How To Reset Google Home Mini?

There’s no one who doesn’t know Google. Google is easily one of the most recognizable and famous companies on the planet. It is best known for its search engine. But apart from that, their inventions include phones, laptops, productivity suites, and smart speakers.

Google has a lot of pull, so they had an immediate effect when they entered the smart speaker market. In the last quarter of 2017, they had as much as 35% of the market share. The sector has gotten busier, so that has dropped to 22.6%, but that is impressive all the same. That is second-place, behind the obvious leader, Amazon, with 28.3%.

This means that many people have this Google Home, now Google Nest, series of smart devices. That includes the Google Home Mini, which this article is about. There are several reasons why you might need to reset the device. This article will let you in on some of those, as well as how to reset Google Home Mini.

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What Are the Reasons for Resetting a Google Home Mini?

If you own one of these smart speakers, there are a few reasons why it might get to the point where you need to reset Google Home Mini. 

One of these is if you plan to sell it or transfer it to a new owner. When you factory reset Google Home Mini, it becomes as fresh as when you just bought it. It’ll forget any settings or preferences you had and will enter a phase where it can easily be set up by the new owner.

Apart from that, you may need to reset Google Home Mini as a last resort if you are unable to fix any issues or problems. These can sometimes be a result of tiny software bugs or changes in settings. By restoring it to the factory state, software problems can typically be taken care of.

There are two different Google Home Minis. One of them was the earlier model, the 1st gen model. At the same time, the other that came out later is the 2nd gen model, officially named the Google Nest Mini. The entire lineup has now embraced the name Google Nest instead of Google Home. Unlike if you want to reset Google Home Hub, resetting either generation of the Google Home Mini is slightly different. We’ll go over the steps for a Google Home Mini reset in the next section.

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How to Reset a 1st Gen Google Home Mini?

If you own the 1st generation Google Home Mini, then you’ll have little trouble resetting it. Just follow the steps below for a Google Mini reset. This will get it ready for the next owner or help with clearing any software issues.

  1. Flip your Google Home Mini over.
  2. There should be a factory reset button just under the power cord port on the bottom of the device. You’ll see it as a small dimple in the base of the device and not as an evident button. It is under that dimple.
  3. Hold the button down for five seconds to start resetting Google Home Mini. 
  4. You can hold down the Google Home Mini reset button for an additional ten seconds to confirm. You’ll hear a sound play to confirm the resetting is happening.
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How to Reset a 2nd Gen Google Home Mini?

The Google Nest Mini is quite different from the 1st generation model, so resetting it is an entirely different process. Don’t worry, though. That doesn’t mean that it is hard to do. Just follow these steps!

  1. On the side of the Google Nest Mini, there is a switch for the microphone. Turn that off.
  2. When you do this successfully, the lights on the device will glow orange.
  3. Now, press down and hold the center of the device in the same area as the lights.
  4. If you do this successfully, your smart speaker should begin factory resetting after five seconds.
  5. Hold it down for an additional ten seconds. You’ll hear a sound that confirms that you are successfully resetting Google Home Mini.
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How to Tell Google Home Mini Generations?

There are two easy ways to do this. Based on the steps above, the easiest one is to check for the reset button. Only the 1st gen model will have this.

Another way is to look for a wall mount slot on the underside of the device. This is only on the 2nd gen model and not on the first.

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