Storage”
  •  Press the “Clear Cache” option

Clearing the cache will fix the Amazon music glitch.

There are Glitches in Your Alexa

If you use Alexa to give voice commands to your Amazon Music app, then you might experience some playback issues for the following reasons –

  •  Alexa’s loop mode may be turned on; you need to turn it off
  •  Your Alexa’s wi-fi connection may be off; this may cause the Amazon Music app to experience lags
  •  Your Alexa may be connected to a duplicate device nearby; this glitch can cause playback issues on your Amazon Music app
  •  Your Alexa may be outdated or broken

Remind it from the app to ensure that your Alexa isn’t the reason behind Amazon music not loading. Then, see if the issue still persists. If not, then you should update your Alexa. Here’s a helpful video guide on how to give your Alexa a software update.

Your App is Outdated

If you’re not using the latest version of the Amazon Music app, you may experience playback issues. This happens because, with every app update, Amazon rolls out new features. If your app doesn’t have these new, updated features, it’s likelier to experience lags. So, update your Amazon music app via Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Amazon Music Down (Company-Side Issue)

You may experience playback issues on your Amazon music app if there’s something wrong with Amazon’s servers. To check if that’s the case, visit this website. Here, you can check whether there are any technical problems at Amazon Music.

Most Common Amazon Music Issues

These four issues continue to plague millions of Amazon music app users worldwide. Some of their most common complaints include –

  •    Amazon Music Won’t Open at All: If the app itself won’t open, you should try uninstalling it & then re-installing it again. Don’t worry – none of your pre-saved data will be lost in this process.
  •    Amazon Music Won’t Play Offline: This usually happens when Amazon Prime memberships expire. Check whether your subscription is canceled.
  •    Amazon Music Skipping Tracks Automatically: This usually happens due to glitches inside the app. To clear these glitches, clear the app’s cache. If that doesn’t permanently resolve the issue, force-stop the app. Press & hold the app icon on your menu for 2-5 seconds. Then, press the “Tap App info” option. You’ll see a dropdown menu pop up. On this menu, select the option that says “Force Stop.”

Amazon Music App Troubleshooting Techniques  

Here’s a recap of all the troubleshooting methods you should try whenever Amazon music keeps stopping. Try the following methods in the given order:

  1. Check your Internet Connection: Make sure it’s strong enough to stream music online. You’ll need a minimum internet speed of 1 MB/PS to stream music on Amazon music without facing any major playback issues.
  2. Amazon Prime Subscription: Ensure your Amazon Prime Subscription is active. If it isn’t – you won’t be able to use the app at all.
  3. Clear the App’s Cache: Doing so may result in deleting some of your saved tracks. For example, your “Song History” section will be completely wiped out. But, your downloaded songs won’t be deleted.
  4. Update the App. Always update your Amazon Music app on time. Open the app store you previously used to download/install the music app on your device. Next, search for the Amazon music app. Open the app’s page. If updates are available, you’ll see an “Update” option next to the app’s icon. 
  5. Alexa Check: Make sure Alexa isn’t causing the playback issues. Disconnect the app from Alexa for a while to see if the problem persists. If not, update your Alexa.
  6. Fore Stop: Force-stop the app if it keeps skipping tracks. Force stopping can give the Amazon music app a quick restart. This restart may result in the elimination of the glitches causing the playback issues. 
  7.  Uninstall & Re-install the App: If none of the steps above work, uninstall & re-install your Amazon Music app.

You’re not the only one asking yourself, “Why isn’t Amazon music working?” But, as you can see, Amazon music not working is a relatively common issue. Thankfully, these types of playback issues won’t be common in the future.

In 2022, Amazon Music became the second-biggest music streaming app in the US. This achievement will encourage the developers running the Amazon music app to address these user complaints more efficiently. 

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