Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth? How Do You Know If Yours Does? 

The evolution of smart technology has made most things more convenient both at your office and at home. In fact, companies and manufacturers are now under pressure to keep up with the rapid technological changes. For example, most TV manufacturing companies add Bluetooth features to their smart TVs. Bluetooth-enabled TVs can connect with other compatible devices like speakers and computers. Therefore, if cables are cluttering your space, a smart TV with Bluetooth capability may be the way to go.  

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Do all smart TVs have Bluetooth?

Although most smart TVs are now integrated with Bluetooth features, some are not. So, you should be cautious when making a purchase. 

In fact, many smart TVs models did not have the Bluetooth feature when they emerged. Only a few brands incorporated the feature and were relatively expensive compared to smart TVs without Bluetooth. The only workaround was a Bluetooth adapter that you purchased separately. 

How do I know if my TV has Bluetooth?

While most brands are now offering Bluetooth-capable TVs, it is important to confirm whether your smart TV is Bluetooth-enabled. There are different ways you can tell if you have a Bluetooth TV. First, if you have already made the purchase, check on the user manual whether it’s a Bluetooth smart TV. It should be indicated somewhere as well as activating steps. 

Alternatively, you can conduct online research if you are yet to purchase a smart TV and you desire a Bluetooth-capable TV. The best way of gathering useful information on Bluetooth-enabled TVs is from the brand’s website.

If you have a specific model in mind, you can check its specifications. Another way to determine if your smart TV has Bluetooth is by checking its status. Go to ‘Settings’ and check the system information. Depending on the model, you can find out if it has Bluetooth capabilities from this section. Lastly, if your TV’s remote has smart functions, you most likely have a Bluetooth smart TV.

Do LG TVs have Bluetooth?

Not all LG TVS have Bluetooth capabilities. However, if you are using one of the relatively new models, most likely it is a Bluetooth-capable TV. Thankfully, most LG TVs are incorporated with various user-friendly features, including Bluetooth 5.0.

If you are unsure if your LG TV is Bluetooth enabled, you can take a simple step. Navigate to your smart TV remote settings and click on the advanced settings option. Then, go to the sound menu, and click sound out. A Bluetooth device list will appear if it is a Bluetooth-enabled TV. 

How to enable Bluetooth on Samsung TV 

You don’t need to turn on Bluetooth for your Samsung TV before pairing it with any compatible device. The process is simple if you have a modern Samsung TV with Bluetooth capability. First, turn on the Bluetooth of your compatible devices like your smartphone, speaker, or any other. Then, go to your smart TV Bluetooth settings and search for available devices. A list of nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices will appear. Choose the device you want to link with your Samsung TV and connect. 

Does my Sony TV have Bluetooth?

Recently, Sony has made Bluetooth capability a standard feature on all their smart TVs models. For example, Sony’s smart TV models in 2021 are Bluetooth enabled. So, if you have a newer model, it is probably a Bluetooth TV. However, a few smart TV models manufactured in the past few years have the Bluetooth feature. As explained earlier, you can confirm the feature through their website, settings, or user manual. 

Does my Vizio tv have Bluetooth? 

Most Vizio smart TVs are Bluetooth enabled. However, the Bluetooth feature does not allow your smart TV to connect to all Bluetooth devices. Vizio Bluetooth TV only connects with Bluetooth LE devices. This feature only allows your Bluetooth smart TV to connect with basic devices such as smartphones and iPad. The Bluetooth feature integrated into Vizio smart TV is low energy Bluetooth. 

So, what is the difference between low energy and regular Bluetooth is power consumption. Bluetooth LE consumes somewhat less power compared to standard Bluetooth. However, the amount of radiofrequency is the same for both Bluetooth. Nonetheless, the best way to find out if your Vizio TV model has Bluetooth is by going through the manual, brand website, or settings. 

Benefits of using a Bluetooth-capable TV. 

There are several benefits associated with Bluetooth smart TV. It gives you a fascinating experience depending on your needs. First, it offers a better listening and viewing experience. For example, you can connect your smartphone and use it as the TV remote control. Also, you can stream your favorite music or movies directly from your computer, smartphone, and other Bluetooth devices to your smart TV. 

Second, it enhances your listening experience by connecting to several audio devices like headphones and speakers. This can significantly improve your experience when playing games, watching movies, or listening to music.                                                                               

Best smart TVs with Bluetooth 

Smart TVs with Bluetooth capabilities are much more convenient. As a result, different brands are now ensuring that they incorporate the feature in their smart TVs. Here is a list of some of the best smart TVs with Bluetooth that are both decent quality and not expensive. #1 on my list is this 32 Inch Samsung Smart TV UN32M4500A (720P LED) 2017 Model

Some other variants are this one by Sony and this 65-inch beast by LG. 

So, do smart TVs have Bluetooth? These days, it is almost impossible to find new model Smart TVs without Bluetooth. However, there are still smart TVs without Bluetooth, and that’s why you need to confirm before purchasing.

A Bluetooth-enabled TV will make your entertainment and gaming life more interesting. Therefore, you should consider investing in one of the above Bluetooth-enabled smart TVs or any trustworthy brand. 

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