11 Practical Gifts for Gamers Every PC Gamer Will Appreciate

Gaming used to be a thing people would say was reserved for nerds, especially the more serious anyone got with it. These days though, it has moved up in rank. The number of people who identify as gamers is much higher now. Gaming has now gone full mainstream, and it’s cool to be a gamer. You might be a gamer or someone around you. Have you spent hours online looking for unique gifts for PC gamers?

If you have, then consider this your last stop. You’ll be sure to see some of the best and well-thought-out gamer gifts. So just read this through. I almost guarantee you find something that works out for your relative or friend.

Okay then, now that we’ve gotten through with that, let’s move to the next checkpoint. The actual items!

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Steam Gift Card

Steam is the world’s largest digital marketplace for games. In fact, it is the most popular single place for anyone to acquire PC games, estimated to make up anywhere between 50% and 75% of all PC game sales. That is wild.

If you know an avid PC gamer, there is a huge chance that they buy games off Steam. If they indeed do, then a $30 gift card for the platform is always a valuable gift. This is one of those gifts for PC gamers that you can never go wrong with.

Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is one of the best gifts for gamers. No PC gamer would ever say no to one of these. In fact, even if they already have a gaming chair, they would never say no to another, to be honest.

Gaming sessions can go on for hours and hours, so it is important to be as comfortable as you can. That way, your back, and body won’t feel all the hours you spent sitting.

This chair comes in 7 different colorways, giving you options for any person that you know. It is built to support up to 300 pounds, has an adjustable seat and even individually adjustable armrests. Plus, it is made of leather with generous cushioning. This is always going to be a great gift for gamers.

Gamer’s Bucket List Poster

There are a whole lot of games in the world. No one will ever be able to play them all, which can sadden some dedicated gamers. 2 years ago, there were over 30,000 games on Steam alone! 

There are so many games out there, so it is important to cover some of the most important or popular ones. That’s what this bucket list poster does. It has 100 video games, including Minecraft, Projects CARS, World of Warcraft, and Skyrim. 

Once you’ve played and beaten them, scratch them to expose the picture underneath! The goal is to scratch all 100 of them! It is possible, and it is a fun goal to aim for!

Gamer’s Nootropics

Nootropics are gaining popularity fast. These are supplements that give you an increase in your mental function, to put it simply. Genius Gamer brings that with a PC gamer twist.

Do you need focus? Quicker reflexes and reactions? Is extra energy what you’re looking for? These supplements will give you that. It’ll also help your visual health, seeing as all those hours in front of a screen can have negative effects.

If you’re thinking up gift ideas for gamers, this is one that many people won’t think of. You’ll surely stand out with this thoughtful gift.

Charging Mouse Pad

Okay, if you want more mainstream gaming gifts, then this mousepad is top-level. Logitech is one of the best companies for computer hardware and gaming hardware too. Many people use Logitech wireless mice, and they will charge them even while using them. That way, you’ll never be left with low batteries.

Don’t bother if you don’t know whether to get them a soft or hard mouse pad. This one allows them to use either of those two surfaces. They can make their decision on their own! Video game gifts like this are great!

VR Gaming Headset

Cool gifts for gamers don’t really get better than this. A VR headset is easily one of the best gifts for gamers that you can ever consider.

The Oculus Rift S opens up a new array of gaming experiences for any PC gamer. You get a 1440p display that refreshes 80 times every second. It comes with fantastic audio built straight into the headset.

VR gaming is the next frontier, so despite the price, this is a gift that will surely win you a lot of affection.

Underdesk Pedal Exerciser

For people who are at their gaming desk all day, exercise is something that they don’t get much of. Especially for those who stream their gameplay, it becomes a sort of job. 

That’s why this is one of those really thoughtful gamer gift ideas. Exercise never hurts, but it takes time. That’s why this under-desk pedal exerciser makes a great compromise. It provides an easy way to keep your legs active while still staying at your desk.

This exerciser can be set to 8 different resistance levels so you can get the exact workout level that you want. This is great for gamers and anyone who has been at a desk for a long time.

Gaming Desktop

Gifts for PC gamers can be hard to figure out when you don’t know much about gaming. Well, you don’t need to know much about gaming to know that gaming gifts like this gaming desk are always a great idea.

This Atlantic Gaming Desk does a lot more than just provide a surface to place a keyboard or a laptop. Sure, you get a space for your keyboard or laptop. You also get an elevated stand for your monitor, slots for speakers, a cup holder, a headphone hook, slots for disc cases, and stands for your controllers. There is a lot of functionality here!

I didn’t even mention the built-in cable management system or the stand for a tablet or smartphone. When it comes to gift ideas for gamers, you don’t need to worry about whether this one will be a hit. It surely will.

Gaming Desktop Organizer

Many things need to be charged or organized on the desk of a hardcore gamer. All these cables can make things look less than appealing. Thank goodness for gamer gifts like this.

It gives a place to hang your headphones. But that is just one part of it. It comes with two three-prong AC sockets and three USB ports. That will help to clear up so much clutter around your sockets and on the floor.

Plus, this has RGB. Every gamer loves RGB, so that’s a win! You get up to 16.8 million colors from this and 9 different color effects. That way, you can set it exactly the way you want.

Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset

This is one of those gifts for gamers that is ranked pretty high up when it comes to looks. That gamer aesthetic is on point here. It comes in 5 different finishes, so you can get one that is ideally suited for whoever you’re buying it for.

It is super comfortable to wear. It comes with a microphone, so you can talk with all of your friends or enemies. And it has noise-canceling at that, so they can hear you incredibly clear. This is an excellent pair of headphones.

Gaming Notebook

Okay, so now to the absolute best of all cool gifts for gamers. There is probably nothing better than getting someone a brand-new gaming laptop. This one is no slouch either.

You get a total of 2TB of storage for all the newest games, which is incredibly fast. It is a 17-inch laptop with a 144Hz refresh rate, so the visual experience is unrivaled! And of course, the gaming performance is solid thanks to an i7,  64GB of RAM, and graphics card specs.

This is easily one of the best video game gifts you can even consider. It costs so much, but it is definitely a gift for gamers that will be appreciated to the max.

Credits: Thanks for the photo to Canva.

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