13 Ridiculously Good Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Coffee is hot. It is one of the most popular beverages in the world. That’s why it is no surprise that 166 million 60-kilogram bags of the famous bean were consumed last year! The numbers keep increasing too! It is a popular drink, and it will keep getting more popular. You definitely know someone who drinks coffee, and that’s why you’re here reading about gifts for coffee lovers.

Сoffee drinkers will generally go the extra mile to get the taste of their favorite beverage, even with coffee shops closed. After all, you can easily make yourself a cup of joe at home! This shows that a coffee drinker’s love for coffee overcomes a lot, so getting them a gift that showcases that love is always a great move.

It can be tricky figuring out coffee lover gifts, though, so I’ve put together some suggestions for you. I’m sure you’ll find one that sounds just perfect for your relative or friend.

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Coffee Tasting Cups Set

What’s coffee without a cup to drink it out of? On the floor, that’s what it is! Okay, bad joke aside, if you’re looking for coffee gift ideas, then you can never go wrong with cups. 

You can get these cups in black or grey, and they come on a very rustic-looking wooden platter made of acacia. Each of the four cups comes in a different shape. Each one works best with a specific type of coffee, but that’s knowledge for the highest-end lovers of the bean.

Usually, cups might not seem like the most exciting gift. But for a coffee lover, a set of cups like this are sure to earn you some solid points.

Coffee Decorating Stencils

We’ve all seen those beautiful cups of coffee with a gorgeous design in the foam. Sure, it doesn’t do anything for the taste, but it makes the cup more of a work of art. Some coffee lovers would swear it was already that!

If you’re looking for the best coffee gifts for people who make their own brews, then this is easily one of them. It really allows them to add a lot of character to each cup they make. And the fact that you get 36 of them means you’ll have a different design for each day of the month, with some to spare.

You get two powder shakers with this, too, constructed of food-grade stainless steel.

Milk Frother

Getting milk frothed expertly is something that most people leave to the baristas to do. Thankfully, products like this make it super easy to do this all on your own, in the comfort of your home. The perfect cappuccino isn’t far.

Not only can this do froth work, but it can also do the job of a heater. If you simply want warm milk, then you’ll get it with the tap of a button! There are 4 modes depending on which kind of beverage you want. 

A cappuccino? Do you want the froth warm or cold? This can do either. Do you need foam for your latte? Just one press of a button, and that is coming right up. Oh, you simply want your milk warm, tap twice, and you’ve got it. This is a great coffee gift!

French Press Coffee Maker

In the United States alone, 26.7 million bags of coffee beans weighing 60 kilograms were consumed in one year. Not everyone gets their coffee in pods or ground. Some people like to buy the beans, grind, and press them themselves. Coffee snob gifts like this one tend to mean a lot to the person.

With this, you get a very well-crafted coffee maker. It might look like a jug from the outside, but the inside is where all the machinery is. You put in your coffee beans, replace the shaft and lid, and then press! I’d say that it’s actually kind of fun.

Thanks to the kitchen-grade stainless steel in this coffee maker, you can be sure the taste of your coffee will be left untouched.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

A cold brew is one of the hundreds of ways to make and enjoy a cup of coffee. A cold brew involves leaving the coffee overnight. It pulls the flavor out simply by sitting in water. No heat is required, hence the name.

This jar gives you a straightforward way to do that. It has the capacity for 2 quarts and comes with a stainless-steel filter. This is what keeps your coffee grounds out of your drink while keeping the beverage flavorful. This makes one of those fantastic coffee gifts.

Manual Espresso Press

Making your own espresso is certainly something that not many people have had the chance to do. That’s what makes it one of the best coffee gifts that you can consider.

This item is a bit costly, but it is almost guaranteed that any hardcore coffee lover will love this one. That’s especially true if they love their espressos nice and fresh. This gives them the chance to make that for themselves. 

The gauge that comes built with this makes it so easy to make the perfect espresso. Once you figure out the best pressure for once up, you can do it for all the other cups too.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

Once again, there are so many different ways to brew coffee. The “pour over” is one of them. It is one of the least complicated ways, though. It is all the name. All you do is put your ground coffee in the filter and pour hot water over it. Pour over. Get it now?

The filter in this is made of stainless steel. What that means is that you only need this one. You don’t need to continually throw away and buy new ones. This filter is permanent.

It comes with a cuff around the neck of the jug, keeping your hands safe. The best part is that that cuff comes in different colors. This lets you add some personality to your coffee maker.

Manual Coffee Grinder

Now, there’s no doubt that this is one of the top gifts for coffee lovers that you can get. A lot of coffee enthusiasts buy beans and grind them themselves. The sales of Arabica and Robusta, the two most popular coffee beans, testify to that. By getting them this, you’re giving them a premium way to grind those beans down.

This grinder allows you to adjust how fine your grinding is, which is a great feature. It also looks pretty classy, which doesn’t hurt the effort. This is a coffee gift that will surely be appreciated by a coffee aficionado.

Steel Coffee Filter

The age of the disposable filter is fast being left behind. Not only is it a lot of hassle, but a reusable filter is much better for the environment. This is why there are so many stainless-steel filters out there. This is one of them, except coated with titanium.

It even has a beautiful floral-type pattern. It makes this look extremely premium, and I find it hard to think that any coffee drinker wouldn’t adore this. Unique coffee gifts like this are sure to be appreciated.

Coffee Poster

Now, say you want to get a gift for a coffee lover who has pretty much everything needed to make a premium cup of espresso. Where do you go next? The answer is to coffee-related gifts like this fantastic poster.

It has pictures of a whole bunch of coffee brews and the quantities to make each type. This can help your friend explore new flavors.

Coffee Brewing Manual

Outlets like Starbucks are visited pretty much every day by some coffee lovers. The problem is, going to Starbucks every time you want a cup of coffee is unrealistic. There’s nothing better than brewing at home.

If you have ever tried to do that, though, but you just didn’t get the taste right, this book is here for you. This focuses on so many different brew techniques for coffee. That can really help a coffee lover explore new tastes.

Caffeinated Gummy Bears

If you’re looking for coffee-related gifts and need something that stands out, it can be hard, especially if you don’t want to get them coffee or a machine. Coffee gifts can be hard to figure out, but this one is a winner.

These gummy bears are infused with coffee and caffeine, so they can get a coffee lover the taste they want so bad. It’s not the same as a proper cup of joe, but it works fantastic as a snack.

Real Coffee Body Scrub

This body scrub comes with a selection of exotic ingredients native to Australia. But not only does it have eucalyptus, Kakadu plum, and the like, it also infuses coffee into the mix.

The result? A pretty darn good body scrub. Once anyone uses this to take a bath, it leaves a vibrant and aromatic coffee smell on them. It is delicious to take in.

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