Can I Use Apple TV With a Non-Smart TV? And How To Do It?

You’ve probably heard about the Apple TV and wondered what it is and how you can use it. You have come to the right place because this article aims to help you know more about this impressive marvel: What it is, its features, and how to use Apple TV with a non-smart TV. 

Apple Inc. introduced the first-generation Apple TV in 2006 and has since then unveiled five generations of the device, including the most recent one called Apple TV 4K. The latter, which features the Apple A12 Bionic chip and a newly designed Siri Remote, was released in April 2021. 

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What is an Apple TV?

An Apple TV is a media device that enables non-smart TVs to stream online content via a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). Just like that, your non-smart TV turns into an Apple TV, allowing you access to a variety of high-quality audio and videos and other Apple services. 

Features of the Apple TV

The Apple TV 4K comes with unique features to give you the highest quality video experience. One of these features is the Apple A12 Bionic processor that delivers High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Dolby Vision video. This means that you get to enjoy a smooth and almost lifelike TV experience. 

In addition, the device utilizes innovative color-balancing technology to achieve color accuracy and contrast. As a result, you’re saved from constantly changing your TV’s settings. 

Moreover, the Apple TV 4K now comes with a revamped Siri Remote to enhance your control and navigation for an optimized experience. The remote is equipped with a touch-enabled navigation click pad to help you swipe through Apple TV channels. In addition, you can make circular gestures on the click pad to move to a specific scene in a show. 

You can also mute or power off your Apple TV using the remote. Is it not amazing just how much you can do with the Siri Remote from the comfort of your couch!

How to use apple tv with a non-smart TV?

You can convert your non-smart TV into a smart TV with Apple TV. A quick look at the requirements first:

  • Non-smart TV with the HDMI port 
  • Apple TV Box
  • Wi-Fi connection 
  • HDMI cable (2.0 or later cable for Apple TV 4K)
  • Power source 

Follow the steps below to plug your non-smart TV into the Apple TV: 

  • Connect your Apple TV Box 
  • to a power source
  • Plug one end of the HDMI cable into your TV’s HDMI input 
  • Plug the other end of the cable into the Apple TV’s HDMI output 
  • Switch on your TV 
  • Select your Apple TV box 

Once plugged in, follow these steps to continue with the setup: 

  • Use Siri Remote to select your preferred language
  • Select “Set Up Manually” or “Set Up with Device” and follow the prompts
  • You can sign in on your Apple TV with your cable or TV provider 
  • Choose settings to make preferrable changes on your Home Screen. Select apps you want to be added to your Home Screen
  • You can select what you want to watch on the completed Home Screen. 

Can the Apple TV be used with a Smart TV?

Yes! Plugging the Apple TV into a Smart TV gives it more functionality. For example, you can access Apple’s services like Apple Music and Dolby atmosphere. In addition, you can control your Smart TV with much ease as you enjoy a lag-free viewership. Also, linking your Smart TV enables you to use your iPhone or iPad to control your Smart TV

You receive regular software updates to improve streaming, which, regrettably, are not available with a non-smart tv. 

Did you know?

  • You can use your Apple TV as a smart home hub to enhance your home’s security.
  • AirPlay on your Apple TV can be a great resource to share photos and videos of family and friends. 
  • With an Apple TV, you can access over 100 ad-free games that you can play with family and friends.
  • You can still keep fit with the Apple TV’s Apple Fitness + services. 

Wrap Up 

So, you have learned how you can use the Apple TV with a non-smart TV without breaking a sweat and at no extra cost. So, keep on enjoying an excellent video experience and the best Apple services. 

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