Best Bed Desk: Top 8 Rolling, Adjustable, Folding, Wooden, etc

A person spends an average of 4 hours and 7 minutes daily on the Internet with a laptop, desktop, or tablet in the US. Given this statistic and the fact that people are spending more and more time on their devices each year. (And even more, considering all the recent events). We might as well be taking precautions now to ensure our productivity and convenience.

 Hence, the bed desk. The perfect way to continue doing your work while lying comfortably on your bed. This desk for beds can elevate your workspace and can be taken anywhere. Essential apartment gadget!

If you are here for one quick suggestion for the best bed desk, I’d say consider this option as it’s sturdy, well-build, affordable, foldable, adjustable, and pretty – anything you might have ever wanted, really. 

Otherwise, keep reading. I’ve spent around 11 hours trying to figure out the best desk for bed, depending on the most crucial feature someone might be looking for. So you might find some more options on this list quite useful. 

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Best bed desk: my top choice

If you’re looking for a bed desk that offers more than just a desk, the top choice would be the Nnewvante Table. It can be used to work, to eat, and as a reading desk for the bed. But the extra special features worth mentioning are that it can be easily adjusted at whatever angle you want and easily foldable. The sleek bamboo design makes it a great fit, even for the classiest room. Plus, if you want to use it as an office bed desk, there is a small drawer. Just imagine placing your small notebook, post its and pens in there.


  • Sturdy desk with high-quality wood and craftsmanship
  • Easily foldable but can also fit a mouse on the flat side
  • The height and angle of the table can be adjusted


  • The mechanism that keeps the legs from not moving becomes loose if not taken care of properly

Best bed desk for laptop

Work can sometimes be 24/7. Today, most people are working from home, which means it’s more tempting to comfortably use laptops on the bed or couch. Honestly, we don’t blame you! Whether you have a MacBook Air or a heavier PC, a laptop bed desk is the XXL Laptop Bed Table. It also comes with a book stan, a drawer for pens and a cup, and a phone stand. Just a quick tip, though: This table is super convenient, so you might be tempted to work all day. But you shouldn’t. Don’t forget to stand and stretch once in a while! 


  • Large size (holds 17″ laptop) and plenty of room under to sit cross-legged
  • Has a big drawer that holds pens, a cup, or a tablet
  • Sturdy, durable with a polished wooden surface and aluminum legs
  • Non Skid rubber on the bottom of the book stand so it does not slide


  • You can’t adjust the angle of the desk
  • The legs aren’t adjustable to fit your height. Hence it may be too tall for some people

Best bed desk tray 

This tray table is for those who want that gamer aesthetic to their devices and belongings. This is perfect for those who are just restless because it is so adjustable in many ways. You can adjust the height, the angle, and the retractable blockers. Though light, this desk tray for a bed is sturdy and can easily fold flat. Also, since you can adjust the angle, this laptop tray for beds has a soft wrist rest that stops your devices from slipping.


  • Flexible to your needs; can easily fix height, so you are not slouching
  • Packs and folds easily for storage
  • Fits a laptop, mouse, and a small notebook for notes


  • The finish/paint are quite simple; pretty uneven and rough
  • It may not work as well on a squishy couch and will tilt

Best over the bed desk

If you feel that a portable bed desk is too small, and you really want to work full time on your bed, then the Joy Overbed Table is for you. When I say this is big, I am not overreacting. The desk is long enough to go across your bed, high enough to go over it, and has the wheels to easily move it into the place that you want. See for yourself! Simply put, you can treat this as a proper desk and place many of your belongings on it. Plus, your partner can use it too if they choose to work from home.


  • Very sturdy and high quality
  • Assembly is easy and takes less than an hour
  • The support team responds quickly and is very helpful
  • Perfect for writers; a large size that fits over the bed and wheels are smooth when rolling


  • Won’t fit anything larger than a Queen bed
  • Cannot adjust the height of the legs

Rolling bed desk

If the previous recommendation may be too large, then the overbed option may be the next best alternative for you. This one is the extra safe option since the desk is not actually sitting on your lap. It’s a rolling laptop table for beds that hovers over your side of the bed. At first sight, it looks like a hospital bed desk! But it is perfect for working, eating, and reading on your bed. It’s easily adjustable, and since it’s a bed desk with wheels, you can roll it anywhere you wish to transport your belongings around.


  • Width is wide that fits food, laptop, and your phone
  • Very easy to move around and can be used on bed or couch; helpful for elderly/injured
  • Can tilt the table to an angle


  • Sturdy but be careful to put very heavy things
  • Assembly may be difficult; instructions not clear on how to put on wheels and the legs to adjust the height

Best adjustable bed desk

This particular bed desk is for those who prefer to have a white aesthetic to your belongings. This table’s design is clean and sleek. It’s large enough for a working professional and a small toddler (in case they want to use it on the ground!). It can be easily adjusted and folded for storage. Truly a gem of working from bed setting, that will motivate you to be productive throughout your day.


  • Ready to use, no need for assembly
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Very steady/sturdy and comes with a large slide-out tray
  • Can hold cellphones and other belongings without it slipping off


  • Have to contact customer service if you want the additional bookstand

Foldaway bed desk

This next foldable bed desk reminds me of an art aisle! It has a cute, bamboo aesthetic but also very functional. It can be used as a work desk or as an art table. Height and angles can be adjustable, whether you decide to work on your bed, a table, or the ground. Plus, there is a pocket on the side to put your cup, pens, or art supplies. Long story short, get this bed desk, and make your life easier.


  • Has two areas on the desk; one can be adjusted while the other remains flat
  • There is a removable wooden slat to keep the laptop from sliding
  • Can easily fold and easy to carry around when traveling


  • Have to widen the legs to its maximum width to make it really sturdy
  • The adjustable metal clip may be flimsy

Best wooden bed desk

This option is for those looking for simplicity and respecting the concepts of sustainability and mindful consumption. It’s a smaller size, but just right for reading and eating on your bed. It also comes with a small drawer on the side and fits a 15″ laptop and mouse. And if you’d like a darker wood finish, they have that too.


  • Bamboo material is sturdy and renewable
  • Easily foldable and can store anywhere
  • Able to change the angle of one part of the table


  • Leg space isn’t that large and cannot adjust height
  • The drawer is not that big; can fit a few pens or a small notepad

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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