Do I Need A Fire Stick For Each TV? 

Amazon Fire Stick is a great streaming device that will enable you to enjoy content on apps like Netflix on your non-smart TV. However, many people wonder if they can use a single Fire Stick on multiple TVs simultaneously. Yes, it is not possible. However, you will have to purchase additional hardware like the HDMI splitter or extender. 

This article will show you if you need a fire stick for each device and much more. 

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What is a fire stick, and how does it function?

A Fire Stick is a great streaming device that allows you to stream content, play games, install apps, and play music. This is an excellent way to improve your experience with a non-smart TV. Of course, you have to plug it into the HDMI port, and your old-version TV will convert to a smart one. 

The configuration process is effortless after you plug it in. First, connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network, create an account, log in, and start streaming. 

Do you need a fire stick for each TV?

A Fire Stick is an excellent device to stream your favorite movies and TV shows on your smart TV. Below are some ways to use a single Fire Stick on multiple TVs. 

A wireless connection 

One of the easiest ways to stream content on two TVs with a Fire Stick is via an HDMI extender wirelessly. It will duplicate one TV’s signal and Fire Stick to another TV. However, both television sets have to be close to each other, preferably 100 feet, to work without glitches. In addition, ensure that there are no barriers between the transmitting TV and the receiving TV. 

A Fire Stick HDMI extender with a 5GHz band will provide the best results. It will reduce interference from other devices such as monitors, cameras, and wireless networks. 

Wired HDMI connection 

Another way you can use a single Fire Stick on multiple TVs is the HDMI splitter. It will split the audio and video signal from one TV and distribute it to the rest. 

First, connect your Fire Stick to the splitter with the HDMI cable. Then, connect two TVs with HDMI cables to the splitter, as shown below. 

This is a great way of using one Fire Stick on two or more TVs as some HDMI splitters have even 16 ports. However, you will have to deal with cables cluttering your house. 

Can I use multiple Fire Sticks on one account?

Amazon does not limit the number of Fire Sticks you can register on a single account. The issue is using a single Fire Stick on different TVs simultaneously. However, you can stream the same content on two TVs but not on the third one. Thankfully, the Fire Stick has a parental control feature. This will give you the peace of mind that your children aren’t watching anything inappropriate in the next room. 

Problems you may get when using a Fire Stick on multiple TVs

The following are some of the issues you may encounter when using a Fire Stick on more than one TV and some troubleshooting tips. 

Unable to stream additional videos 

You can play the same content on two TVs with Amazon Fire Stick. However, an error can occur if you try to stream similar content on the third or fourth TV. 

The best fix to this issue is discontinuing or closing the movie for a few minutes. Then, try to open it again to see if it will stream. 

Extra devices fail to stream

The above trick may not help you stream content on the third TV. Another effective solution is to remove the Fire Stick from the first TV. The following steps will help you to do it. 

  • Open ‘Settings’ and click on ‘My Account.’ 
  • Select your Amazon account 
  • Click ‘Deregister’ and ‘Confirm’ 

Register the account again after a few minutes and try to stream again on the third TV. Remember that you can use multiple Fire Sticks on a single account. However, you will have to stream separate content on the third TV. 

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