How To Use Fire Tv Stick Without Internet? 

The Amazon TV Fire Stick is one of the best ways to stream content on a non-smart TV. It will enable you to access your favorite movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Also, the device comes with valuable features such as video games, screen sharing, and music playback. 

Most of these features and apps are only available with an internet connection. However, you can still use Fire Stick device without internet, although the options are limited. 

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Do you have internet on Fire Stick? 

As mentioned earlier, Amazon Fire TV Stick requires an internet connection to function optimally. This is because the content is available online. 

So, the most you can do with the device is use the pre-installed apps that don’t require an internet connection. However, you will still be limited as there are no controls or access to other options. 

How to use Fire Stick without Wi-Fi 

There are various ways you can use your Fire Stick without internet connection. Here is how: 

Install Kodi

Kodi is an open-source streaming platform that will give you access to an extensive content catalog. You can integrate it with your Fire Stick device to download your favorite content to watch offline. Note that you will need an internet connection initially to download the videos. 

The biggest advantage with Kodi is that you will access most of its control functions offline like you would when online. The only functionality you cannot access is the online library. But, of course, you won’t need it anyway if you download enough videos. 

Here is how you can access Kodi offline:

  • Turn on the TV 
  • Open the Fire TV ‘Settings’ 
  • Navigate to ‘Applications’ 
  • Select ‘Manage Installed Applications 
  • Click on Kodi from the list of available applications 
  • Enjoy your favorite content 

Play games 

Another feature you can access with your Fire Stick without internet is games, thanks to the 8GB internal memory. So, download your favorite games that don’t require an internet connection to work. Hence, you will be able to play them anytime and anywhere offline. 

  • Go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Applications.’ 
  • Click on ‘Managed Installed Applications’ 
  • Select ‘Launch Applications’ to access the pre-installed games offline 

Use a hotspot 

If your Wi-Fi stops working, you can use the cellular internet on your smartphone to create a hotspot and establish a firestick internet connection. Here is how to do it: 

  • Go to ‘Settings’ on your phone. 
  • Click on ‘Network & Internet.’
  • Then, tap on ‘Hotspot and tethering.’
  • Finally, click on the Wi-Fi hotspot and tap the toggle to turn it on. 


  • Launch the Alexa app on the Amazon Fire Stick device and choose ‘Devices.’   
  • Select ‘Amazon Tap’ and choose ‘Edit.’ 
  • Scroll down and choose ‘Hotspot’ from the available list
  • Choose ‘Use this device as a Wi-Fi hotspot.’  
  • Click on the ‘Start’ button. 
  • Input the hotspot’s credentials and click on ‘Connect.’ 

Alexa will confirm if the connection is successful, and you can start to stream your favorite content. However, remember that using your cellular data to stream content online will consume more data. So, monitor your data usage and consider how expensive it will be to exceed your plan. 

Mirror devices to your Fire Stick 

Another innovative way to use your Amazon Fire Stick without Wi-Fi is by screen mirroring devices. You will only need to create a LAN connection to cast your smartphone or laptop to the Fire Stick device. Also, you will have to activate mirroring on your Fire TV Stick. Unfortunately, it only works with Android and Windows 10 operating systems. 

Here is how to screen share with various devices. 

Windows 10 to Fire Stick 

  • Open the action center at the bottom right corner of your screen 
  • Click ‘Expand’ 
  • Choose ‘Project’ from the available options
  • Next, tap on ‘Connect to a wireless display.’ 
  • Choose your Fire Stick to project. 

After establishing the connection, you can start to share the content on your laptop on your non-smart TV via the Fire Stick device. This method is especially advantageous as you can use the Ethernet connection if the Wi-Fi connection stops working. 

Android to Fire Stick 

Mirroring Android to Fire Stick may differ depending on the smartphone’s model and type. However, you can use the following general steps. 

  • Turn on the Fire Stick Device and long-press the home button on the remote control. 
  • Choose ‘Mirroring’ on the menu that appears. 
  • Go to your phone and open ‘Settings’ and then ‘Bluetooth & Device connection.’ 
  • Choose ‘Connection Preferences’ 
  • Tap on the ‘Cast’ option (Note that the name Cast may differ depending on your device. Common terms include Smart View, QuickConnect, SmartShare, Wireless Display, Screen Casting, etc.) 
  • Tap on the three-dot menu at the top-right corner and tap on the toggle to enable ‘Wireless display.’ 
  • Tap on your Fire Stick’s name 
  • You will see the text ‘Connected’ if the connection is successful 

This will allow you to stream your favorite content from your smartphone on your non-smart TV through the Fire Stick. 

Bottom line

A Fire Stick device can still be helpful even if your home Wi-Fi stops working. However, you will be limited to what you can access. For example, you can play games, mirror your phone or laptop, install Kodi or use cellular data as a hotspot. 

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