Can I Use Android Auto Without Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is now available on Android Auto and works well with most infotainment systems. It will enable you to access the functionality of your phone with voice commands, so you won’t get distracted when driving. 

Phone use while driving has caused a lot of fatal accidents worldwide. Google driving assistant comes in handy to make a call or text instead of picking up your phone to do it. This means you won’t take your eyes off the road or your hands off the steering wheel. 

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What is Google Android Auto?

Android Auto is a technology that allows you to incorporate your smartphone into your car’s infotainment system. It will mirror your phone’s screen, enabling you to control your phone with the car’s touchscreen or voice commands. This will minimize distractions from using the phone while driving. 

Many cars are now coming with pre-installed Android Auto functionality. You can connect your phone with a cable or wirelessly. It is becoming widespread, and virtually all new cars will have the feature within a few years.  

The primary benefit of Android Auto is that you can use it even if your car doesn’t have a screen with the standalone mode. Mount your phone on an accessible holder and activate the Android Auto to start using it. This will prompt your phone to activate voice commands and default to a loudspeaker when making or receiving a call. 

Here are the main features:


Android Auto is compatible with various navigation apps, including Waze, Google Maps, etc. You can use the map to seek directions, track nearby petrol stations, and reserve parking spots via parking apps. 


Google’s speech-to-text is a very innovative safety feature. This will enable Android Auto to read out loud incoming messages. You can respond while still driving with a voice assistant.  

For example, if you say, ‘Ok, Google, text Wife,’ the system will search for the contact in your phonebook and set up the text. Then, simply dictate the message you want to send, and the voice assistant will read the text for verification and ask for permission to send it. Thankfully, Android Auto works well with many messaging apps, including Signal, WhatsApp, and Telegram. 


Android Auto is compatible with various music apps like Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, YouTube Music, etc. Also, it works well with News and Radio apps such as TuneIn, BBC Sounds, and NPR One. So, you can use Google Assistant while driving to choose a specific song, artist, playlist, or podcast topic with a voice assistant. 

Is Google Assistant required for Android Auto?

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant available on various devices, including Android Auto. It is not a requirement on Android Auto, but it will come in handy to control your phone while driving with voice commands. 

First, you must ensure your car is compatible or pre-installed with Android Auto. Alternatively, you can install the Android Auto app on your phone to get the same interface as you would get on the car’s screen. 

Then, long-press the Google Assistant button to set and activate the car Google Assistant. However, suppose your car doesn’t have Google driving mode. In that case, you can connect your phone with a USB cable, and the Android Auto app will launch automatically. 

It is effortless to use Google Assistant for car. You’re just saying ‘Ok, Google’ and the command you want to perform. For example, you can say, ‘Ok, Google, call Patrick.’ It will search for the contact in your phonebook and place the call. 

How can I use Android Auto without Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an essential feature on Android Auto. You can access and control your phone’s functions with voice commands using it. However, the voice assistant can keep interfering with your music when it hears something like ‘Ok, Google.’ Thankfully, there is a way to disable Google Assistant on Android Auto. 

Here is how to do it: 

  • Open the settings of the phone connected to your car (deactivating the Google Assistant commands isn’t available on Android Auto settings) 
  • Look for ‘Android Auto’ in your phone’s settings. 
  • Navigate to the ‘Hey Google’ button and turn off the ‘While driving’ setting. As a result, the voice assistant will deactivate as long as the phone is connected to Android auto. 

However, although the voice assistant can be annoying sometimes, keeping the command section active is good if you need to make an emergency call. 

What happens if you don’t use Google Assistant on Android Auto?

Google Assistant is one of the many features available on Android Auto. It helps you control your phone with voice commands to focus on the road and keep your hands on the steering wheel. Nothing will happen if you don’t use it, as you can control your phone manually. However, we don’t encourage this as you can get distracted while driving and cause an accident. 

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